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Moving? Here is How to Ask for Moving Help

Friday, September 2, 2022
A man preparing for a move, packing his essentials and taping up a moving cardboard box

Friendship is all about give and take. It is a relationship after all. They give you their time, while you give them your company, and visa-versa. But, what happens when you need a favor from them? A huge one that not many people actually want to do? Such as helping you move out of your current home to a new one? Well, here are the dos and don’ts of asking your friends for moving help.

Do Ask for Moving Help from Family and Friends

Two friends talking to each other about their moving plan and relocation organization

Asking for moving help is not a small feat to do. Moving can require a lot of time as well as even work. Plus, it can be the most cost-effective to use your friends as labor. However, you have to shoot your shot by asking them for moving help. Keep in mind that you are asking them to do you a huge favor that can cut into a lot of their free time. 

When you approach them you can highlight how big a favor you are asking of them. You can also highlight that it can be fun, which it can be, as well as that they can help when they have time to do so. Good friends who have time to help will be able to. And, remember a little bit of help can go a long way. Even if they can only spare an hour of their time, it is worth it for you.

Don’t Forget That Friends and Family Can Say “No”

A woman in pink standing with her arms raised up with an “I tried” expression on her face

Your friends can have a lot on their plate that you may not really know about. Therefore, you can expect that some of them will say “no” to moving help. They may even give a reason for it that you may not believe. However, you should gracefully accept their answer even if the reasoning does not stick with you. 

They could not want to help since they are generally busy, or their free time is rare. Or that they are merely tired over the weekend. Moving help requires focus, packing, heavy lifting, etc. which they may not be able to give you. Do not let their “no” be the death of a friendship.

Let Family and Friends Know in Advance About Your Move

Two friends looking at their schedule while planning their relocation to a new city

If you do find friends that are willing and able to help you with your move, then let them know in advance when you would like their assistance. The night before will not do since they could have plans, and this may put them in an awkward position. Therefore, it would be best to let them know about a week beforehand that you want their help with moving. 

Keep in mind that there can be a possibility that something comes up, and they would have to drop out at the last minute. This can be a rarity, but it is best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. 

Another piece of advice would be to let them have a day to decide if they can actually help you move. Follow-up with them the following day just to make sure that they checked their schedule, and have not double booked themselves. Also, ask how long they can stay to help. They are giving you their free time for work so keep that in mind.

Don’t Expect Help If You Know They Are Busy

Group of people sitting around a table talking and planning a move together

Furthermore, it is important to know who to ask for moving help. People have different schedules and some are busier than others. So, you should ask the friends that you know who have a bit more free time even during the week. But, make sure that you can work around their schedule if they are willing to help you move out.

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Do Ask for Moving Help Over the Weekends

However, one of the ways that you can possibly get around a busy schedule is by booking a weekend where they can come over and help you move or even pack. Most people are busier over the working days than on weekends. Therefore, they are more likely to find some time over the weekend, certainly so if they do not have kids. 

But, remember that the weekend is also their free time so do ask how long they can help for.

Don’t Forget Snacks and Drinks for People Helping You

A group of friends having a BBQ and drinking while celebrating the move to another city

As we have mentioned it is a good idea to make moving help fun for them somehow. And, one of the best ways to do this is by offering snacks, and drinks. Make sure that you have those ready when they arrive. This can include nuts, water, or fruit. However, you can also throw in a few beers or even have a BBQ as a lunch break. This can motivate them to come over and help you move out, as well as clean out the fridge and freezer before the moving day.

Do Be Precise About What You Want

There are several aspects that go into the moving process. Therefore, you should plan according to what you want to be done on what day. Furthermore, you would have to share this plan a week before your friends come over to help you move. 

Certain friends have certain skills that can aid you so it would be best to decide who can do what. If you need help with organization and moving plan, ask the brainy one of the group, if you need help with heavy lifting, ask the strong one, if you need help with packing ask the more logical one, etc.

But, do let them know what your packing and moving plan is so that they can get in the right headspace to do their best in helping you out.

