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Best Moving Guide for Relocating Pets

Monday, March 27, 2023
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Moving with family can be an exciting adventure. And, family is not merely people but for pets too! However, when it comes to transporting pets from one place to another there are a few challenges involved since they may not understand why they are moving. Luckily, this article will give you pointers on how to make relocating your pets easier to handle. It will make it easier for them to fall in love with their new surroundings.

First Check The Laws for Pet Relocation 

Moving to a new city or state can be like moving to a new world depending on where you are coming from. That is because there are laws and regulations when it comes to moving pets in. If you are moving inside from a house to another within the same city, then the laws would be the same.  

The issue comes in if you are moving pets from one state to another or even from one city to a different one. There are rules and laws that you have to follow for pet relocation. It would be best to research and know the rules of the state or city you are moving your pets to before the moving day. This can help with your planning, timing as well as give you a chance to fill out the correct paperwork. Even getting them a passport for pet relocation.  

Furthermore, some places may require you to quarantine your pet for some time. This means, obviously, that they will have to be away from you in a new place. Therefore, you would have to prepare them for that duration before the move. It will be hard on them. And, even on you. 

Certain states also require certificates of health from the vet such as a CVI (Certificate of Veterinary Inspection), ICVI (Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection), or an OHC (Official Health Certificate). It depends on which state you are moving to. You have to check what is required before you can get your pet moving. 

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Know Your Pet’s Breed 

Plus, some countries have banned certain animals from even moving in. And, some breeds of dogs and cats are at a huge risk if they have to travel internationally. Such as Boston Terrier, Brussels Griffin, Dutch, Bull Terrier, Pug, English Bulldog and a bunch more on the dog side.  

Regarding cats, the list is a bit shorter. It seems that Persian and Himalayan breeds are at a greater risk compared to other breeds of cats. This can be a major concern if you have one of them. Therefore, speak to your veterinarian as well as an animal expert to make it safe for pets to move. And, take the necessary steps to keep them healthy during the pet move. It is not only paperwork you have to worry about. 

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Pet-friendly Apartments and Houses  

If you are just moving to a new home, it does not mean you are out of the woods when it comes to finding out about the rules. Some apartment buildings are against having animals inside, think of it before relocating your pet. And some landlords can be against the idea even if you are renting a house with a yard from them.  

Therefore, when you are house hunting, you have to bring up the topic of pets and check the pet-friendly places. If you cannot move into your new home with your fluffy friends, then it is best to find a new pet-friendly home. Unless you want to give away your pets and break your own heart in the process.   

It is essential that you know the rules, fill out the paperwork, etc. so that you can move your pet to your new home. You better start doing the research and working on those documents now… or after you finish this article. 

Pre Moving Research 

Let’s say that you are one step ahead and you have done the research, got your pets’ papers in order and even told them that they will move, good work. But, now you actually have to move the pet. This will be a process since pets know things. They know what is happening and that a change is afoot. They do not like it…  

However, you can ease them into the move. Our advice would be to start the process of moving your pets a week before the big move day. This is so that you cannot overwhelm them, often leading to anxiety. For them as well as yourself. You can start by placing boxes around your current home and allowing them to explore. You can even give them some treats as rewards for when they are positively interacting with the boxes instead of chewing them up. 

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This will create a positive environment as well as a connection with the moving boxes. However, when you are placing the boxes and packing do not make a big deal out of it. They will know and feel something different is up. 

Another step would be for you to take them to the vet for their checkups, papers, etc. As well as to ask in case they get motion sickness. The vet can suggest medication or methods to help with this for them.  

Also, pack their favorite toys, blankets, etc. with you in a pet care bag for the transit. But, do this on the big day of the move. Before the moving day, you would want to stick to their schedule as closely as possible. Which means to try to keep feeding times, and walks the same.  

And, on the big day, you would have to make a safe space for them while the boxes, furniture, etc. are being moved out. You can do this by putting their favorite stuff in a room that you can keep closed. This also included giving them water and food. 

Cat photography of a cat eating from a bowl while the owner pets it

Pet Transportation Via Car

When the big moving day is here, and all it packed up it is time to get a move on. The way you move will depend on your form of transportation. If you can travel by car we would recommend that you do and that you take your pets with you.  

This is why you would have a pet travel bag with their favorite items, including food and water. While on the drive you would want to make sure that they are safe and comfortable. If you are transporting a cat, for example, you would need to invest in a crate, if they are not used to traveling. This can also apply to small dogs. 

Dog sitting in an open booth next to a his owner who’s reading a book 

However, get advice from your vet about the best way to travel with them. There are many options such as pet seat belts, harnesses, etc. Do not pack your pets with your luggage since they need space as well!  

And plan the drive down ahead of time. This means figuring out when and where to stop. How to get meals, etc. A good idea is to use drive-thrus so that you do not leave your pet in the car while you have a meal. As you know this is dangerous to them. And, it is illegal in some places.  

Therefore, grab food to go and eat it in the park so that they can walk around and do their business. But, keep them on a lease. Even the cats. Also, make sure that you have their name tags on them if they, unfortunately, get lost. Or you can even have them micro chipped. 

