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Crater launches rebranded company Shyft. The future of moving is here.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Shyft company logo

Why did we rebrand the company?

Over the last three years, the company has changed significantly. We are very proud of the fact that we were the first to market and the market leader with our video survey technology – SurveyBot. While that remains a core part of who we are as a company, our technology has evolved and our platform has become more powerful over time. In addition, our team has grown, we are now offering more services than ever before and our business model is changing as is our go-to-market strategy – essentially we have SHIFTED into a new era of the company!

We also spent hours and hours thinking about the millions of people who move around the world and we realized that they were shifting their lives and their possessions – literally. That these global nomads were moving to new cities, new towns and new communities – for a change, for something new, for a better life… Moving is a pivotal moment in one’s life – it can be monumental.

So we decided to change the name to Shyft as it represents who we are as a company as well as people who move on a daily basis who are shifting their lives and possessions. And we decided to change the “i” to “y” because…well it’s just a bit more hip! We hope you love the name as much as we do!

What’s different?

Our product is much more powerful than ever before. Today the Shyft technology platform can help with all your move management and corporate relocation needs, including the following:

  • Live lead handling – 24/7/365
  • Omni-communication platform – contact leads via SMS, email and phone
  • Instant, on-demand virtual surveys
  • New user experience for corporate relocation
  • Deep data insights
  • Customized website widgets to increase lead conversions
  • Enhancement for existing lump sum portals

With Shyft, you have all the capabilities to run your business seamlessly from the first contact to quote to booking. All this is just the beginning of what will be an exciting time ahead of us!

The future of moving is here.

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