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Corporate Relocation Made Easy with Shyft Card

Monday, March 27, 2023
A messy room with packing cardboard boxes lying around after relocation

Corporate relocation services are something that every company must look into if they want to move their employees from one place to another. There are certain steps that need to be taken to make the process of relocation run as smoothly as possible. As a company, what you really want is for your employees to start their job refreshed, motivated and ready - so choosing the right way to assist them with their relocation - or work from home benefits - can make a world of difference for their first experience with your business.

Why Do Businesses Relocate 

There can be many reasons why a company would want its employees to relocate. The most important reason is that certain employees can work better at certain locations. To bring their skill and knowledge to a different location of subsidiaries of the company. However, this can be a daunting task for both employees and employers. That is why utmost care and caution must be taken to make sure it goes well. 

What HR Must Do 

HR aka human resources is, essentially the ones, who organize employee relocation programs. This is regardless if it is a domestic relocation or an international relocation or an employee is moving out of state.

Corporate relocation is not about a hiring manager approving certain moving experiences, instead, it is about having a strategic focus to make sure that the relocation goes according to plan. As well as that it sticks to the company’s business and finances departments.

A man is planning a move at a table in Shyft’s office

HR is required to do the following: 

  • Manage policies by working with chief operating officers as well as internal business partners.
  • Find the employees that will do the best work when they relocate by talking with talent officers and managers.
  • Search for respected, and safe moving companies aka RMC (Relocation Management Companies).
  • Work with the legal department to make sure that all the legal issues such as tax or immigration questions are sorted out, and clear. 

Relocation Costs 

A relocation allowance can often be a great way to get employees to want to move. However, the company has to work out how much they can spend on the relocation. They may have to hire a relocation specialist to work out the cost of the move. But, there are certain factors that must be taken into account when working out the relocation costs to move an employee and their family. 

The Factors

  • How far is the move? Is it interstate or international?
  • Do they have a family that must move with them?
  • Where will they live after the move?
  • How much of their stuff are they willing to move?  

Depending on the size of the company it may not be possible to cover all the costs. However, if the business can cover something it will be a huge help to the employees. At the end of the day, the company is the one making them move.

A close-up of a roll of 100 USD on a white background

What Relocation Package Should Cover

The common things that a company should cover when relocating employees are as follows: 

  • A professional moving company that also offers packing and unpacking services. Even U-haul rentals as well as packing supplies such as boxes and tape etc. 
  • Travel cost to the location in terms of gas, train tickets, or airfare.
  • Housing for the short-term. This can be for a period of 30 to 90 days giving employees time to find a more permanent residence. And short-term housing can be Airbnbs, hotels, or corporate homes. 
A tray of breakfast on a made, white bed in a hotel room

Other Services That Relocation Packages Should Cover 

  • Orientation trip- This is so that the employee can get a lay of the land and do the house hunting. As well as get used to the area. Much like covering for short-term houses but meals and transportation are also included.
  • Lease break costs- As in if the employee needs to break their current home lease so that they can sell it, this may fall under relocation costs.
  • Buying a new home.
  • Supporting the Spousals- If a higher-level employee who is married is required to relocate then the company should also provide spousal support. This can include helping them find a job, or in some cases, start a business. 
  • Tax gross-up.
A woman while moving in, holding house keys standing in front of moving boxes

Average Relocation Lump Sum

Lump-sum is when an employer can offer a type of relocation bonus. This is paid as an incentive to get the employees to want to relocate. It is a one-time deal and if the employee leaves the company before a certain amount of time then it has to be paid back by the employee since they are no longer a part of the company. 

The average amount depends on what the employees need for them to make the relocation go smoothly. This can only be calculated when it’s time for the employee to move. However, HR can figure out the lump sum by hiring the moving company as well as sorting out the leaving situation for the short term. 

Long Distance Moving

Using an RMC (Relocation Management Company)

When it comes to picking a moving company a lot of employers will obviously go to outsourcing. That is where RMCs (Relocation Management Companies) come in. However, it can be a challenge choosing the right one with so many out there.  

The first thing HR or an employer must do is to understand their goals for corporate relocation. This can also include planning, prepping, and researching which moving company to use.

