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5 Tips On How To Make The Most Of The Worldwide ERC Conference

Monday, March 27, 2023
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For football fans it’s the Superbowl, for baseball fans it’s the World Series and for HR global mobility professionals it’s the Global Workforce Symposium 2019, or ERC! In just three weeks – the conference for all things mobility is taking place in Boston.

Over 1,900 industry disruptors, global mobility leaders and corporate HR leaders from over 50 countries all under one roof can be a bit overwhelming. Nothing to fear, as over 55% of attendees are first-timers themselves! With so many attendees and newcomers, it’s best to make sure you’re well-prepped. Here are Shyft’s top 5 tips for making the most out of your first trip to ERC!

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1. Make a “wish list” of people to meet

In the hustle and bustle of ERC, it can be difficult to pin down people you’d like to meet through networking alone. Get to know the event, its sponsors and exhibitors to get a good understanding of who will be attending. Use this knowledge to your advantage to research topics to discuss with these companies’ representatives or to figure out who’s who. After all, ERC is a large event with a core function of networking with others in the relocation industry, so be sure to make the most of it by targeting the right people!

2. Be ready to network

Once you’ve created a list of people and companies you would like to interact with, get ready to network. ERC is a rare opportunity to show your networking chops and to use them to your, and your company’s greatest benefit. Have your talking points prepared, your charm dialed to 11 and your LinkedIn updated and ready for new connections.

Important note: Networking is more than simply meeting new people, it is also important to meet with people and companies already in your network. Don’t lose friends and connections in the pursuit of new ones! Use this opportunity to strengthen these connections and see if they can introduce you to people you’ve targeted and vice versa.

Pro Tip: LinkedIn has a great feature that makes adding connections as easy as scanning a QR code. With just two taps of your finger, your new connection is ready to go. No more misspelling names and possibly connecting with the wrong people!

Three mobile phones showing Linkedin interface and Linkedin code

3. Choose the panels that interest you

This year’s ERC will consist of almost 50 panels led and moderated by a number of industry leaders. While we’re sure attendees would love to go to all sessions, that’s clearly not doable. Our advice is to look through the list of scheduled sessions to get the best understanding of what is going to be presented, and by who, to choose what would interest you the most. Each session’s topic could make for an easy conversation starter! Choose carefully, you wouldn’t want to miss out on some interesting sessions!

4. Don’t forget the Marketplace!

While meeting with people directly seems to be the best way of networking, it may come easier to some compared to others. For those that find the direct approach difficult, the Marketplace is the perfect place to get your networking done. A walk through the Marketplace will allow you to stop and chat with exhibitors along the way, without the feeling of conversations being forced or awkward. Word on the street is they’ll be some unique giveaway items and cool tech launches!

5. Have fun!

It’s easy to get lost in the delirium of such a large event, but the truth is that this event is meant to get people together outside of their normal office environment to learn and meet new people in a fun and exciting city. Boston offers so many things for its visitors, possibilities include visiting the New England Aquarium, getting a tour of Fenway Park, taking a walk through Boston’s lovely Public Garden and many more! Relax and enjoy the event.

Be sure to check out Shyft at booth #828, and schedule a meeting with us using our Calendly link: Meet Shyft at ERC

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