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Employee Relocation Guide: Making Friends as an Adult in a Foreign Country

Monday, March 27, 2023
Mid shot of two friends talking and hanging out outdoors after relocating for a job to a new country

Everyone knows that “adulting” is difficult, and one of the aspects that make it so is making friends in a foreign country. However, there are ways that you can meet new people in a new country, some that are even like-minded, all while figuring out your way around a new home.

Back to Your “Roots”- Taking Classes to Meet People

A man mentoring a woman while in a class for adults

Making friends in childhood was a lot easier, as you know. It is due to the fact that you had to go to school with other people of the same age. Even if the schooling is done online it is still the same idea. As an adult living in a foreign country, you can opt to take classes as a way to meet new people. Plus, if you are living in another country the chances are that you would want to learn the native language. And, you can do a “twoer.” 

As in you can go to classes to learn the language, meet new people and make some friends. However, classes are not only limited to language ones. You can attend other classes or workshops that you are interested in to meet like-minded people. And, ones that are even hosted in English. You can do dance, art, acting, writing, etc.  

Or if you are more into sports you can join hiking, running, or cycling clubs. Or even join a casual team to do the sport of your choice. The idea is to get yourself out there and attend as many of these classes, workshops and clubs as you can, have fun and socialize.

You can also join a volunteer effort such as taking shelter dogs for a walk. Or helping to pick up trash from the side of the roads etc. You should use the notion of quantity then quality. As in you should meet as many people as you can before you figure out which of those will become your real friends.

Internet is Your Friend to Make More Friends

Two young women enjoying outdoors while holding white flowers they picked up

A source of knowledge is at your fingertips, and you can use the internet to find the workshops, classes etc. online. However, you can also browse around to find international Facebook groups that often host and organize meetups. This can be quizzes, hikes in summer, or just a gathering for a drink at a pub.  

But, make sure that you go to the events that are in public areas for safety reasons. Furthermore, you can join as many Facebook groups as you like. But, keep your eyes out for people making posts about meeting up. Or for the Facebook group itself to host a gathering.

Make Your Own Posts to Socialize

Two women in sportswear high-fiving while drinking boxed water and smiling after a great workout

Another way that you can use the internet to your advantage is by posting that you would like to meet people. As long as it is in a public place then you would be good to go. Many people offer to have a meetup for a walk in the park or a drink in a pub. Plus, these international groups are rather friendly, welcoming, and inviting since most of the people in the groups are in the same position as you. Or they have been there. So, they understand.  

What is more, you can also use the groups as a way to advertise your skills by hosting a workshop. For example, if you are a dancer you can host a workshop to teach people how to dance. Or you can even start a public book club, or meet up to do some writing. The goal is to put yourself out there and see who will bite. You have more chances of making friends with people with the same hobbies, interests, education or the same expat situation as yours.

Meetup and InterNations for Networking

 Two coworkers in leather jackets leaning against a wall while talking to each other and smiling

There is also Meetup where you can find events to attend and socialize. And, you can choose what type you are looking for such as board games, golf, etc. It all depends on what is happening in the city that you are living in. As well as what other people are organizing through this site.  

Another great resource for networking is InterNations. This is a site where the goal of it is to bring people together such as expats, or foreigners so they can make friends. They host events such as dinners so that you can get a taste of another culture while experiencing the surroundings of your new city and meeting people from their different cultures. 

There are two types of memberships for InterNations. There is the basic one where you do not have to pay for the membership. However, you will have to pay full price to get into the events that are hosted through InterNations. Furthermore, you can use the platform to find like-minded people as well as to message and chat with them. As well as to get advice on the forums that the site hosts.

You can also opt to become an Albatross Member. Here you would have to pay, and the benefits are that you will pay less or maybe not at all (depending on the event itself) to get inside a gathering. Plus, you can join specific groups, and even host your own events. And, there is a free trial to see if this is for you. Or how often you would go to the gatherings that InterNations hosts.

