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5 Steps to Successful Headquarters Relocation

Monday, September 18, 2023
A group of managers and executives organizing their business relocation to a new destination

Relocating a business is slowly becoming a common occurrence where businesses have more space to hire more employees. But, the trick is to relocate headquarters as smoothly and easily as possible. Well, if you are in the market for business relocation then we have 5 easy headquarters relocation tips to get you all moving.

1. Inform Employees About Business Relocation

A group of colleagues laughing and bonding together in their new office overseas

The business relocation is not a small task. Therefore, the managers, including you, would want to start searching for employee, office or headquarters relocation companies as soon as possible. Also, you would want to make sure everything is in order for the moving day. Likewise, communication, as you know, is the key to a good working environment and to improvement of employee engagement.

Therefore, you, as the manager, would want to let your employees know months in advance that the business is in the process of relocating the headquarters. "How to relocate headquarters" should be a topic on everyone's mind so that they get used to the idea. At first, they may not be as accepting about employee relocation, but with time they will warm up to the idea.

2. Be Transparent About Headquarters Relocation

Four HR women sitting in an office together planning the headquarters relocation

Always update employees on the process of business or headquarters relocation so that they know what is going on. As well as be excited about the new offices. When the managers, leads, and higher-ups are excited this can move down to some of the employees. And, those employees can (hopefully) get the ones in doubt excited too. Also, as a manager, you would have to be open about the changes in the relocation plan. Not just in terms of the new offices and office relocation, but everything including a change in plan in the moving schedule, for example.

3. Think of Employee's Commutes Before Corporate Relocation

When considering office relocation, and looking for a new office space it is important to consider how the employees are going to get to the new office. This may mean looking for spaces that are close to public transport. Or find spaces that have parking lots for your employees only. Another way is to budget relocation funds to move the employees closer to the office, this is useful if you plan to move cross-country or even to a new country. 

When relocating the business long distance, you would have to plan certain aspects for your employees to want to relocate to a new location. Such as (if the budget allows and it is possible):

  • Temporary housing
  • Helping to find permanent housing
  • Transportation costs, including visas
  • Family transportation
  • Schooling for their kids
  • Making sure that their salary can meet the new cost of living if it is higher
  • And more

Basically, put yourself in their shoes with a family and think about what they could want to get them to relocate for the business.

4. Perks of Office Relocation

Co-workers having coffee in the office kitchen next to the coffee machine

You would want to motivate your employees for the office relocation and one way to do so is to point out the new perks. Try to find offices that offer something new or useful for the employees. Such as a coffee shop, a gym, or even a yoga place. Or maybe just classes. If it is not possible to find such a location, you can offer it. Such as creating a lounge area or a game room with table tennis. 

If you need ideas or suggestions, ask your employees what they would like. And, if it is reasonable, and within budget go for it. Or find something similar. For example, they may want to be near a coffee shop. But, there is not a good one nearby or there are none nearby. Compromise by getting them a coffee machine that can make espressos, lattes, etc. 

Asking them what they would like can also improve employee engagement, and give you ideas on what to look for, and it could also get them hyped about the move when they realize the perks of office relocation.

5. Get Employees Excited About Office and Business Relocation

Managers with their arms in the air, getting excited about relocating the office to new city

While the moving process is going on, the employees would still have to work. Therefore, you would want to give them space to do so and get used to the idea of the headquarters relocation. Also, you would want to make them excited about the new office while also being transparent about how everything is going. Keep them in the loop and make the business relocation look exciting. As well as you need to start planning the business relocation on time.

Relocate a Business Smoothly with Shyft

An experienced employee working from home with her team on Zoom

Office, headquarters or business relocation can follow the same formula, for lack of a better word, as a personal move. As an employee, you would want to think about hiring someone to take the stress of organizing your move off your shoulders. And, as an employer, you would want your employees to have the best organizers when it comes to their corporate relocations. A personal move for business reasons can be easier done with the help of Shyft.

Shyft is the world's first tech moving platform where we organize your move for you. This means we find you an experienced moving company, as well as guide you through our Shyft moving process. To get in touch, and get the Shyft moving experience starting, you just have to get in touch with us. You can do so by visiting our safe site. On the front page, there is a short form and it is by filling out a Move Coach will reach out to you after you download Shyft Next.

Likewise, you can also skip going through the site, and download the Shyft Next app right away. You can contact us through the app itself. It is secure and free to download on Android devices as well as iOS devices. It is through this app that your Move Coach will reach out to you for a video chat. This will only happen at the time that you say, and not before or after. Therefore, you will be saving time since you can plan your day as usual. Just include the call in it.

During this call, you will meet your real-life Move Coach who can give you more information, guide you through the process, and create your inventory list. This is done through the app and during this initial meeting. So, again, you save time since you do not have to schedule a face-to-face appointment for them to take down your inventory. You just have to give them a virtual tour of your current home, so the inside of a drawer and/ or cupboard, and we will take it from there.

This meeting, including the virtual tour, should take about half an hour to an hour depending on the size of your home. When the meeting is over, you can expect your new inventory list within half an hour. The list is already 95% accurate but you can make it 100% with the Shyft Next app.

You can add items, remove some, and even leave notes. When you are happy with your 100% inventory list, you send it to your Move Coach.

Final Step to Successful Headquarters Relocation

An HR woman looking down at her tablet to check relocation packages for employee relocation

When your 100% inventory list is received, we will present it and only your moving information to Shyft's secure moving board. There will be no personal information presented. It is at this moving board where experienced, licensed, and Shyft-verified moving companies are gathered. We will source three or more moving quotes. All the quotes are fixed, and there are no hidden costs. Even if your inventory list were to be updated, the price of the quote will not change. What you see is what you pay.

Furthermore, every moving quote is from a different moving company. All the quotes as well as information about the companies will be sent to you. You can compare them through the Shyft Next app and decide which one to work with. When you have made your choice, let us know. We will lock them down to you right there and then.

We also have other services to offer you. Such as our secure online marketplace called Home & Lifestyle. Here is where you can buy a range of products from mattresses to office supplies. And, all the physical items will be delivered to your new address. This may come in handy with office relocation if you plan it right. Plus, there are a range of services in the marketplace as well. Everything in Home & Lifestyle comes with a discount, so you will be saving money on your new items and/or services you want to use such as storage units.

Another service we have, which would be of interest to employers is our Shyft Card. This is a secure platform that can really help you when it comes to employee relocation. It is through here that you can directly transfer relocation funds to your individual employees. And, you can also check up on how the funds are being handled. As well as to transfer more, if need be.

If you need to make a corporate relocation or a personal one, reach out to Shyft to get you started. While we are working with you, we are on call to your needs. Seven days a week you can ring us up if you have concerns or to just check in. Find out more on our site, or reach out to us today.    

Group of co-workers giving each other a high five after successful employee relocation

Corporate Relocation Made Easy with Shyft