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Best Cities to Move to Start a New Life 

Monday, March 27, 2023
A woman getting a delivery at her new home

Best cities to move to start a new life might be what you’re thinking of with 2023 drawing near. Grabbing 2023 by the horns, and pushing forward with glee. Even if you do not say it aloud it could only be thoughts. But, still, you may really want to start over, and the best way to do so is to think about moving to a new place, city or country. Well, here are the cheapest places to live in the USA, or aboard, in 2023, and one of the best ways to get there (from start to end).

Best Country to Move to Start Over

Before you find the best place to move to start over you would want to narrow down your search to the best country to move to, to start over. If that is what you want of course. Our top three countries to start over in are:   

New Zealand  

A couple unpacking a moving box and looking at each other happy to move to start over

The land of the hobbits draws in a lot of different types of people. This is not only due to its wonderful landscapes, but, more importantly, its inviting people. New Zealand provides a high quality of life while also having high scores when it comes to equality, particularly in the gender, racial, and LGBTQ+ communities, among others. This is why we would call New Zealand a welcoming country.   


If New Zealand is a bit too far for you, you can slide on to Europe, in particular Denmark. The second-happiest country in the world where its people have a top-notch working culture, freedom of expression, political rights, and more. While Denmark is known for its work culture it does not mean that you will be taken advantage of. So much so that working late is actively discouraged, and it is encouraged to take five weeks or more holidays per year. 

The taxes in Denmark may be on the high side but the people living in Denmark see the results. This is due to having universal healthcare, subsidized child care as well as free university education. And, there is also free elderly care.    


Three friends exploring Canada in the city while looking at a map

Some people may want to start over a bit closer to home while still moving to another country. Luckily for Americans, this is possible with the Great White North… to the north. Canada is known for being a polite and friendly place. But, you may not have known that Canadians want more immigrants to move in, with 84% saying that this is a positive outcome for the country.  

Therefore, it would be fair to call Canada a tolerant place so much so that the LGBTQ+ community often views it as the best country to live in. And, it is also seen as the third-best country for women to live in. Considering the number of countries in the world, this is a high achievement.    

While moving to another country can be a great way to start over, it is not the only way. Even staying in the US can have the same feel as moving to another country depending on the state you move to. With that, here are the… 

Move Long Distance Smoothly

Best Places to Move to Start Over in the US  

Where to move to start over does not have to require a visa, sometimes all you may need is to move to another city, even to another state. Here are the top 5 best places to move to start over in the USA.   

Memphis in Tennessee

 A couple going on a trip with their car, they are unpacking the truck and laughing together

If you want to move to a big city but may not have the budget for it, then Memphis in Tennessee is the place to be. While it is one of the most populated cities in the states the cost of living does not reflect that. Memphis is known for having a lower cost of living when compared to other large metropolises. Furthermore, it is home to many types of colleges as well as universities. It is also home to AutoZone, as well as FedEx International Paper (companies in the Fortune 500). Memphis is a lover of sports housing the Memphis Grizzle, and the Mississippi RiverKings. So, a sports lover’s dream when it comes to looking for a new start in a new city.    

Denver in Colorado  

However, if you are looking to get away from a city feel then why not explore the idea of Denver? Denver is the healthiest city in the states with over 200 parks, as well as 14 000 acres of nearby mountain areas. Therefore, you can get in fresh air while taking a relaxing hike, or bike ride. And, Denver also houses multiple sports stadiums while also being a lover of culture. The latter is due to the city having the country’s second-largest performing art complex, many histories and art museums, and more.

The potential downside of living in Denver is the cost of living, which is 16% higher than the national average. However, Denver offers a lot of high-paying jobs in the fields of biotech, finance, healthcare, mining, energy, defense, aerospace, and biotech to name a few.   

Las Vegas in Nevada  

Open road on a sunny day heading to Las Vegas

Las Vegas may be the home of gambling, but it has so much to offer even to those that do not have luck in the casinos. For one thing, the suburbs of Las Vegas seem to be growing in popularity and with the average cost of a house being under $400 000 it is no wonder. Plus, there is also potential job growth in the marketing, hospitality, construction, and communication industries. The nightlife of Vegas is grand but so is the food scene. Therefore, there is something for everyone in the land of lights, not only those chasing Lady Luck.   