Effortless Long Distance Move

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

A close up of hands covered in different colors of paint while painting and drawing at a piece of paper

A good word of advice would be to get out of your comfort zones and do something you may have never done before. This means taking new classes, trying new things, and having new experiences. 

If you do not like the activity, you can stop and try something new. However, the main purpose of stepping out of your comfort zone is to meet new people. Therefore, if you like the group but are not a big fan of the activity why not stay in it but take it easy. You can use the time to get to know the members better.

Co-Working Spaces and Office Work

 People working in a coworking space, with two men sitting on separate sofas talking to each other

If you are moving to a new country, there is a probability that you are going there for work or family. Or because you just want to, obviously. But, let’s say it is for work. And, you are a freelancing digital nomad.  

This can mean that you can work anywhere such as in coffee shops, or co-working spaces. You should research the latter, to see what there is, as well as how much it is. You can use these places to work in, obviously, but also to get out of the house and meet like-minded people. Some of the places may even host workshops, networking events, or meetups.  

Therefore, you would have a chance to meet people, make friends. Or you can try to have a little chat while you are using the co-work space for its intended purpose. However, keep in mind that people are there to work so choose your timing wisely.

If you have an office job, then congratulations. And, you can also use this as a chance to get to know your co-workers, socialize and make friends. Since you are working in the same place you would already have something in common. If you can have lunch with them, or join them on their smoke break even if you do not smoke. Additionally, if there is a get-together after-work drinks you should join them even if you are tired. There are also team buildings and other activities where you can get to know your colleagues better. 

However, you do not have to drink alcohol at these events. It would be best not to since you would like to make a good impression. But, you know yourself better than an internet writer.  

Overall the more you put yourself out there, the more likely you are to meet more people. Remember quantity first to find quality. Plus, if it is a gathering in a pub or after-work drinks, it does not mean you have to drink. Much like a smoke break is not only for smoking. You are no longer in high school so you do not have to “act like the cool kids to fit in.” Just relax and let the conversation flow between you and the new people you meet. A stranger can be a friend you just have not yet met. 

But, do keep your wits about you even in a public space, or gathering.

Moving Help with Shyft

 A man sitting on the steps with his luggage next to him while he waits for his transport to arrive

Making friends as an adult is not as easy, certainly in a new place. However, what is easier is getting help moving to your new home. This is where the world's first tech-driven moving platform can help you reach your new destination. We are a moving organizing platform that does all the heavy lifting of the moving process for you. Metaphorically, and we find people to do it physically for you.  

We will work with people making their first move, to those with a lot more experience moving from place to place. The point is to make the moving process a lot easier on you, while also saving you money. People that have used our service in the past have saved up to $600 on their move.  

All you need to do is to contact us through our Shyft Moving website. From there, a Move Coach will give you a video call using the ShyftNext app which you can download on your phone for free. This initial call will be at a time you say and not randomly when you are unavailable.

During the Call with Move Coach and More

Your new Move Coach will answer your questions, guide you through our process as well as take down your inventory list. This list will be 95% accurate.  

When the call is done, the list is sent to you so that you can check it and make it 100% accurate. Then when we have your list, along with your moving details (no personal information necessary) we will present your gig to our secure bidding platform. It is where we gather moving quotes from different moving companies. But, all the companies have aspects in common is that they are all verified, and experienced.  

The moving quotes are sent to you along with information about the companies. You decide which one to work with. What is more, is that all the moving quotes are guaranteed. And, if you have any questions you can contact us any time of the day or night, even over the weekends. We will be on call to your 24/7 to give advice, as well as to offer you peace of mind.  

So contact Shyft today to get your moving process going. And, in the meantime, you can check out our secure marketplace under Home & Lifestyle to buy new items. These will be delivered directly to your new home if you are moving somewhere in the States. Or you can use the services that are on offer on our marketplace. Every item on it comes with a discount.  

And, you can also check out which groups to join or events to attend in your new home. Remember to stay safe, as well as to try new things. Also, give it time. Plus, lots of people are in the same boat as you looking for friends, certainly after quarantine.

A group of dancers doing a workshop around a man with the hoodie on that say “just do it” standing in the center