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10 (+1) False Facts About Moving

Monday, March 27, 2023
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The internet is filled to the brim with information. This means there is a huge mixture of true facts, and false ones in all areas, and topics, with facts about moving not being an exception. Here are 10 false facts about moving that everyone should know. So, let’s get to it!

There Are Only Stressful Moves

Woman standing and screaming out of frustration and stress while holding her head

One of the most well-known false facts related to the moving process is that all moves have to be stressful. However, this is not true depending on several factors with the most important being move organization. The second is to allow enough time to make a moving plan. With a good plan, the stress of moving has already decreased.  

If you are someone who does not have enough time to make a good moving plan then you can get others to help you. Such as Shyft. We’re a fintech powered marketplace that organizes your move. Our services are free, you just pay for your move! To get in touch with us all you have to do is fill out the short form on our site. From there your dedicated Move Coach will contact at a time that suits you, we work mornings, nights and weekends, in addition to regular working hours, so we’re ALWAYS there for you. This is done through the video chat app called ShyftNext.

Here is where the bulk of the work is done, and the move organization begins. Over one 30-minute (or shorter) video chat, your Move Coach will take down your inventory list, reducing the stress that you did not leave anything behind. Furthermore, this list is sent to you within half an hour after the call ends. This is so that you can check it, and send it back to us with your confirmation.  

We will take your moving details and the inventory list to our secure bidding platform where licensed, and experienced moving companies are. It is here that we get three or more moving quotes from different companies to send to you so you can pick which one to go with. We organize your whole move, making the idea of stressful moving a thought of the past. And, confirming that it is indeed a false fact.

Relocating All at Once

Woman sitting at her desk and rubbing her head due to stress

While it may be convenient to move all your belongings all at once, it does not always have to be the case. Therefore, the fact that you have to move all at once is false. Taking some days to move into a new home can reduce stress, as well as build excitement when the rest of your belongings are unpacked later.  

However, you should plan which of the essential items you should take with you on the get-go. Such as bedding, kitchen items, children's rooms, etc. Even important documents should be on with you from the start of unpacking. Pack what you need last so that you can unpack it first!  

Items such as decor or season clothes do not have to be unpacked straight away. Plan what you need and which ones you will need at a later date. Furthermore, there is no rush to unpack or to even move. If some of your items come at a later date then that is okay. However, plan where what goes, before it arrives so you know where to store or place it.

Packing Up by Yourself

Women taking a nap on the sofa with take away food in front of her and cardboard boxes

This brings us to the false fact that you have to pack by yourself. It is not true, although some people do say that it can cut down on costs. However, the process of packing is a tiring one if you do it all with your bare hands. For one, it will take an enormous amount of time as well to know where went what. And, how to pack it.  

For example, an extra false fact if you will, there is a common misconception that wrapping everything in newspaper is the way to go, but it is not. For one thing, the ink can run off the newspaper making a mess! Plus, it is thin. You can use it to wrap around glasses to stop scratches. But, then you have to have a proper box with dividers to keep them from hitting each other. Or wrap them in clothes defeating the purpose of the newspaper.  

Therefore, it is a good idea to opt to hire a packing service. These are professionals who do the process of packing well, and quickly. Furthermore, they have the right packing materials that you need to use. This is to make sure that all your items are transported safely to your new home. Plus, they know how to pack everything in the best way possible at a speed that you cannot reach, certainly so if you have a full-time job, kids, pets, etc. You would be saving your time and nerves by hiring a packing service to get it all together for you.

All Tapes Work for Packing

Couple getting ready to move out with a woman taping up a cardboard box

Tapes are a mainstay when it comes to packing items. However, there are different types of tapes that are used for different types of purposes. For example, masking tape is great to write one for labeling. But, it is not as sticky as duct tape. Masking tape can easily peel off and is not as secure for holding a box of your belongings together. 

When it comes to tape it is important to know which one is the best one to use. You need something that stays on different surfaces such as cardboard for example. Taking the cheap and easy way out can cost you later on when everything gets loose because you used the incorrect adhesive. Not all tapes can work when it comes to packing.

All Boxes Are the Same

Kids playing with toys and their mom while on a bed with crates around them

When it comes to packing materials there are different types. One of these is moving boxes. While cardboard boxes are the standard, there are others that can do the job better. Therefore, it is false to think that all moving boxes are the same. Moving boxes have to be sturdy, and some boxes have to be made out of stronger materials outside of just cardboard.  

