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How to Move Internationally Stress-Free

Monday, November 13, 2023
A family moving internationally with their kid and a pet, moving into their new house

Stressing and moving can seem to be one and the same for a lot of people, certainly, those making their first international move. However, it shouldn't be stressful if you follow our guide. There are many ways that you can have a stress-free or at least stress-less move internationally. Start with getting your international move checklist ready and planning your international relocation now.

How to Move Internationally

Three friends looking at a map on the wall while one of them points out where they will move to

Local moves and international moves have the bases of planning and organization. Therefore, if you want to make an international move you should start planning it as soon as you make the decision to go through with it. Doing this right away will decrease the amount of stress during international move. You would want to make a clear timetable for the lead-up to your moving day. 

First, decide when your moving day is and work backward. Leave enough time to get everything sorted out as well as if something were to go wrong. It is better to prepare for the worst and expect the best by allowing some time in case you have to make another plan or you need time to fix an issue. 

Not only would you want to plan out your packing schedule (going from least used items, for example, seasonal clothes, to the more used ones such as chargers etc.) but you would also want to plan out what will go into your hand luggage and what will go into your handheld. A word of advice would be to keep your important documents in your handheld luggage such as your backpack or purses.

Research and Prepare for Your New Home

A young woman researching what she needs for her international move

Another good idea is to research the place that you are moving to. To learn about the cost of living, rent, lifestyle, and even try to learn the language as well as the customs and traditions of the country.  

Then you can research which moving company would be the best one to go with for an international move. Make sure that they are legitimate ones that specialize in international moves, and not out to scam you. You can look at international relocation services that can aid you in the packing process and help your thought customs as well as an international relocation company to make sure your items get to your overseas home in one piece.

Get Started On Your Paperwork

A man holding up his passport in one hand as he’s ready for his international relocation

Not only do you have to plan out your timeline, research your new home, and find an international moving company but you would also need to start getting your paperwork in order. This would mean making sure your passport is valid, applying for visas, making sure you know where all your documents are, and getting them together. The latter should include:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Valid Driver’s license (which you can trade in for the country’s driver’s license)
  • Medical records (including vaccinations and you would have to research which ones you need since every country requires different vaccinations)
  • Education records (for your children, and proof of your education for yourself)
  • Financial documents such as tax records, bank statements, proof of income, etc.
  • Legal documents
  • Social security card, national ID card
  • Documents related to your properties owned (if you do not plan to sell them)
  • Moving documents which can include your moving contract, inventory list as well as packing list 
  • Proof of employment if you are moving there for work purposes
  • Proof of education acceptance if you are moving to get a higher education
  • Airplane tickets and boarding passes

Whatever you think is important, make sure that you have it on your body, certainly, when you board the plan.

How Much Does It Cost to Move Internationally?

A group of people meeting up for a cup of coffee after moving overseas

This question is a tricky one since the cost of moving internationally can depend on when you move and how much you are moving. If you travel during peak season, then the cost of airfare is a lot higher. If you are traveling off-peak, then you could save yourself a lot of money. Also, what you are moving with influences the cost of your moving company. Moving companies charge by weight when it comes to international moves. Therefore, you would want to have a deep conversation with your mover to make sure that you understand how they are charging you. 

Furthermore, you would want to have this in writing.  

Another good idea would be to make a budget of how much you can spend on your move. As well as when you get to your new home. 

Short International Move Checklist

A grandmother moving internationally to live near her grandchildren

Here is a short international move checklist to help you keep on top of things:

  • Apply for a job (if you have not already got one)
  • Figure out your moving date
  • Apply for a visa (this also includes your pets)
  • Research how to move your pets
  • Research the country and city you are moving to
  • Create a moving budget
  • Find an international moving company
  • Make sure your paperwork is valid and in order
  • Start packing from least used items to most used items
  • Research ways to meet new people
  • Plan how to say goodbye to friends and family

It is important to start the international moving process as soon as you can. This is the only way that you can decrease your stress and keep on top of everything. If you break it down, then it is not a lot when you focus on what to do day to day. Get the important aspects such as visas, and paperwork done first. 

Furthermore, you can seek advice from people who have made an international move to learn what they did and how they handled it. You can also learn what to avoid from their mistakes. Also, reach out to a professional when it comes to the paperwork to make sure that you have everything in order. 