Don’t Be a Boss

Man standing with his hands on his hips mad about something that went wrong with his move

While it is important to have a moving plan and to stick to it, make sure that you do not come across as bossy, or even mean. They know that you are probably stressed due to the move, but do not take it out on people. They are giving you a helping hand out of the friendship you have with them. 

So do not be bossy. You do have to delegate tasks and try to get them to stick to them in a kind way. Also, try to keep in mind that it can be a fun experience while they are helping you move. As well as that they are doing you a massive favor.

Do Be Prepared for Them to Help You

One aspect that can help you and them in the moving process is to be prepared for their arrival. This is not only in terms of the snacks and drinks but also the tasks. If you want them to help you lift boxes, for example, make sure that the boxes are sealed and ready to be moved. 

Or if it is packing make sure that you have everything organized, as well as the packing material that you need, so that they can just use their Tetris skills to make your moving life that much easier. They are coming over to help with certain aspects of moving not to do it all for you. 

Furthermore, you should also ask what they can help you with while keeping in mind that there are certain skills they do not have unless they are professional movers.

Don’t Expect Perfection from People

Three friends sitting on the floor to packing a suitcase for new relocation

There is a good chance that your friends are not professional movers. Therefore, you cannot expect them to be perfect and exactly to your liking. If that is what you want, then you would have to hire professional movers or do it yourself. If you are going to use your friends then keep in mind that they are doing the best that they can. So, keep your mind on the goal of having the moving tasks completed instead of the details of them.

Do Show That You Are Grateful for Help

Woman sitting in front of a computer creating a “Gratitude” design for a postcard

Something that is very important throughout the whole moving process with your friends helping out is to make sure that they know that you are grateful for their time, and energy. They are doing you a grand favor which you should plan to pay them back in some way. However, during the moving process, you can let them know with a simple “thank you.” Or you can take it a step further by taking them out to a meal in a restaurant when the packing or moving is all done. 

Or you can plan to come back to take them out for drinks as a thank you gift as well as being a last hurrah. Furthermore, you can try to get them gifts or even write them a thank you note. A small thing can go a long way to show that you are appreciative of all that they have done for you even if it seems small like packing one box. However, do not only tell them that you are grateful, but also show them so. Actions speak louder than words.

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Don’t Forget to Ask Shyft for Moving Help Too

While you are thinking about asking your friends for their aid in helping you move, you can also check out the Shyft Website to help you organize your moving process. We are a fintech company that specializes in moving organization. Therefore, we will organize all the aspects of the process so that you do not have to. And, it is easy to get in touch with us. Just fill out the form.

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This is done with our secure bidding platform where movers from all over gather to bid on projects they want to take on. It is here that we gather three or more moving quotes to send to you. You have the final say on which one is the best for your situation. Plus, all the quotes are fixed meaning that you do not have to deal with hidden costs.

What is Also Helpful with Shyft

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We have a Shyft Marketplace on our site where you can check out all the items that are on offer. We have mattresses, furniture, you can even find a place to stay in, as well as even a mortgage. Furthermore, all that is on our marketplace comes with a discount. And, if you order an item, this particular one is delivered directly to your new home.  

Plus, if you are in the process of planning to do a corporate move then we can help you as well. Every one of your employees that are in the process of relocation for business will get their very own Move Coach. This means that each person has someone aiding them every step of the way.

And, you, as the employer, can also have access to a Shyft Card. This is a secure platform that allows you to directly transfer relocation funds to your employees. Plus, you can also keep up to date with how the funds are being handled with an easy to navigate table.  

Regardless if you are doing a personal or corporate move, you can contact us every day of the working week as well as over the weekends whenever you have a concern. This also includes in the evenings and nights. We are available for your call 24/7. 

Furthermore, we do not charge you for our services, we get paid with the move. It is through working with Shyft that people have been able to save about $600 on their move. You can be one of them. So contact us today, and ask your friends to help you tomorrow. You will be surprised at what they will say, and how they will make your moving life that much easier. Along with us.