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5 Reasons for Moving More Often

Thursday, October 19, 2023
A family of three packing up their current house and the baby girl is sitting in one of the cardboard boxes

Relocation, moving around, and starting a new chapter in a new town have a lot of benefits. These might be some of your personal reasons for moving away. Not only would you be changing the pace of your life, but there are also a million opportunities and new perspectives that await you. Not to mention the amount of personal growth you will experience if you move more often. Here are our top 5 reasons for moving that you can benefit from. These are only 5 reasons why people move, but there are many more as it all depends on what the individual wants from their home, life and themselves.

1. Equity Has Risen - Valid Reason to Move

A young man sitting on the floor in a meditating pose relaxing in the middle of a stressful move

One of the good reasons for moving can be due to your equity. Equity refers to your property's value excluding the debts connected to it, such as credit, mortgages, etc. Therefore, it is generally viewed as a good thing when the value goes up and there is no longer a backlog to pay off. While you are working on your home, such as renovations and/ or for the housing market to improve in your area the equity of your house is increasing. When the time is right you may want to sell your current home to upgrade to a better one that suits your new lifestyle. You would have extra spending money due to selling when your property's equity is high. 

However, you would want to speak to a professional when it comes to all of this just so you have the right facts and know the correct procedures. When it comes to finances and equity, knowing the right knowledge from a professional is the only way to go. The last thing you would want is to lose money or make the wrong choice.

2. The Housing Market - Reason for Moving out of State

Two women are having a cup of tea outdoors after moving to another state

Reasons for moving out of state not only depend on getting a new job, being in a growing romantic relationship, or moving to be closer to family (which are all extremely good reasons for moving), but it can also depend on the housing market within that particular state. Some places may have better housing markets where you can get more for your buck. As in you can buy a bigger space for less money. You would also want to consider, as well as research how different places, be it states or cities, deal with home loan interest rates. Some could be higher; others could be lower. So it would not hurt to look into it deeper. As well as to speak to someone who knows what is what in certain areas. You may be able to find a brand-new house without drying out your savings or breaking the bank, which can be a pretty good reason to move.

3. Benefits of Flipping Houses

People after 50 flipping houses and moving to a new place for new adventures

Many Americans have taken on the hobby of flipping houses. This means to take a house usually on its last legs of life and turn it around so it is as good as new. From the electricity to the plumbing to the decor a lot has changed about the original house. Usually, it fits into the current housing trends. Therefore, it is not much of a surprise that many Americans move around a lot since they are chasing their next fixer-upper. And, when the house is up and running they usually sell it for a profit and use the income on their new renovation adventure. Another profitable reason for moving. And they would have to move around a lot to find and fix the houses that need it or would just be better with it.

4. Space - The Good Reason for Moving

Two kids playing with their cat in a bedroom finally having more space in their room for playing

When people move it can be usually linked to growth. This can include the growth of one's family where the current location does not have enough space for everyone to be comfortable, and it's a valid reason to move. Children grow into teenagers who want their own room and are not keen to share. Grandparents may move in to help or be helped by the family. New pets could become additions. There are many ways to grow a family from increasing the number to aging and time. Therefore, it is common for bigger families with bigger children to want more space even with more bathrooms, so they do not have to share as much.

However, some people can also be keen on moving to a smaller space. They may want their homes to be less cluttered, and go more for the minimal design of life. Having a smaller home means that there is less to clean up and maintain leaving more time for people to do what they enjoy. And, it can reduce stress since there is less to manage. Less space can even make you save more money.

Space is one of the biggest reasons for moving regardless if you want more or less of it. Both sizes have their benefits.

5. New Horizons - Reasons for Moving Abroad

A house in the hills in Europe providing people with peace and quiet and beautiful nature

Changing one's perspective and lifestyle or changing a job or career could be a main reason for moving to a whole new world. This is why many people would want to move abroad to have a different experience from the one that they are used to. Living in a new country can mean learning new:

  • Culture
  • Languages
  • Traditions
  • Art expressions
  • Slang words or phrases
  • Way of working
  • A different balance of working and living
  • Education

And a lot more. Also, moving to another country can mean seeing the world differently. From the scenery to the mix of people. Every country has its own social rules that make living it different from other places. Hence, many people have the travel bug when it comes to experiencing their life in different ways. This makes personal growth a good reason for moving abroad.

