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Help The Environment While You Move- Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

Monday, March 27, 2023
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Eco-friendly moving is one of the best ways that you can help the environment while you are transitioning from one home to another. Regardless if it is a local or international move. That’s right, there are ways that you can pack for your move, and make it, without hurting the world. And, it is very easy to do. So, become a hero of the environment with these eco-friendly moving tips.

Use What You Have as Eco-friendly Packing Materials

One of the biggest issues when it comes to moving, regarding the environment, is the amount of waste that accumulates. However, if you pack wisely while using what you have as eco-friendly moving materials then you can cut down on waste by a ton. To start, take a look at what you have in your current home already. Instead of getting new packing materials or supplies, you can use clothes, towels and suitcases, etc. for eco-friendly moving.

You can wrap towels and clothes around items to act the same way as packing paper does. It can protect your items. Plus, you will use your clothes and towels in the new home instead of throwing them away as you would with packing paper. Recycling is about using something that is old in a new and different way. Therefore, this is great for eco-friendly moving even if it is only temporary.

People sitting on the floor, packing a suitcase for their new travel

And, you probably have a lot of items that can be used to pack stuff into such as the aforementioned suitcases. However, you can take it a step further by using pillowcases, containers, pots, reusable grocery bags, etc. Basically, if you can put something in it, it is a carrier. A handy trick is if you are moving your dresser, to take out the drawer. But, you do not empty it, instead, put socks in the gaps to keep the items in place. Then wrap a big towel around it.

So, we would advise you to pack items in what you already have in the house. Except for electronics which have to be packed in a special way so as not to get damaged. Once you have used all that you can for a replacement to boxes then you should look around for used cardboard boxes from your local grocery store. Also, you can search for biodegradable eco-friendly moving supplies or eco-friendly moving boxes.

Use a Green Moving Company

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For eco-friendly moving you can rent moving boxes or even rent moving supplies if you know where to find them. This can also have a positive effect on the environment since you are borrowing the moving materials with the goal of giving them back after use. This way another person can use them. Therefore, you would not have to throw them away or keep them in the current home gathering dust since you do not, obviously keep them.

However, it may be a bit of a challenge to find the right eco-friendly moving materials you want to use. That is why you should look into hiring an eco-friendly moving company since they have the packing materials you need. And, since there are a lot more different types of packing materials it means that you can use the right eco-friendly materials for your move. For example, different types of boxes cater for different items. Therefore, to keep your stuff safe you cannot only use a cardboard box if what goes inside it, ends up breaking it.  

Plus, green moving companies are also committed to being eco-friendly not only in the materials they use but the fuel as well, such as using biodiesel. What is more, is that they understand that the fewer trips to take the better it is for the environment. And, one is ideal as well as possible. 

If you are going to travel to your new home with the use of a green moving company, then you should keep the latter in mind as well. Therefore, make sure that you pack everything into your car or moving truck to not go back and forth between the homes.

Donate or Sell Used Items

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So, we have covered packing, and finding a green moving company, is there anything else you can do to make your move eco-friendlier? Well, you can sell what you do not want to nor need to take with you. This can help put some money in your pocket as well as lighten your load while traveling. Movers charge by weight, so you would be saving money by selling items, but also, obviously, by gaining money, plus being eco-friendly.

Therefore, host a garage or backyard sale to get your old stuff out. You can even market it on social media to be eco-friendlier since paper is not used. However, not everything can be sold. Luckily, there is donating your items before you make your move. Donation is also the best way to get rid of the excess that you no longer need, and someone could use it. This applies to food in particular unless it is rotten. However, if the food is good such as canned items, or ingredients such as pasta you should consider donating instead of scrapping.

Outside of donating food, you can also give away items such as books, clothes, old toys, etc. Anything you do not need you should donate to others that can use the stuff. Plus, if you donate or sell your unwanted items, then it can make packing easier for you. And, maybe you will have enough “home material” (stuff already in your home like suitcases and towels etc.) that you will not need to rent out other packing materials. It is wishful thinking though, but maybe you will get lucky.

