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City Living-Top 10 Best Cities for Women to Live in the US in 2023

Monday, March 27, 2023
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When it comes to city living there are a few factors to consider before making the jump. Almost, more so for women. We have to think about the cost of living, safety, job opportunities, social life, and more. Is the vibe right for you? Is the city the right size for you? Would you be fulfilled and happy? Well, here are the top 10 best cities for women to live in the US in 2023 (in no particular order since this is only a suggestion), to start your research.

1. Georgia

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One of the top cities for women to move to in the US is Atlanta-based, Georgia. The cost of living is affordable as well as the idea of living in a house is within reach. Furthermore, you can have a great standard of living. And, Georgia is also home to the third largest concentration of the 500 Fortune companies. Meaning it has a thriving job market with plenty of opportunities. Plus, there is a range of diversity from people, food, cultures, and stuff to do. It is a big city that keeps growing its population. Better get moving before all the space is gone…

2. Washington

Winning the title of being one of the best places for women to live in is DC’s Washington. While the cost of living may be on the high end it is proportional to the average salary being a lot higher as well. The capital has a lot going for it such as the public transit system being top-notch as well as being close to world-class amenities.

3. Boulder

Living a single life as a woman can open you up to Colorado’s Boulder. This is one of the best cities for single women due to its influx of outdoor sports and recreational activities. As well as the multitudes of coffee shops, breweries, nightclubs, and bars. Plus, there are many people there that work in the healthcare sector, publishing, education, manufacturing as well as technology so you can find a job in these fields. Furthermore, the breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains can get those with an adventurous heart excited. Plus, the city is close to Denver while also having a high rating when it comes to health, arts, education, and the overall quality of life.

4. Las Vegas

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Away from the casino life of Nevada’s Las Vegas, you can find a collection of wonderful neighborhoods and suburbs to live in as a woman. The cost of living may be on the high end, but there are plenty of opportunities when it comes to having a career. Certainly, in the tourist, and hospitality worlds. Las Vegas is the financial capital of Nevada while also being the cultural center. Meaning there is a lot going on in terms of arts, and diversity, not to mention the party life.  

5. Stamford

In Connecticut, there is a small city called Stamford. A go-to for single women looking for wonderful nightlife with many chain restaurants as well as local stores and great farmer’s markets. The city is close to the sea and there is a lot to do when it comes to recreational activities. Plus, it is an hour's drive from New York if you want to feel the contrast between a big city to a small one. You can always go back home to Stamford to catch your breath while enjoying the quietness of the area.

6. Madison

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Home to many highly educated people is Wisconsin’s Madison where there are a lot of job opportunities as well as many for social interaction, making Madison a top place for women to live in the US in 2023. The city is rich in the health care, advertising, education, and biotech fields. Plus, the city is located among four lakes being an ideal place for lovers of water. There is iceboating, skating, hockey, ice fishing, and skiing in the winter. Summertime sees biking and hiking taking their place as top recreational things to do. Also, there is a range of performance venues as well as restaurants and bars. Madison is also home to a farmers’ market on Capital Square. As well as being the host of the Freekfest Halloween Party, and the Mifflin Street Block Party.

7. Lincoln

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If you are a student or just young at heart, then check out Nebraska’s Lincoln. This large college town is the home of the University of Nebraska while also having a low cost of living. Furthermore, it is said to have a high standard when it comes to safety making it a great place for women to live in. The neighborhoods are a mixture of old and new developments while the population keeps growing. There are many parks as well as recreational areas. Plus, there are plenty of work opportunities in the fields of health care, pharmaceuticals, insurance, finance, IT, publishing, and telecommunications.

8. Denver

Denver in Colorado has approximately 730 000 people living, but that does not take away the opportunities to find a job with a median income of about $75 600. Furthermore, about half the population of Denver is single with the average age being 34 years old, making it an appealing place for single women to live in. There is a wide collection of young professionals, as well as students meaning that you can make friends fairly easily in the friendly city. Plus, the city has a lot to do in it from outdoor fun to indoor activities such as bars, concerts, clubs, and even some stand-up comedy or theater shows.

9. Dallas 

Everything is bigger in Texas, and Dallas is no different. While it does have a high cost of living, it is also filled with plenty of job opportunities. As well as having a happening social life. There are tons of colleges and universities as well as having a diverse population. There are plenty of sports for the lovers of it, and nighttime entertainment with plenty of art museums around the city.  

10. Tallahassee

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The last of our suggestions, again in no particular order, is Florida’s Tallahassee. It is the state capital that has a fairly low cost of living for this medium-sized city. It is close to the Gulf coast meaning the ocean air is very nearby. Throughout the year there are multiple festivals such as:

  • Food and Wine Festival
  • First Fridays at Railroad Square
  • Tons of Spring and Winter Festivals 

And these are just to name a few, as a great opportunity to have fun and socialize.

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