And if it is a long trip you may have to stop over for a night. Therefore, you would have to look for places that allow pets for the evening since they cannot sleep in the car. Neither can you if you are driving. 

Dog photography of a little dog sleeping on a red blanket in a basket

Moving a Pet State to State

The US is a big country. Therefore, there can be a few ways to travel it or move. The first is by car which we have outlined above how you can travel with your pets. Before you travel by car you may want to let them get used to the space of the vehicle. Or the crate. This can mean taking them on a few drives before the moving day.  

Another option for state to state moving is by plane. You would have to check with the airlines on what they have to offer regarding traveling with pets. There are three ways you could go. The first is that the pet is with you in the cabin. The second is as excess luggage that goes into a crate in the cargo hold and the third is manifest cargo without the owner. 

Cat’s paw playing with a model airplane on a world map  

To have your pet with you in the cabin they would have to be a certain size and weight since there are limitations. If you go for the second option, you would have to make sure that the cargo hold is climate controlled as well as pressurized so that their comfort is increased. It is also good to look for airlines that cater to pets on travel. This means that there is an on-site vet (just in case) and someone is giving the pets' water and food during the flight.  

Several great pet relocation services can help you. These organizations know who to transport pets safely, and comfortably. They can arrange your pets’ travel for you. This is the best option when flying. And, we would strongly recommend that you go with one of the many great pet relocation companies out there before you buy your ticket. Your pets’ safety comes first. 

Shyft & Wag! Offer Best Dog Walking Services
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International Pet Relocation

If you are moving across the sea, then you would have no choice but to go by plane for pet relocation. The above still applies but now there is even more paperwork. Such as pet passports, visas, vaccinations and checking if your buddies are even allowed in the country you are moving to. Therefore, you have to research the laws and requirements regarding moving pets to a new country. Plus, when booking airline tickets try to find an airline that is a direct line to your destination. This can be tough. 

However, this is where a pet relocation service really comes in handy. Not only can they help you with the international transportation, and know-how to get your pet to their new home without losing them, but also with the paperwork and import concerns. 

Animal photography of a kitten sniffing a mouse in front of a bunny

Relocating Pets with Shyft 

While your pets will be going through a big change, so will you. It takes a lot of time to organize a move, not only for your pets but your whole family as well. Luckily there is a fintech company that specializes in moving families (and relocating pets) around the country. This company is called Shyft.  

Shyft is an organization that does all the hard stuff when it comes to moving. You can treat Shyft as your personal moving organizer doing the tasks that you do not want to do. How they work is that they give you a move assistant to guide you through the whole process.  

This is also someone you can turn to for advice, tips, tricks, and suggestions. Furthermore, you can speak to them at any time of the day, night, working day and weekend. The first meeting you will have with your move assistant will be done at your convenience.  

And, it is also a video call through the ShyftNext app. Not only will you see your Move Assistant as well as speak to them, but they will also create your inventory list. This already puts the pressure off of you.  

What is more, is when the call is over, the list is sent to you within half an hour. Just so you can check it, add to it, take items from it, and when you are happy with it you send it to your Move Assistant.  

To Bid Your Pet Transfer

Then Shyft and your Move Assistant take all your moving details to their secure bidding platform filled with top-class, and experienced movers. It is here that Shyft will find three at least quotes for your consideration.  

The best part is that you do not have to search for movers. And, the better part is that the quotes are fixed with no hidden costs. This can make your budgeting that much easier. As well as you choosing the one moving company to take on your gig, pets and all.  

More for Pets With Shyft

And what's more, is that you can also browse Shyft’s marketplace on their inviting and classy looking site. It is found under the Home and Lifestyle section, and it has a lot of items to buy. From furniture to insurance. As well as Wag!. Wag! is a dog walking service that is handy for when you move to your new home and need a chance to unpack. As well as to get your pets back on to their schedule or to establish a new one straight away.  

 Cat on a leash taking a walk in the park with his owner

The great thing about Shyft’s marketplace is not only all that it has on offer but also the discounts. Every item on the marketplace comes with a discount. Even Wag! through Shyft is offering the first dog walk for free when you get to your new home. Plus, if you are buying furniture or office supplies or even food, then all your new items from this marketplace will be delivered directly to your new home.   

But, Shyft just keeps getting better. If you are in the tech industry or a business owner who wants to relocate to somewhere like Miami, for example,with their current employees, Shyft can help you (and them) get there. Shyft will give every employee their own Move Assistant.  

What is more, is that you as the employer can have access to a Shyft Card. This is a secure software that lets you transfer relocation funds to every employee that you are sending to their new work home. Furthermore, you can also check up on how the funds are being handled.  

Saving Money on The Move

Moving with Shyft is the best option to save money since previous people that have moved with this fintech company were able to save up to $600 on their move. And, Shyft does not charge for their services. So save a buck while getting your pets to their new forever homes with Shyft. 

If you are moving with pets, regardless of the breed and kind the above should apply. However, speak to your vet and a professional to get all the details. And, make sure their paperwork is ready!