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Aires and Shyft have joined forces to provide you a stressfree and seamless moving experience. Shyft is the world's first tech-driven moving platform that works with verified moving companies to provide a safe and secure move. Your entire moving experience happens digitally and in app - together with your Move Coach, we arrange EVERYTHING, you simply shyft.

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A dedicated Shyft Move Coach is assigned to every move to ensure a completely stress free experience. All it takes is one short video chat to find out your moving preferences, budget, inventory and if you require storage. Your Move Coach will source multiple pricing options from verified Moving Companies and storage providers. There are no additional or hidden fees. Our services are completely free, you only pay for your move or storage.

Verified Movers:
Shyft only works with accredited movers
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Move Coach
Your dedicated Move Coach is available 7 days a week


Shyft gives you the moving experience

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Shyft’s Video Chat

Let Shyft's Move Coach do a quick video chat and create your inventory virtually, without ever entering your home.

Multiple pricing options

Just one conversation is all it takes for Shyft to deliver at least 3 pricing options tailored to you from verified movers that will take care of your belongings.

Shyft is here

throughout your move


Shyft  arranges everything, you just move. Your Shyft Move Coach is available, 7 days a week, to take care of your requirements.

Trusted Network of Movers

Shyft’s movers go through a thorough vetting process, so you know that your belongings are safe throughout their journey.

No Hidden

Shyft's prices don't change unless your move changes in size or destination. There are no hidden fees or extra costs

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Shyft’s latest blog posts

Looking for moving advice, need a printable checklist, or simply want to have the best and most stress free moving experience? You may find the answer in Shyft’s blog. Should you have any other questions, have a look at the FAQs below or feel free to pop Shyft a mail. Shyft is happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Shyft services cost?

Shyft services are free for the consumer - and can be used with no obligation.
There are no costs, no hidden fees - just great service and transparent pricing.

What does my dedicated Shyft Move Coach do apart from the initial consultation?

Your dedicated Shyft Move Coach takes care of your entire relocation experience - in addition to finding a mover for your household goods, your Move Coach will advise you about the best relocation type for your budget.

What happens during a contactless video chat?

Your dedicated Shyft Move Coach will complete a short video chat with you, during which you’ll guide them through your house and the belongings that you want to move. In less than 30-minutes, they will extract the entire inventory list, which will be used to find movers; hence, you will never need to have multiple people in your home.

Do I communicate with Shyft or with the movers directly?

Shyft is always there to oversee your move, but you will have the control of being in touch with your mover for the logistics of the pick up and drop off. Your Shyft Move Coach is always available, so please keep your questions and concerns for them.

What are the Covid-19 protocols followed by the movers?

Please be assured that the movers in the Shyft network take every precaution to ensure your safety; however, every company has their own COVID-19 protocols. Please let your dedicated Move Coach know your concerns so that they can address them accordingly.