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Best Ways to Find Local Moving Companies

Tuesday, April 25, 2023
A couple hugging and smiling while the man is getting the moving box into a kitchen to unpack it

Moving is about planning regardless of the distance that you have to travel. And, part of your moving planning process should include hiring a local moving company even if it is just an option. While you can save quite a pretty penny by doing it yourself, it can also increase your stress. You would have to do everything yourself including hiring a rental to transport your stuff, packing the delicate, and complex items, etc. These reasons and more are why millions of people often opt to hire local movers since they want their stress levels to be less and the quality (no offense) to be high. Here are the best ways for you to find the local moving company of your daydreams.

Referrals and Moving Estimates

A couple sitting on the floor surrounded by moving boxes as they just moved in ready to unpack the boxes

One of the best ways to find the right local movers for you is by researching online. This can be a simple Google search. However, it is important to read the reviews of the companies that you find. You would want to know the past experiences of other people so that you can know what you could expect.

Another way is by asking around. Ask your friends, family, neighbors, and even co-workers. The more information you get can help you narrow down your choices, and the more opinions you hear and narrow that list down even more. You can also speak to a real estate agent since they are in the relocation business, and they may have a suggestion on which local moving company to investigate.

Furthermore, you would want to not only collect research, and references, but you would also want to collect moving estimates. Certainly, before you start your moving process. This will help you work out what budget you need as well as to see which local moving company gives you what at what cost. It would be best to collect as many free moving estimates as you can from different companies. The advice is to get three moving quotes from three different companies. But, the more the merrier.

When it comes to working with local movers you should be aware of hidden costs. This is for items that they do not account for in the moving estimates, and it can be common for legitimate companies. This can include moving up and down stairs, narrow roads, etc. It is best to speak to them about these hidden costs so that you know what to expect if it gets to it.

Avoid the Moving Scams

A couple taking a selfie in their new home excited about their new life

Local moving scams are a common occurrence that you have to watch out for. There are certain aspects that you have to keep your eye out for so that you do not fall into the scammers’ traps. For one thing, legitimate moving companies do not ask for money upfront. No company does this and if they do, it is best to look elsewhere. Another matter to keep in mind is how the mover acts when you meet them. If you have a feeling that something is off, it would be best to drop them and move on to another company. Plus, moving companies have their own trucks, and do not rent out ones. Furthermore, you can check the physical address of the company. If it is a residential area, then red flags should be going off in your head.

Also, you should check the website of the local moving company that you are looking into. Particularly, at the bottom. It is here that you can see the US DOT number which is issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If the company has this number, it means that they are registered with the department and that it took the necessary steps and did the correct paperwork to become a legitimate moving company. You can also check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if the company you are thinking about hiring is accredited by the BBB.

Furthermore, make sure that the local moving company has insurance. While the trip may not be too long, it is better to be safe than sorry. Anything can happen during travel, so it is best to be prepared.

Get Free Moving Estimates

More Tips on Avoiding Moving Scams

A man sitting outside of his new building next to his bicycle, having a cup of coffee and a moment to chill

Outside of not paying anything upfront when it comes to moving, you would only pay when your items have been delivered to your new home, there are other tips to help you look out for scams. Such as looking into the company that you are curious about. This is where research is really helpful.

If you notice that the company has gone through a recent name change, then you should ask why that is. Companies do not often change their name for branding reasons unless they have been brought out. Furthermore, if the moving company works under other names, then you should report them, and avoid them.

This is because some companies use a variety of names to “hide” from the BBB. Likewise, you should be able to call the company and speak to a real person. Plus, the company should also be able to provide you with details on their licensing, and insurance from the get-go.

A woman sitting at a table planing her move and writing details down on her notebook

Another word of advice is to know the packing costs if you want to use a professional packer. You would want someone who has the correct packing materials as well as know how to pack certain items. You can do this yourself, but getting a professional, if you can afford it, would help you out a lot. If you come across someone who says they are packers and they do not have the right packing materials or they handle your items carelessly, you would want to cut them off right there and then.

