About Us

Shyft is the #1 moving marketplace headquartered in Miami. We are building a community of Shyfters that, enabled by technology and the promise of long-term hybrid working models, can now live anywhere. And we’re empowering them to Shyft everywhere through our network of over 400+ moving companies and lifestyle providers across 68 countries. We believe that 21st century consumers deserve services that put experience ahead of everything else, and that lead with love and empathy – to ensure that you always feel safe, secure and immersed in your new community as soon as you shyft there.

big text Vision

Transform the way the world moves.

Big text mission

Make moving a seamless and stress-free experience for all of life’s changes.

Big text we believe

Our core values represent who we are at the core, and how we interact with each other, our clients and our customers. We believe that a great company should be kind, ethical, and serve with empathy.

Mobility is a Human Right

You are more than your move

Diverse communities

Technology serves people

Mobility is a Human Right