Recycle Throughout The Packing And Moving

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Recycling and helping the environment go hand-in-hand that often you cannot think of one without thinking about the other. Therefore, when you are doing an eco-friendly move, recycling has to be on your mind. We have alluded to it in the beginning with the idea of using your household items as packing materials. But, there is more that you can do when it comes to recycling.  

The thing with moving, packing, and decluttering is that you will come across a lot of stuff that you no longer need or stuff that you cannot lose such as paper being a good example. There will be a lot that you would have to throw away. However, instead of doing that, you should recycle it. You should pop by your local recycling center to offload a lot of, for lack of a better word, rubbish.

And, you can take it a step further by recycling electronics or cords or even old batteries at your local electronic recycling center. These items can be repurposed and parts can even be reused in other items. Old electronics are often thrown away since a lot of the time the effort to get them recycled is a lot of the time not even thought of. But, be one of the people that make this extra step to help out the environment while emptying out your current home for your move.

A group of people sorting out items into boxes for recycling such as paper and glass

You can recycle throughout the moving process from when you pack up, to when you get into your new home. Moving does require items that are used once such as boxes. While you may have gotten used moving boxes you would still want to remove them from your new home, to save space. Therefore, recycle them.  

However, if you know that you will be moving again (such as for military moves, for example) then why not save the boxes that you have used already. This way when your next relocation comes about you already have the eco-friendly packing materials you need on standby. Just make sure you have a space to store them in, as well as one that does not get wet. You would not want to keep empty boxes and end up not using them due to damage.

Or instead of recycling your moving boxes or packing materials such as paper, you can get crafty with it. Decorate your old boxes and use them as storage. They will not replace furniture, but with enough creativity, they can blend into the room so that no one will know that they are merely cardboard. This can also be a form of recycling since you are reusing something old in a new way. Just a thought.

Move Now, Pay Later with Shyft

Move an Eco-Friendly Way with Shyft

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Making an eco-friendly move is all about planning. When to sell, where to donate, what to recycle, adding the actual moving organization part on top of it may be a bit overwhelming for some people.  

However, you do not have to go at it alone since we are here to help. We are Shyft, a tech-driven moving platform that will organize your move for you while keeping you in the loop as well as the center. But, you have to make the first step, and that is a simple one to do. Contact us by going to the Shyft Website, and filling out the short form there. That is it, the first step is done.

And, we do the rest of the steps with little skips from you. Our step is to appoint you, your Move Coach who will be by your side throughout the whole duration of the moving process. They will contact you through the free to download app called ShyftNext. This is one of your little skips. This call is a video one that will happen at the time that you tell us you are free. We aim to fit into your busy schedule.

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During this call, your Move Coach will meet you as well as take down your inventory list. This is sent to you half an hour from the ending of the call for you to confirm that you are pleased with it. When we get your confirmation, we take your list and move details to our secure bidding platform.  

This is where experienced, licensed moving companies bid on gigs. It is here that we find three or more moving quotes from different movers to send your way. We will make sure that the movers are green. Plus, all the quotes are fixed, all you have to do is skip to decide which one to go with.

And, if you have any questions or need eco-friendly pointers you can contact us at any time of the day, any times of the night, and any time over the weekend. We await your call to give you advice, as well as to answer your concerns.

Buy New Items and Not Hurt the Environment

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Our Home and Lifestyle Marketplace is where you can find a range of items for your new home, such as mattresses, furniture and even services or storage units. This can be a great place to buy new items that you need because everything on our marketplace comes with a discount. However, it is eco-friendly in a way as well. This is because the items are delivered directly to your new home. Therefore, you would not have to get them at your current one, unpack them to check, then repack them and move them.  

It is the small things that can make a difference.      

Helping the environment while you move is a worthwhile task. Not only would you be a hero to the world in your own way, but you will also not have as much rubbish when you move into your new home. Since what you use for packaging is your own towels, clothes, containers, etc. 

There is a lot you can do to help the environment, and every small thing counts. Such as using normal utilities during the trip instead of plastic. This “tiny” idea can make a huge positive impact. So, get into the move by being eco-friendly. Plus, let us help you along the way with your goal of moving without hurting. Let’s be heroes together.

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