Two men sitting in an office and talking business while both are pointing at a piece of paper that the one is holding up


Once the company is chosen, or once a few are picked, negotiations can begin. This has to do with contract negotiations that will require getting information as well as planning. There are several factors that come into play when negotiating a contract, certainly for HHG (Household Goods) such as: 

  • Is there sufficient backup in all parts of the country?
  • Can this be reached at any time? 
  • Are there any discounts for multiple moves i.e. moving more than one employee? 

Therefore, when a company knows what to look for in an HHG or a moving company then this can help with, firstly choosing the right one, at a good price.

A man in a red shirt and cap moving cardboard boxes, smiling and giving a thumbs up to the camera


Once all the paperwork, both physical and metaphorical, has been done, ongoing communication is the key. This communication has to happen between four parties involved in the moving process such as the relocation policy, the moving company, the employee, and the employer. 

The latter has to understand the expectations of the employee who is in the process of relocation and to let the moving company know this information. Making a smooth transition is essential to keeping the employee happy, therefore, working for the company longer while in a different location.  

Plus, every relocation can be a learning experience for the company to know how to do things better the next time. There can be improvements, as well as choosing the best moving companies for the job by asking the newly relocated employee about the experience. This can be done through a survey to get more detailed information. Very important when it comes to working with long-distance moving companies. 

Relocation Assistance With Shyft 

One of the best ways that a company can handle corporate relocation is by hiring Shyft to do the heavy lifting for them and their employees. Shyft is more than another app in the moving industry; it is a company’s personal moving concierge. It is where the relocation process is done all in one place.

A laptop screen showing a Zoom call with Shyft’s employees on it while working remotely

Shyft will source multiple quotes from different moving companies. The moving companies have gone through Shyft’s stringent vetting process and are all part of Shyft’s trusted network of movers. This is very important, because it gives Shyft more control over the quality of the move, and enables them to guarantee things such as price, and dates. Shyft searches for moving quotes from moving companies by using the ShyftX Moveboard - essentially an auction system that enables movers from Shyft’s supply chain to bid on moves - thereby ensuring the best prices. On average, people who move with Shyft could end up saving 600 USD. 

Corporate Moves by Shyft

Shyft’s personal Move Assistants work with each employee to ensure that every relocation experience is smooth. They start with a contactless 30-minute video estimate that allows them to determine the inventory list and accurate pricing. This all happens as a time that is convenient for the employee to have the video call. Shyft is there every step of the way for the employee, and the Move Assistant keeps them on track as well as give advice for packing, relocation, house hunting, etc.

A woman getting ready for a move, packing a suitcase filled with winter clothes

Furthermore, they can also help with providing temporary accommodation, insurance, financial services, destination services, and a lot more information. And the great thing about them is that they do not sell your employee’s or the companies information to third parties meaning that neither will get annoying adverts about moving.  

All the company needs to do is go to the Shyft website and fill out the short form. Plus, give them a call. 

Shyft Card for Corporate Moving

When it comes to relocation allowance, Shyft has the company and employees covered with their virtual card known as Shyft Card. This card is the first one that employers can use to send their employees relocation benefits allowances. It is a virtual wallet for now, but the future will hold a physical card in it.  

And, it offers instant payment services. Therefore, the employee can get the money they need quickly for the relocation.   

Plus, the Shyft Card can be used to pay for the whole relocation or as much as the company can afford. And this can also include online purchases from the Shyft Marketplace, where the employees can find discounts as well as savings. This can also help lower the relocation cost for the company.   

Besides the virtual card, there is also an easy-to-use employer dashboard for the HR team to keep track of the cash management. The employees can take the money all from one place to use for only their corporate relocation costs. And Shyft also has 24/7 customer support for the employees as well as the employers.  

And there is Benji, the virtual assistant puppy to keep everyone on track. A Shyft Card is a company and their employees' all-in-one solution for sending and keeping up-dated with the relocation process.  

Therefore, instead of the business or HR going through all the hassle of organizing relocation for their employees, hire Shyft to do it. This will take the stress off of everyones’ back. Plus, the company will know that the move and job will be done right.