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How to Move Internationally Successfully - Our Top 5 Tips

Monday, August 21, 2023
Close up of two young friends smiling while taking a photo at the beach after moving internationally

An international move can be seen as a pre-adventure prior to your new adventure in a different country. There is the organization of international relocation, packing, getting through customs, and more. While this may sound boring, the outcome is outweighed by the destination to the end goal. And, here we have collected our top 5 tips to help you make your international move a successful one.

1. Start the Prep for International Move Now

A woman in sunglasses taking a selfie after her international move to Paris

International moves are slightly different from local ones in that there are a few extra steps to add to the international move checklist. This can include researching and applying for a visa and knowing which one would suit your situation the best. Looking into international relocation services such as transportation of vehicles or/ as well as international pet relocation services.  

And, while we are on the subject of pets, making sure that they got their shots. You may even have to make sure that you got your shots. Basically, you would have to research what is needed to enter into the new country. Plus, you would want to start the international moving process planning as soon as possible. Pick a moving date to your new home in the new country and work backward. This also included the travel time to get to the new place. Also, figure out your packing process and what you are willing to move over. Sometimes it can be better to buy new stuff at the new location such as furniture. Sometimes not.  

The whole point of prepping is to organize your relocation as well as research what you need. From visas to packing what and when, as well as what new items you would like to buy after you move in.

Three happy co-workers taking a selfie after their successful international corporate move

Also, you would have to plan what you will do when you arrive in your new home country in terms of paperwork. Such as:

  • Registering at the embassy
  • Converting your driver’s license
  • Setting up your utilities
  • Figuring out the public transportation system (if there is one)
  • Buying a car (if you need one)
  • Getting the lay of the new land
  • Exchanging currency (and getting a better price for it)
  • Opening a bank account
  • Applying for medical aid (private ones, most likely, if you are a foreigner)
  • Buying items that you could not move from your current home to the new one
  • Applying for your new ID card (if you have the passport for the country you are moving to)
  • Speak to your kids about the move
  • Get your pets ready for the move
  • Find the right school for your kids to attend
  • And more 

This is why researching the country when it comes to foreigners or even expats is important since it can help you with your to-do list. It is also wise to reach out to a professional when it comes to all the paperwork so that you have the right information. You can also ask for advice from people that have already made the move before you.

2. Search for a New International Home Straight Away

A couple standing up while both are looking at papers about their new international home

Another important aspect of moving to a new country is to know where you will live. If you are doing an international corporate move, then you would want to make sure that your company can give you temporary housing until you find your forever home. If you are doing a personal international move, then you may want to make a plan to check out the new country and area before you make the final move to it. This would be the best time to go home hunting and try to lock down something in advance. And, make sure that the new home is pet friendly since this can depend on the rules, as well as the landlord.  

If it is not possible for you to visit, then you can use the internet to search for homes. You can also book a temporary place while your main home gets into order. Either way, you would want to add this to the top of your international move checklist. Even if you make small international moves (not crossing the seas, for example) you would still need a place to live in. 

3. Get All Your Papers in Order for Your International Relocation

A mother of two daughters making breakfast in the kitchen for them

Paperwork is the name of the game when it comes to international relocation. You would want to make sure everything is up-to-date, verified, and in order. Check that your passport is current and that your driver’s license has been renewed. Even if you are going to hand it in to get the new county one, it would be wise to have it updated. Check that your kids have their passports in order. And, your pets also need to have passports. 

Also, make sure your visa is ready as well as that you got it. And, if you are job hunting, make sure your CV is current. While on this subject you can also apply for jobs in your new country before you make the move. The beauty of the internet is at your fingertips. 

Make sure that your important paperwork: passport, visas, CV, birth certificates, etc. are on you during your trip and until you find a good spot for them in your new home. But, best to only keep your passport on you when you go out just in case.

4. Make a Plan on How to Meet New People After International Move

A group of people meeting up to have a meal and a drink at an international gathering

Something else to add to your international move checklist is how to meet new people. As a kid, this can be a bit easier since they are at school. As an adult with a job you will meet your colleagues and can hope for friendship. But it is a good idea to expand your friend pool. The more people you meet the more friends you could find.  

You can meet new people by joining courses such as art classes, acting classes, or whatever you are interested in. Likewise, you can join language learning classes if you are moving to a country where the primary language is not English. You would have to take the lessons anyway so why not meet people in the same boat as you in the meantime.  