Reasons to Move with Shyft

A father reading to his baby who is sitting on his lap after moving into a new house with his family

You could move around more often if you had someone on a professional level to organize your moves for you. Well, that is what we do. We are Shyft, the world’s first tech moving platform. And, we will organize your entire move for you from the start to after you turn the key into your new home, as well as afterwards. We provide access to international moving companies, local moving companies, and even state-to-state. You can learn more about what we do, as well as what we offer by checking out our secure website.

It is also here that you can reach out to us by filling out our short, safe form. Then you would have to download our Shyft Next mobile app. Likewise, you can skip filling out the form on our site and just go through our secure Shyft Next app. It is free to download for both iOS and Android devices. It is through this app that your real-life Move Coach will give a video call. This video call will only happen when you say it does. Therefore, you can plan your day as you would and just slot us into your schedule.

There are mainly two purposes to this video chat. The first is that you will meet, see, and talk to your Move Coach who will guide you through our Shyft moving experience. They may also give you some moving-related advice, or suggestions. Plus, they will also give you information about what else we have on offer when it comes to moving you around. The second purpose, arguably the most important, is that your Move Coach will use this time to create your inventory. This is done in the same initial meeting to save you time. Therefore, you would not have to schedule another appointment since they will do everything through the app.

You just have to give them a virtual tour around your current home and point out which items you wish to move with. They will not need to step foot into your current home. The meeting, including the creation of the inventory list, can take between half an hour to an hour. It depends on the size of your current home. When the meeting is done, you can expect your inventory list to be sent to you within half an hour.

When you get this inventory list, it is already 95% accurate. You can make it 100% accurate through the app. You can add items or remove others, and you can also leave notes that you deem are worthy of the movers to know. When you are happy with this 100% inventory list you will send it to your Move Coach. 

A big family sharing a hug in the kitchen while celebrating a new phase of life in a new, big house

Once your Move Coach has received your 100% inventory list they will present it, as well as only your moving information, to Shyft's secure moving board. Here is where we will collect three or more moving quotes. The moving companies will only know your inventory list and moving details, none of your personal information will be provided. The moving companies are vetted by Shyft, have experience as well as being licensed.

Plus, each moving quote is from a different moving company. However, all the quotes are fixed meaning what you see is what you pay. There are no hidden costs, and the price stays the same even if your inventory list changes during the moving process, within reason. Working with us can help save you time as well as your money. When we have gathered three or more moving quotes we will send them your way on the Shyft Next app. 

Along with information about the different moving companies. If you are planning on doing an international move, we will target moving companies that specialize in that. This is so you can have help with customs, etc. When you compare the choices you can make an educated decision on which moving company you want to work with. You let us know your choice, and we will lock them down for you. 

We Give You More Than Just a Move

Friends hugging outdoors after moving for studies

Not only do we offer personal moves, but we can also aid you with your corporate move. We have Shyft Card which is a secure platform that allows you to directly transfer relocation funds to your employees who are making the move for the business. As an employer, you can also log in and check out how the funds are doing. Furthermore, you can top up the funds if need be. Plus, your employees can also use our personal move services for their corporate move. Book a demo today to learn more.

And, if you are somebody who is in the market for an online marketplace then you should check out our Home & Lifestyle tab. It is our secure marketplace that has a range of products as well as services. All the products are delivered directly to your new home in the USA. What is more, is that all the items (products and services) on our marketplace come with a discount. Saving you money while being convenient. 

Moving around can be easy with our help. Regardless if this is your first move, or you are experienced we will make your moving life so much easier. All while saving your money and time. Get in touch today to learn more about what we do, and so we can get the Shyft moving process started with you.

Two retired men eating pizza in their new apartment in the new state they moved to for retirement

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