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How The Moving Industry Has Changed With Moving Apps

Monday, March 27, 2023
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The moving industry has certainly changed with the times, thanks to the advantages that technology brings particularly when it comes to mobile apps and softwares. The moving process has been streamlined for customers' experience and satisfaction by moving apps and moving softwares. Let’s see how much the moving world has changed, and how moving apps are beneficial to help you with your moving process.

The History of Moving

 A man and a woman sitting on a sofa surrounded by moving boxes, while they look annoyed and frustrated by the moving process

People that have moved around back in the day can remember how much effort it was to find the right moving company to take on their projects. How it would work is that a person would decide to perform personal relocation be it for work, school or family reasons, and then they would have to find a moving company to take on the task.  

They would have to research, by themselves, every moving company they were interested in. This was to see what they had to offer, how much they charge, and how they work. It is easier with the internet since many moving companies have a website to promote their moving services.  

But, if we go further back, people would have to call the moving companies to find out what they were about. Or they would ask their friends and families for advice on each moving company to work with. The latter still happens nowadays. However, now you can double-check what you have been told with a few presses on the keyboard and do your research online.

When people found the moving company they may be interested in working with, a representative from this company had to come over to the current home. This way they can see what objects you wish to move. This visit will help the mover figure out the cost of the move taking into account the distance, and size of the truck. But, you would usually have to make the inventory list by yourself.  

However, if you as the client are not happy with the moving price then they would have to look for another moving company to come over and start the process over again. What is more, is that the client would have to decide if they were going to pack up their items by themselves or hire the movers to do it for them. This notion has not really changed with the times.  

Now, moving apps have made personal relocations easier, and faster. And, it decreases the number of moving company representatives down to one, making the moving process smooth and rapid.

What Exactly is a Moving App?

The basic draw of a moving app is the convenience that it can bring you. It is an app that you can download on your Android, or iOS device. And, they are easy to use. Certain moving apps can offer you certain features such as ShyftNext which works as a video call and an inventory-creating list to save your time. 

How ShyftNext Works for You

How it works is that you download the app onto your device be it an Android or iOS. In about five seconds you can register to use the app, and your very own Move Coach will get to work as soon as you schedule when you would like to video chat with them. A Shyft Move Coach will not call you before your scheduled time, nor after it.  

It is during this video call that you will meet and see your Move Coach who will be there for you every step of the way regarding your moving process. You can tell them the specific requirement you have. Such as when you will move, where you will move, and who else is moving with you.  

Furthermore, you will use the moving app to go around your home so that your Move Manager can take down your inventory list for you. This means that they will be able to see everything that you want to take with you without stepping foot into your home. This process will take about half an hour, and it is 95% accurate. The whole process, including gathering your moving details will take about an hour. This saves you a lot of time, and nerves since Shyft is onboard to organize your entire move for you.  

A couple sitting outdoors, both looking at the moving app’s options on their phone

Your inventory list will be sent your way within half an hour so that you can check it. Through the moving app, you can add items, take off objects and even leave notes on the items that are important to you. When you are 100% (as in filling in the missing 5%) happy with your list, you send it back to your Move Manager.  

They will take your inventory list, as well as the details of your move (excluding the personal ones) to Shyft’s secure, patented bidding platform. It is where verified, experienced, and hand-picked by Shyft, movers gather to bid on projects. Yours included. 

After the bidding is done, Shyft will send you a couple of moving quotes, where each one is from a different moving company. You will also receive information about all the movers so that you can decide which one to work with. What is more, is that you can let Shyft know if you want a packing service as well simply by clicking on the app. And, this also applies to insurance. All the quotes that you will get are fixed moving quotes.

 A man sitting in a coffee shop at a table with a cup of coffee next to him, while he looks at moving quotes he got

Through the moving app, you can also choose the option to “Move Now, Pay Later” so that you can cover the cost of your move in installments. Plus, Shyft does not charge for their services, since we get paid with the move. And, if you have any questions, or need advice when it comes to moving or packing you can contact your Move Coach through the app 24/7 including the weekends, and evenings.  