Social media can also be a great place to meet new people such as joining Facebook groups or even searching on Reddit. Use the internet to help get yourself out there. But, remember to stay safe and only meet people in public areas.

5. After International Corporate Move - Get to Grips with the Culture

Co-workers taking a group selfie in the office after international corporate relocation

Regardless of if you are making a small international move or a huge one, culture varies from country to country. The best way to get to grips with the new lifestyle and culture of the place is by living in it and exploring the area. You can ask questions about it as well as observe what other people are doing. For example, in Japan eating loudly is a sign that the meal is good and it is, therefore, respectful to slurp. In Serbia, you can take your shoes off when you enter someone’s home (although ask first since some people do not mind). And these are just a few examples.  

And office cultures are also different. Some places are more relaxed than others. You can ask your new job what is the dress code for the place as well as how it is in the office. However, what they answer may not be accurate, certainly when it comes to the latter, so it would be best to keep your mind open and prepare to adapt. Also, wear suitable office attire and then see what others are wearing to get a sense of what to do in the future.

Add Shyft to Your International Move Checklist

An international group of roommates posing for a photo with their arms up after moving overseas

If you are planning to do an international move regardless of its size, then we would strongly recommend that you reach out to Shyft. Shyft is the world’s first tech-driven moving platform that will organize your whole move for you. From large to small international moves we have the means to make it as smooth as possible. While also saving you money. And, we can also aid you when it comes to international corporate relocation as one of our services. To find out more check out our site. It is also here that you can get in touch with us on the opening web page. 

When you reach out to us, you would have to download the easy and free-to-use mobile app, Shyft Next. This app is available for Android as well as iOS. It is also through this app that you can contact us. Regardless of your methods of contacting, we will have your Move Coach call you at the time that you specify. Therefore, you do not have to wait around for our call since you know exactly when it will be. We will work around your schedule.  

This call is a video chat that is done through the Shyft Next app. You will get to see and meet your real-life Move Coach who will guide you through the Shyft moving process. And, they will also create your international move inventory list during this initial video chat. You just have to give them a virtual tour of your current home, and we will do the rest. Depending on the size of your home, this meeting can be from half an hour to an hour. Within half an hour from the end of this call, you will get sent your inventory list.

The list is already 95% accurate. However, you can make it 100% accurate with the Shyft Next app. You can remove items that you have changed your mind on, add items that were accidentally overlooked, and even leave notes. When you are happy with the outcome, you send it to your Move Coach. The Shyft Next app is safe and secure so you have nothing to worry about.

Finding International Relocation Companies

An Asian American couple posing together while hugging after their successful move overseas

Your Move Coach will take this inventory list as well as only your moving details to use to source for international move quotes. This is done with Shyft’s secure moving board. It is a secure platform where we gather three or more international move quotes and each quote comes from a different moving company. We will focus on finding you international moving companies only, obviously. All the moving quotes are guaranteed, and they do not change even if your inventory list were to.  

What is more, is that Shyft makes sure that our moving board is only populated with Shyft-vetted, experienced, paper-work up-to-date moving companies. When we have collected the international move quotes we will send them your way. As well as give you information about the international relocation companies. We will give you everything you need to know to make an informed decision on which is the best moving company to work with. This is applied to all moving projects regardless of if they are small international moves or personal or international corporate relocations.

You can even compare the services, and prices on the Shyft Next app. When you have decided which international mover to work with you let us know, and we will lock them down for you. Plus, since you are working with an international moving company then you could have some help when it comes to getting through or dealing with customs.  

If you are planning to do an international corporate relocation, as mentioned before, we can aid you with that as well. We can offer you our Shyft Card which is a secure platform where you can directly send your relocation funds to your employees that are making the corporate move. It is also through the card that you can keep track of how the funds are going and if you need to send more.  

Book a demo today to learn more about our corporate relocation services.   

And, when you work with Shyft, we will be on call with you seven days a week. Therefore, if you want to check in on how the Shyft moving process is going you can. Likewise, if you need advice or answers to moving-related questions you can reach out to us.  

Reach out to us today either through our app or site, and get your international moving process with Shyft started. We will decrease your moving stress by taking on the organization of your entire move. And, as a bonus, you will save money by letting us help you.

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