This is because moving boxes are packed on top of each other within a moving truck, so they have to be strong to withstand the weight of items that go on top of them. Furthermore, they also come in different sizes and shapes where you can use boxes that are designed to transport paintings for example. 

Therefore, before you start packing make sure that you have all the types and sizes of moving boxes you need to keep your item safe during transit. This is where a moving company or a professional packer can come in; they already have the packing materials as well as know exactly what is for what items.

Moving Timeline is Fixed

Close up of a hand holding a tiny, white alarm clock

Life is often a complex, intertwined journey of pathways. This means that it often does not go according to plan. This applies to the whole moving process at times. Therefore, the moving timelines are indeed not fixed. There is a chance that delays will happen, be it when the new home is cleared for you to move into, to traffic that you or the movers will run into on the way, etc.  

Account for these delays, and as the saying goes: hope for the best, expect the worst. That is why having a carry-on bag with all your important items like clean clothes, toiletries, kids’ toys, bedding, etc. can really come in handy if there is a delay.

Free Quotes And No Hidden Costs with Shyft

Labeling Boxes and Bags is Pointless

A woman tired of moving, makes a break while holding box with the words “living room” on it

This is a very untrue statement. Labeling, and keeping track of what items go into which bag or box can actually save you a lot of time when you unpack. Furthermore, it can also help you keep an account of the items that you have left to pack. Having a packing plan is needed just to make your moving life that much easier.  

What you can do is you can number the bags and items (clearly) as well as which room they go into. Then you record where goes which items on a piece of paper that you keep with you. This can help you make sure that the items that you need right away are the ones to be packed in the moving truck last so that you can get to them first in your new home.  

Putting the room on the bag or box also helps the movers know where to put it. The whole point of labeling is to keep inventory as well as to make unpacking easier, as well as simpler. Plus, in the worst-case scenario, if something goes missing you will know about it.

All Moving Companies are the Same

No company is the same within their industry. A company can offer something a different company cannot. Therefore, the idea that all moving companies are the same is extremely untrue. For one there are different types of movers such as local, international, long-distance, and commercial.  

You would have to do your research to find out which professional movers you should use. Not only are they distance-based, but they also work out their costs in different ways. Furthermore, there are also different levels of experience when it comes to moving companies. This is why Shyft, for example, gives you different moving quotes from different moving companies. They also tell you what these professional movers have to offer.  

Plus, if you go with a commercial moving company through Shyft to relocate your business, since that is what they are for, you can also have access to a Shyft Card to help with relocation funds to be directly transferred to your employees. And, you can keep track of the relocation allowances.

There are Always Hidden Costs

A couple looking at their bills in shock while sitting on the floor discussing them

Budgeting for a move is something that is not taken lightly. Some moves can be expensive. However, that does not mean that you have to run into hidden costs that you only find out about after the bill has been received. There are move organizers like Shyft that make sure all the moving quotes you are sent are fixed, getting rid of the idea of hidden costs.  

People that have used Shyft to help them with their move, managed to save up to $600 on the move. Therefore, this just shows that the idea of hidden costs cannot be true. Plus, other moving companies will tell you exactly what you are paying for as well as the unforeseen costs that may come up if you speak to them upfront before the move happens. These unforeseen costs are not hidden if you know about them beforehand.

You Have to Organize Your Move Alone

A woman looking at paperwork she has to get done in order to relocate to another state

And the last false moving fact on our list, but there are so many more, is that you have to organize your move all by yourself. That is simply not true since there are move organizers such as Shyft which covers it for you. Furthermore, we are on call every day of the week, over the weekend and in the evening whenever you have a concern.  

Plus, there are also family members and friends that you can turn to. They can help you plan your moving process while making sure that you do not overlook something. If you are doing a DIY move, then you can still ask for help such as when renting a moving truck.  

Furthermore, when it comes to inventory and packing you can get the gang together to help with that as well. The point is that you do not have to organize the whole move by yourself. It would be extremely stressful if you did. Not to mention the tons of time it will take.  

When it comes to false facts about moving or anything on the internet in general, you should do additional research to make sure that you can tell what is feeding you misinformation or what is true. As we stated there is a lot of information online, but you would have to know the real information from the fluff. With that happy, safe, and smart moving.  

And, if you need help with it, call us (Shyft) today. We will get on it.