Plus, make sure that you read through the contract before you sign it. You would want to have everything in writing. As would the moving company you are working with. This is to keep yourself and them safe if something were to happen. And, if that is the unfortunate case then you can claim when you have the contract to support your claim.

Tips for an Easy Relocation

A couple in the process of unpacking their moving boxes watching their decoration plan on a tablet

Here are some tips on making your local move as easy as it can be. Such as:

  • Starting as soon as you can on finding the right local mover for you
  • Create a packing schedule and do one room at a time leaving the children’s room for last
  • Labeling which boxes and suitcase, etc. goes into each room in your new home
  • Decluttering your current home either through hosting a garage sale or giving items as gifts to family and friends. This will save you money while also putting some back in your pocket
  • Make a detailed inventory list of which items you are taking with you to your new home
  • Packing a travel bag, particularly for the kids
  • Eating all your food before the moving day has arrived
  • Packing up glasses, forks, plates, etc. long beforehand but leaving a set to pack on the day of the move so that you have something to eat with
  • Get your pets used to the idea of moving to a new home. You can do this by taking them to the new home before the moving day so that they can have a feel for the neighborhood. Also, make sure that they have their shots
  • Report to your utility providers to let them know that you will be moving so that they can disconnect you. Also, make sure that your water and electricity are ready for you in your new home on your moving-in day.

Let Shyft Hook You Up with Your Local Moving Company

Two children are hugging their mother in a new home surrounded by moving boxes happy about new place

One way you can find the best local moving companies is by using Shyft to do the searching for you. Shyft is the world’s first tech-driven moving platform and our only goal is to get you safely to your new home while saving you money. This means that Shyft organizes your whole move for you and that means connecting you with the right local moving company to take on your moving gig.

To get in touch just fill out our short form on the easy-to-navigate Shyft Moving website. From there a Move Coach will give you a video call through the free, downloadable mobile app Shyft Next. This call is done at the time that suits your schedule, not before and certainly not after.

It is during this call that a couple of things will happen such as meeting and seeing your Move Coach. A Move Coach is a real-life person who is there for you every step of the way during your moving process to make sure everything runs as it should. Furthermore, it is also during this first video call that your Move Coach will virtually create your inventory list. All this is done through the app which is secure and without the need for your Move Coach to step foot inside your current home.

A woman leaning on her moving boxes after having the local movers getting them into her new home

The average call takes about half an hour depending on the size of your current home. The best part is that within half an hour from the end of your call with your Move Coach you will receive your inventory list. It is 95% accurate and you can make it 100% by adding items, removing items, and even making notes. When you are happy with your inventory list, you send it to your Move Coach.

They take this 100% inventory list, and only your moving details to Shyft’s secure bidding platform. Here is where local moving companies that are vetted by Shyft, have experience in what they do and have all their papers in the correct order. All this is secure so much so that they do not know your personal information since it is not necessary for the bidding. After this bid, the Move Coach will collect moving quotes, three or more, from different moving companies. All the moving quotes will be sent to you with information about the individual companies.

You decide which is the best one for you to work with.

A woman having a cup of coffee enjoying her time in her new apartment

Plus, all the moving quotes are fixed, and there are no hidden costs. This applies even if you change your inventory list. The cost will not change. Likewise, if you want more information, to have your questions answered, or just to check in on the process you can do so seven days a week by contacting Shyft. We are there for you every step of the way as we mentioned.

Another thing that can make your moving process that much easier is by checking out our marketplace at Home and Lifestyle. Here is where you can order furniture, and other items, including services. What is more, is that physical items are delivered directly to your new home. Meaning you save money on transport. And, you also get a discount on every single item you see in the marketplace.

Get your local move on with Shyft to save you money, decrease your stress, and do the boring organizing and researching for you.

A couple playing around with their moving boxes as movers just moved them into their new apartment