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Best Ways To Move Locally

Monday, March 27, 2023
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Are you at the place in your life where you want a change? Well, have you considered making a local move? You still live in your state but in a new environment aka a new home. It will be worth the move and this can be your guide on some of the best ways to move locally. First…

What Is Considered a Local Move

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Moving breaks off into many different branches. There are different types of moves which are usually displayed in the distance that one needs to move to get into their new home. Local moving is seen as the shorter distance of the types. A local move is said to be about 50 miles (80.5 km) and it is in the same state just city to city or down the road.  

Another main thing about local moves is that the price of the move is dependent on the time and moving employees it takes to complete the move. Other, longer moves depend on the weight of the objects that will be in transit. Therefore, when looking at a moving company you would have to factor in work time, and the number of people since each one is paid per hour.

Average Cost of a Local Move

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While we are on the subject, the average cost of a local move will depend not only on the amount of time, and movers, but which local moving company you will be working with. Each moving company can charge slightly different fees while offering other types of moving services which can include packing up your old place for your new one.  

How much do movers cost for a local move?” you may be asking and the short answer is that they can charge about $25 to $50 per hour. But if your move hits the 50 miles mark it can be more.  

How much does a local move cost?” you may be asking. Well, the average cost of a local move can be the following: 

  • Moving to a studio using two movers in three hours: $335
  • Relocating to a one-bedroom house with two movers in four hours: $454
  • Two-bedroom home in five hours with three movers: $717
  • Three-bedroom house in six hours with four movers: $1614
  • Four bedrooms, seven hours, five movers: $1847
  • Over five bedrooms, a workday (eight hours), and six movers: $2832  

But, again, the cost of local move can depend on the moving company that you work with. However, the above moving prices are about the average cost of local moves you can expect. However, it would be a great use of your time to research the best local movers and see what they offer. This is not only in terms of prices but their other services as well.  

Best Ways of Doing Local Moves

Two women sitting next to each other holding hands, leaning on a white wall after moving in

One of the best ways to do a local move is usually considered the cheapest way to move locally: Do It Yourself (DIY). As the name suggests this DIY move is where you pack everything, find, rent, borrow a truck, pack it, drive it, and unpack it. As well as all the steps in between such as lifting the items into the truck, making a packing plan before that, finding the right packing material, etc. And not every object is packed the same way hence a piano and a painting. Therefore, you would have to research that topic.  

This all is time-consuming and if you want to go DIY, you best start now and push your moving date a bit late to have enough time in between your life, family, work, etc. to complete this moving process. You can have help of course, but you would have to organize this help at what date and time, and what they are to do, as well as how to do it.   

If you do not have the time or do not have the nerves to go DIY (which is completely understandable) you can look into hiring a local moving company. Start researching local movers now and remember to avoid scam artists.

First, lock down your moving date and try to pick one off-season, not in summer. This is not only because it is hot to pack up and move, but it is also the most expensive time of the year even for local moves. This is because a lot of people are moving at this time since it is the school holidays. It is all about demand and supply. When there is a demand (moving companies) there is less supply (since all of them are booked).  

Moving off-peak will not only save you money but can also open you up to more local moving companies since there is a supply, but less of a demand. But, the good local movers can be taken up quickly so start looking for them now. Book them before they are busy.

Using Local Movers and Saving Money

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Working with a local moving company does not have to be too pricey if you are willing to put in a touch more effort. This means decreasing the number of items you want to move. The fewer items you have, the less time it will take to load and the fewer people you will need to hire. Therefore, the cost of local move will decrease.  

You can host a yard sale to get rid of aka find a new home for some of your stuff. This can also put some coins in your bag. Also, you can give items out as a gift or even donate them. Another way you can save money is by packing the items yourself. However, we would suggest that you hire a professional packer when it comes to the more complex and expensive items. This can be pianos, paintings, flat screens, etc.  

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But everything else is for your taking… to pack. You can use suitcases that you have as packing material since that is what they are for. You can use your clothes as cushioning for glasses and plates. And you can head down to any local shop to ask them for their cardboard boxes. These are usually thrown away so why not take them to reuse them? 

Remember to label which bag, box, etc. comes from which room. This can make unpacking (which you can do yourself as well) easier. Start packing the big items that you do not use often while moving down to the smaller items that are regularly used. Plus, you have to eat up or give away all your food before you move. Also, leave your kids and pets' rooms for last on the pack-up list. 

How to File Local Taxes If You Moved Within State

A woman cutting a pear in her new kitchen as she moved locally and paid her taxes easily

On to a much more important and often “painful” topic: taxes. The amount of tax you pay is dependent on how much money you earn as well as the tax rate of the place that you live in. It is important to research the area and ask questions about the local taxes. However, since you are most likely not moving out of state the tax rate should stay the same, but do not take our word for it. You should check state and local taxes and how to pay them.

Make the Local Move with Shyft’s Help

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If you are a first-time mover or even a more experienced one, everyone would like some help when it comes to moving. This is normal since any type of moving from local moving to international is time-consuming, costs a lot of money and can be stressful. However, you can avoid all that by working with Shyft.  

Shyft is the world’s first tech-driven moving platform. What we do is that we organize your entire moving process for you, save you money, and save you time thereby reducing your stress levels.  

Learn more about what we do and get in touch with Shyft today. Just fill out the short form on our safe site, and that is it. One of our Move Coaches will get in touch with you at the time that you want. Not before, not after so, you know the exact when they will be calling you. This alone saves you a ton of time. Furthermore, you would want to download our free-to-download mobile app, Shyft Next. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices. This is how your new Move Coach will connect you.  

It will be how your Move Coach will get in touch with you by video chat. The app not only lets you see and speak to a real-life person, but it is also used by your Move Coach to create your moving inventory list. All you have to do is give them a virtual tour of your current home during this initial meeting.

When the meeting is over and done, this newly created inventory list will be sent to you within half an hour. The list is 95% accurate and you can make it 100% so. You can add items, remove others, and even make notes on certain stuff. When you have added another 5% to your inventory list and are happy with the result you send it to your Move Coach.

More On Local Moves

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This 100% inventory list and only your moving information (no personal ones) are presented in front of Shyft’s secure moving board. It is where the best moving companies for local moves (and international ones too) come to bid on moving projects. Yours will be added to the list. 

Every local mover (and international one) is verified by Shyft ourselves, as well as all the moving companies having a ton of experience. It is through this process that we will gather three or more local moving quotes. As well as information about what every company can offer you. Every local move estimate is from a different moving company. Plus, all the quotes are guaranteed, with no hidden costs.  

This applies even if you change your inventory list, the cost of working with the moving company will not change. The quotes and info are sent to you so that you can decide which mover to work with. When you let us know we will lock them down straight away so that they are all yours. 

And, there is a lot more to Shyft. Such as we offer corporate moving services that will help you relocate your employees. Find out more on our site. We also have an online marketplace under our Home & Lifestyle tab. Here you will find a range of products and even services. The best part is that every item on our marketplace comes with a discount. And, all the physical products are delivered to your new home. Instead of your current one. This alone saves you on moving costs and your time. 

Shyft encourages moving companies to collaborate with Shyft on Local Moving Services. This is a place where movers can bid on local moves on Shyft’s platform. It’s easy to use and it provides movers with constant moving leads. 

Therefore, start your local moving experience with the Shyft process. We will be waiting for your call, and we will be on call with you seven days a week once the process starts and during your local move. Save time, money, and reduce your stress on your first or next local move with Shyft. 

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