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5 Reasons Why You Should Book Your Move Before Peak Season Starts

Monday, March 27, 2023
A happy family enjoying their time together in the living room after completing their relocation


There is science behind the fact that summertime is moving time. There are three primary demographics that drive the moving season in the US. 

However, these are not the only people that are moving. The reason that it’s important to understand this, is to understand the level of experience that each demographic has with moving, what kinds of services they are likely to choose and how this can impact your move plans - if you leave them too late.

Moving boxes and backpacks ready for relocation

Military Families are Moving

There are approximately half a million military families moving every 2-3 years, some even more frequently. 40% of these moves happen during the summertime. 

This is just one of the demographics that is bound to be moving during this time. Military families are concerned with cost and security (of their furniture). 

As experienced movers, this demographic knows all about planning in advance, and will often get great deals at lower costs. 

A family just relocated into a new home with kids carrying small moving boxes

Families with school-aged children are moving

On average, people move 11 times in their lifetime. No matter the reason for their move, families with school-aged children will do everything in their power not to disrupt their child’s school year. 

The summer holidays are the perfect time to relocate, they are long, giving the kids more time to adjust to a new city or neighbourhood. 

And, as opposed to winter holidays, there are no family obligations due to seasonal celebrations. 

This demographic often look for full service, managed moves or DIY moves. 

University students checking the online moving options on their colleague’s laptop

University students are moving

Spring/Summer is a great exodus of college and university students who are forging their path in this world. This begins with a move to university campuses, and off campus accommodation. 

Some students will be arranging movers, while others will go for a DIY moving option. Remember that this is a very large demographic, who are not seasoned movers, and may be organising moves at the last minute. 

They may only be interested in DIY moves, or hiring a crew of movers if they have the budget. 

Whatever group you fall into - if any of the above or another - one thing’s for sure: there’s a mad rush to rent moving vans, crews and relocation coordinators - so prices go up, availability is scarce and deposits are non-refundable. 

Move Now with Shyft

We’ve put together a list of 5 extremely good reasons to organize your move with Shyft NOW (even if you plan to move between late March and August).

#1 You’ll save money

Basic economics are at play here - the closer we get to peak season, the greater the demand, the higher the prices. In low season, you have an advantage over the movers, as they are keen to book moves. Moreover, you’ll have a greater choice of good and reputable movers, who will book their trucks and crews for your preferred dates and at a preferred cost. 

#2 Your SHYFT Coach coordinates

Let Shyft manage your move. Our Shyft Coach is here to coordinate your entire move and save you tens of hours allowing multiple people into your home (in real life or virtually), hunting down quotes, researching reputable movers and getting the best deals. In addition, booking well in advance of your summer move gives your Shyft Coach time to find the best deal, coordinate your move, and accommodate potential changes - so you don’t have to.  

#3 A refundable deposit

Book with Shyft and we’ll take care of you should your circumstances change. If you change your mind 3 weeks prior to your move dates, your deposit is fully refundable. We reduce your risk even more if you book far in advance - if your scheduled relocation date is in more than 3 months’ time, Shyft will only require a 5% deposit instead of the usual 10%. 

#4 You can secure your ideal dates

If you leave your relocation too far into peak season, your dates may no longer be available. Book your move now, you can choose the date and we’ll accommodate you. In addition to the date, it’s highly likely that your mover (and price) of choice will be available on your exact move date, If you haven’t rented an apartment yet? Don’t worry, Shyft has you covered and we can take care of your rental and the paperwork as part of our Shyft Coach service.  

#5 You’ll get ideal date flexibility

Finally, Shyft is flexible. If your dates change as we get closer to the move - no worries - we’ll accommodate a new date with only two weeks notice. This is because we’ll have a truck and crew on standby. Who else will offer you this level of service? Only SHYFT!


The question we get asked most often is how far in advance should one plan a move. Our answer: as soon as you find out you’re moving.

Movers often encourage people to plan their moves in off peak season - but that’s not always possible. 

So if you are moving in the summer - now is the time to plan your shyft, secure your dates and choose your movers. If let too late, the truth is that you may not get your first choice of moving dates or movers. 

Failing to plan is planning to fail. 

There are also last minute changes that need to be made and accommodated. Planning in advance gives you the benefit of time, so if there are changes - we can take care of them at no additional cost to you. 

Schedule a Call Today


Moving is one of the most stressful endeavours - this isn’t news. It is also extremely time consuming and costly. 

Shyft moving can take this burden off your shoulders. Our qualified Shyft Coaches will manage the entire relocation process for you. This includes conducting a virtual in home survey just once, creating an accurate inventory list, and obtaining multiple quotes. 

Shyft only works with vetted moving and relocation companies - so your belongings will be safe and secure with us. 

While we can provide services during any time of the year, booking well in advance of peak season puts you in a favorable position. Contact a Shyft Coach for a free - no obligation - consultation, or to learn more about our relocation planning solution and full range of services. We have partnered with hundreds of movers in 68 countries, and hundreds of relocation service providers to offer you a seamless moving experience.