Oklahoma City in Oklahoma  

The creative industry is in full force in Oklahoma City where artists are flying, to not only make a living but also be part of the growing community. There are indie film festivals, awesome galleries, and more. Plus, the city of Oklahoma has a lot of local support for the artists, old and new in the city. If art is calling you to start over, then why not aim for Oklahoma City? As Kelsy Karper, a founder of Factory Obscura said “there is room for people to try things without fear of failure.” Therefore, try without fear.  

Youngstown in Ohio   

A group of friends taking a selfie while enjoying hotdogs, pies, and drinks outside their house

While the above cities may sound big, and they are, you can also opt to start over in a smaller one such as Youngstown in Ohio. It is located close to Columbus while its cost of living is 73% lower than the national average. Therefore, if you are looking for a fresh start in a small town that is affordable then maybe Youngstown is calling your name. Plus, the food is also on the cheaper side as well.   

Starting Over, and Getting There with Shyft 

Woman looking back at the camera while taking a walking during the day in a city

Starting over after a move is something worthwhile if your life calls for it. However, you would have to make the move first and then start the “new life” adventure. Moving is usually time-consuming, and stressful. Usually. But, if you work with Shyft, the world’s first tech-driven moving platform, you will have an unusual experience of stress-free and time-saving moving experience.   

This is why many people chose Shyft when it comes to moving from one home to another. If you want more information and to get in touch with us, check out our smooth-running and easy-to-look-at website: Shyft Moving. Here is where you can get in touch with us by filling out a short form. And, then the process begins.

We do the moving organization for you. The first step is meeting your Move Coach. This is done through the handy and free-to-download mobile app called Shyft Next. It serves two functions. First, as mentioned you get to meet as well as see your real-life Move Coach. This meeting is a video call through the app at the time that you say. Your Move Coach will not call you at an inconvenient time, just the one you scheduled.

A happy man wearing all white having a drink with friends on a sunny day on a beach

Furthermore, the app also allows your Move Coach to create your 95% accurate inventory list right there and then during this first video call meeting. Therefore, you do not have to wait for them to arrive since this is a virtual tour. You can show them everything you want to move without them having to step foot in your current home.   

This 95% accurate inventory list is sent to you when the meeting is over. The purpose is for you to check and make it 100% accurate. You can add items that the Move Coach may have missed. Or remove items that you have changed your mind on. Or you can add notes to certain items to highlight their importance. After the 95% accurate inventory list went up by 100% with the help of your hand, you send it to your Move Coach. 

Step Closer to Starting Over

A couple sitting inside a tent during the day on a camping trip

The Shyft moving process is the organization. This is done by your Move Coach taking your 100% inventory list along with your moving information (zero personal ones) to Shyft’s secure bidding platform. Here is where experienced, Shyft-vetted, moving companies gather to bid on moving projects. This is how Shyft gathers three or more moving quotes where each quote is from a different moving company. The quotes and info about the movers are sent to you so that you can compare and decide which one is the best mover to help you start your new life.   

Not only will we create your inventory list for you, and save you time, but we can also save you money on your move. This is because every moving quote is fixed. So, if you decide to change your inventory list it will not affect your budget at all. There are no hidden costs. Therefore, moving to one of the cheapest places to live in just became that much cheaper.   

What is more, is that whenever you have a question or a concern you can contact us seven days a week. Also, check out our secure marketplace titled: Home & Lifestyle. Here you can buy a bunch of physical items, and everything is delivered to… your new home. Correct, not your current home for you to pack into the moving truck and take with you but delivered to the place where you are moving to. This can save you money.   

Plus, there are not only physical items in the marketplace but there are also services from mortgages, storage, dog-walkers, etc. Everything on the marketplace (services, and items) come with a discount. Start over and let Shyft help you get there, saving you money, and time, and lowering your stress level.    

A couple playing a video game while sitting on the floor of their new home