Your Move Manager will not only help you with your relocation, but they can also aid you with settling into your new home. This can include finding lifestyle services such as housing, finances, insurance, etc. You can also take a look at the Home and Lifestyle marketplace to see what else we have on offer. The best part is that every item on the marketplace comes with a discount. And, if you order furniture (which you can) it will be delivered directly to your new home. 

ShyftNext as well as the people working at Shyft are the reasons why Shyft is the world’s, and hopefully yours, tech-driven moving platform in organizing the whole moving process for people from start to end and more.

Move Now, Pay Later

What Moving Apps Can Do for You

A man with his mobile in his hand looking out the window while waiting his inventory list from the move manager

As you can see through the ShyftNext app there is a lot that a moving app can do for you. And there are different types that offer different things. Some moving apps can give you an estimate of the relocation process. This is based on the objects to be moved, the new location, the packing charges, as well as the transportation costs. It can also include insurance.  

A moving app can also help you book when you want your moving day to be. It is through the moving apps that you can manage the packing, pickup, loading, traveling, unloading and even unpacking if you so want. Shyft looks after all these aspects so you do not have to worry about it. 

More with Moving Apps

Some moving apps can also offer you the feature of tracking the location of your items as they are in transit. This helps to keep the lines of communication open between you and the mover as well as see what is happening. Well, at least digital. And, if you have a criticism, on the app you can send it through since moving apps are all about making the clients happy by improving what they do.

Benefits of Using Moving Apps

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It is obvious to see how using a moving app can make your moving process so much easier, but there are other benefits to the moving apps that may not be seen on the surface. The idea of a moving app is to make a link between the client and the movers while keeping both sides happy. The clients are happy that they get their move done with peace of mind. While the moving company is happy that they can keep in touch with the client throughout the process. And, that they have a gig as well.

Increased Productivity For Moving Companies

A group of movers at a meeting with each one sitting in front of their open laptops discussing the moving technology

On the moving company side, their productivity can increase since a moving app allows for interaction to be quicker. This can lead to more tasks to be completed as well as more jobs to do, more moves booked and more satisfied customers. Moving apps can help companies increase their profits since they can increase the amount of work they do. And, an easy-to-use interface and also attract more clients to use them, or to use Shyft to get to them. 

Easy for Clients to Compare Costs

Another advantage to using a moving app and moving softwares from the client’s end is that it can provide a way to compare information and costs from different moving companies. Therefore, you would not have to make notes of every company that you come into contact with since it is already all there on the app. This is the case for ShyftNext helping you narrow down your choices to find the mover that suits your needs and budget.  

Simplified Information with Flexible Access

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Since moving apps are an option on your mobile then you have access to them whenever you want or need them. This can also streamline the information about the moving process. As well as make it easy to understand. Furthermore, you can also get into contact with your Move Coach (using ShyftNext) or mover as soon as you want (depending on the app). It can save you a lot of time since everything you need to know is right there on your phone. And, if you need to ask something you can straight away with the minimum waiting time. 

Improving Customer Satisfaction

When using a moving app, you can see how the company works. This can make your moving experience transparent. On the business side, moving apps can help companies attend to questions and concerns from their customers a lot faster. All this leads to an improvement in customer satisfaction which can lead to more work for the company.  

This is because, while there are so many forms of advertising, word-of-mouth is still the most effective one. So if the business does the moving process well with the use of the moving app, then word will spread, and increase their customer base, as well as their profits.  

While there are many moving apps online, we would strongly suggest that you give ShyftNext a chance. To tell you a bit more about Shyft is that our entire process is to help you move, and that is it. Check out Shyft Moving Website for more information and get in touch with us today if you are interested. Either way, good luck with your moving process and let the apps lead the way to a safe, and easier move.

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