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How Talent Relocation Can Improve Your Global Employer Brand

Monday, October 30, 2023
Two businesswomen working together on a project after relocating for a job overseas

Brands are what make businesses function and last a long time. So does maintaining and hiring talent. One of the ways to improve your global employer branding is by focusing on talent relocation. You can also go for global employment, but moving your talent to where you want them to work could be more beneficial in the long run. Here are some of the reasons why talent relocation can improve a business’ global employer branding. However, speak to a financial advisor and a professional before you jump into talent relocation, certainly if it is your first time doing so.

Why Does Employer Brand Matter?

A young man giving a presentation about the importance of branding in front of his co-workers

As a business owner, you are most likely always on the lookout for the best talent out there to help your company grow. However, keeping talent is as important as recruitment. And, new people can decide not to work with you based on your employer's brand. A Employer Brand in short is your business' reputation. This is usually what employees look at when deciding where to go for work. While a salary is handy and job peaks are inviting, if a business does not have a good reputation then people will not stay and some may not even join up at all.

You could say that global employment solutions are linked to having a good global employer brand. This is one of the many reasons that companies are aiming to go global and use global employment organizations to help get them there. Furthermore, employers are also on the lookout for employee relocation services while working out employee relocation packages to grow their company elsewhere.

How Talent Relocation Can Help Improve Your Employer Brand

Group of co-workers going all in with their hands in the middle before the start of a huge project

Reasons why talent relocation can help improve a company's employer brand can be quite wide. The common concept is that a relocation experience is fundamental since having the ability to relocate your employees from place to place can make them a type of ambassador for the business. Plus, giving them a great relocation experience can help them to speak more on the positive side of working for the company. 

A few of the main reasons why talent relocation is important for global employer brand are as follows:

  • The company is more open to the chance of development and growth. Also, it is a benefit to the employees since they will gain new experiences as well as more or different opportunities for growth. And, they will get the chance to work with a more diverse group of people while also expanding their horizons with talent relocation.
  • Diversity can be increased. With talent relocation, the company can help gain more of a diverse workforce. This not only helps the employees but it can also aid in the business when it comes to employees looking for solutions from different angles.
  • Multiple business locations mean that employees can choose where to work. Plus, with remote working people can also work from home.
  • More access to opportunities on both the employees' sides and the employer's.
  • Employees can train and onboard new hires in new office locations. Plus, these employees who have relocated could be up or offered a promotion to do the move.

There are plenty of reasons to perform talent relocations to improve the global employer brand. And, hiring talent relocation services is just the icing on the cake. But, remember, to speak to a professional financial advisor before moving people around.  

Some Advice If You Do Decide on Talent Relocation

A woman stretching in her chair while working long hours at the open space office

When it comes to wanting your employees to move for your business, it would be wise to give them a reason to move. Such as a pay raise, promotion, etc. Also, you would want to sit down with them to discuss their idea on their relocation funds. You would want to account for the travel costs, where they would live till they found a house, moving costs, and how much would it be for their family to move with them right away. You could also help them look into schools for the kids. 

Research on what is needed to get them on board the idea of moving, and how to bring it to their attention. Words of advice are to let them know as soon as possible about you wanting them to be relocated. They would need some time to think about, check with their family, etc. Employee relocation can be hard for some employees, so be prepared if they say "no, thank you."

Going Places With Shyft

A man in the subway train on his way to work, while looking down at his mobile and smiling

Talent relocation can take your business places, and Shyft can physically help with that by organizing your and your employees' moves. Shyft is the world’s first tech moving platform and we offer a few helpful services when it comes to moving people from one location to another.

We offer personal relocation, and since your employee is a person this does work. Your employees (or yourself even) can reach out to us through our secure website by filling out our short form. It is through this that we know where the employee wants to move to, how many family members they are moving with (not the number of employees, just family members or romantic partners), and when. 

This is a personal move so we will tailor their moving experience to only their personal needs and wants. We are bringing up this service because you, as the employer, can suggest it to your employees when they have to start organizing their relocation due to business.

Let’s put you in your employee’s shoes, for now, to show what it would be like working with us. You can learn more about us on our website. Share it with your colleagues and friends. 

Let's get down to business. How we work is that after our form is filled, or likewise you can download our secure Shyft Next app and get in touch with us through there, and we will give you a video call. This is done through the Shyft Next app and it is only performed at the time and day that you say. Therefore, you are saving time since we would have to work around your schedule.

A businessman walking by the river to relax after having a stressful pitch in a new company

During this video call, you will see and meet your real-life Move Coach. They are someone assigned to your moving project from Shyft to aid you. They can explain how we work as well as answer your questions while giving you information. It is also during this call that your Move Coach will create your inventory list. 

This will be done while you give them a virtual tour of your current home. Therefore, you are saving time (again) since you would not have to schedule another appointment. When the meeting is done you can expect your 95% accurate inventory list to be sent to you within half an hour. The meeting and virtual house tour takes about half an hour to an hour depending on the size of your home.  

When you get your inventory list you can take it from 95% to 100% by adding items, removing others, and even leaving notes for your movers to know about. This can all be done through the Shyft Next app. When you have updated your inventory list you send it to us and we will get to work. 

Next Steps On Your Employee Relocation Journey 

An experienced employee over 50 who relocated to a new office location for a job

Shyft will take your moving information (no personal ones) and your 100% inventory list to present it to our safe move board. This is where we will collect three or more moving quotes. Each quote comes from a different moving company. And, all the moving companies are Shyft verified, have experience as well as their paperwork is in order. Depending if you are doing a local or international we can narrow down our search to what type of moving company you need. Also, we will collect information about the different moving companies.

Furthermore, what you see is what you pay. As the moving quotes are fixed and there are no hidden costs. Even if your inventory list were to change, it would not affect your price. We will send you the list of moving companies, their quotes, and what they offer. You decide which is the best moving company for your moving experience and let us know when you do. 

When we do know who you have chosen, we will lock them down. And, we will also be on call with you seven days a week whenever you need your questions answered, moving-related advice, or just to check-in.

A successful hiring process after a business moves to a new office location

Plus, we also have our own secure online marketplace Home & Lifestyle. We have a concierge service to connect utilities and home services after a move that you can check out as well as other products and services. The products on our marketplace range from office goods to furniture. All the physical items will be delivered to your new address. What is more is that there are services from storage units, dog walkers, mortgages, and more. All the items and services come with discounts. Saving you money. 

Now back to the mind of an employer. Shyft can organize your and your individual employees' moves. What is more, is that we also have a corporate relocation service that employers would take interest in. 

It is our Shyft Card which is a secure platform for you to transfer relocation funds directly to your individual employees. You can check how the funds are doing, and top-up if need be. Book a demo to see how it works and learn more. 

Talent relocation can help your global employer brand grow and Shyft can help move you or your employees to new locations physically. Get in touch with us today to learn more and really get to grips with what and how we do what we do. Improve your global employment experience by moving the right people that you already have, to the right places.

Corporate Moves Made Easy With Shyft