In short, plan and research how to reduce your stress when it comes to your international move. The sooner you start planning and researching the better it will be. Keep to your timeline but allow yourself room to rest. As well as in case something was to pop up that may mess with your moving process timeline.  

Break it down into months at the beginning, then days when it gets closer to your moving date. Keep lists so check in with them regularly to make sure that you do not forget something. Be it a step or an item.  

Getting Places with Shyft’s Help

A group of colleagues taking a selfie after moving internationally for their studies

As you know, planning your international moving experience can be done by yourself, but this can lead to stress as well as be quite time-consuming. However, there is another way and that is by working with the world’s first tech moving platform, Shyft. We will help make your international move less stressful by organizing it for you. To learn more about what we do, how we do it, and what else we can offer you check out our website. It is also here that you can get in contact with us by filling out our short, secure, form. 

We will give you a call through our free, and safe mobile app Shyft Next. This app works on Android as well as iOS devices. Likewise, you can download the app and contact us through it. We will give you a video call only at the time that you say. Therefore, you are already saving time since you can plan your day accordingly and just slot us in. We will work around your schedule.  

During this call, you will see and meet your real-life Move Coach who will guide you through our process. You can also ask them move-related questions if you want to. The main point of this call is that your Move Coach will create your inventory list right there and then. Therefore, you will not have to schedule another appointment. The inventory list will be done through the app where all you have to do is give a virtual tour of your current home. On average this meeting, including the virtual tour, takes about half an hour to an hour depending on the size of your home. And, within half an hour from the end of this video chat, you will receive your inventory list. 

The Inventory List and More

A man and a woman laughing while taking a walk outdoors to get to know the new city they moved to

When you get your inventory list you may notice that it is already 95% accurate, which it is. You can make it 100% by adding items that were mistakenly overlooked, removing things you have changed your mind about, and even leaving notes that you deem important for your movers to know about. When you are finished you send this 100% accurate list to your Move Coach. All the changes to the list can be made with the Shyft Next app. 

When we get your inventory list we will present it and only your moving information (no personal details) to our secure moving board. This is where we will collect three or more moving quotes. Each quote is from a different moving company. Furthermore, the price that you will see is what you will pay. The quotes are guaranteed with no hidden costs. Even if your inventory list were to change the price would remain the same.   

Each moving company has been verified by Shyft, and they all have experience. Since you are looking to do an international move, we will make sure that we aim for the moving companies that specialize in that. This can be helpful when it comes to needing aid for customs. You will get the moving quotes as well as information about the moving company's services. You can compare them through the Shyft Next app and let us know your choice. When we get this information we will lock them down for you right there and then.

Online Marketplace and Corporate Relocation

While we are in the process of organizing your move, you can check out our safe online marketplace: Home & Lifestyle. This is a great place if you are in the market for not only new physical items such as mattresses, office supplies, and more but also for services. Just a note to make is that all the physical items will be delivered to your new location in the USA.  

As for the services, there is a range of things from storage, temporary living, mortgages, and more. Everything on our marketplace, from physical items and services, comes with a discount. So shop around and find what you need or what you like. 

And, if you are an employer looking to move these employees to a new location then we have a service just for you. Our Shyft Card is a safe platform where you can directly transfer relocation funds to your employees. You can also see how the funds are going. Plus, you can even top-up if need be. This is a great way to keep on top of everything, especially during international corporate relocation. Book a demo today to learn more as well as to get started.  

Two men looking and laughing while having a conversation with each other after meeting in the new city

Regardless if you are moving for corporate or personal reasons, Shyft is there for you. So much so, that we are on call to you seven days a week. Therefore, if you want to check in, need move-related advice, or want your questions answered you can just reach out to us. We are waiting for your call.  

The international moving experience does not have to be a stressful one if it is your first time moving abroad. With Shyft we aim to make your international move run as smoothly as possible all while saving you money. And, you will also save time since we are organizing your move for you. Reach out to us today to learn more as well as to get started. When it comes to international moves it is best to start as soon as possible and with Shyft we will aim to make it a lot less stressful. We await your form.  

While preparing for your international move remember to keep your head up and to enjoy the experience of moving. It would be worthwhile to look forward to the new adventure that awaits you in your new international home. But start planning and researching now. 

Move Internationally Stress-Free With Shyft