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How to Move to The US from Canada

Monday, March 27, 2023
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Canada and the US are neighbors although they offer completely different aspects of life. There are some overlaps such as the language, but like moving to any new country, even one on the same continent, it will take some time to get used to it. However, moving is more than just a drive away, so here is all you need to know about moving to the USA from Canada.

Short Trips to USA from Canada

A woman enjoying her walk and taking a photo in a snowy park in Toronto, Canada

If a Canadian would like to get a feel for the US before they make the big move, they can do so without the need for any type of US visa. This is due to special regulations that exist between the US and Canada, which makes short visits to the USA easier. However, if they do decide to make the move to the US, then they have to get started on the paperwork for the correct visa. This is known as a “B” visa. However, there are few other types of American visas that they can apply for, and if they’re moving for work, their company will take care of the process. 

The great thing about being in such close proximity to the new country is the ability to get a feel for a new neighborhood, without overly expensive travel.

Requirements to Move to The US from Canada

A woman leaning out a red beetle in the countryside daydreaming about her move to the US

People move to a new country for many reasons such as job opportunities, education, and family. If a Canadian plans to leave their snowy country to make the move to the United States, then they have to apply for a long-term visa. However, if they are moving due to work purposes then they have to have a sponsorship from their US employer. From there they can apply for one of the following work visas in USA

The EB1 category of US visas is for employees who have gained extraordinary skills in terms of their job. This can be in the business, education, athletic, science, and arts industry. As well as PhD holders, professors, and researchers can also apply for an EB1 visa. 

Another category of US visas that people can apply for if their skills are not up to the above standard is an EB2 visa. This is for people who have an advanced degree in arts, business, or science fields. And, the last US work visa category is EB3 which is for skilled workers or those who have a graduate or bachelor's degree.

Furthermore, if you are a Canadian that is planning to make the move to the US for marriage when you would have to apply for a K visa if you wish to marry a US citizen. There is also a spouse visa for family reunification reasons if you are already married.

What Do You Need to Move to the US from Canada?

Couple looking at forms they have to fill out for visa application for US

In order to apply for an E visa in US, you would have to make sure that the following documents are prepared by the US-based company: 

An ETA-750 form which is filled out by the employer in the US company that you are working for. This is done with the US Department of Labor. There is also the I-140 form with the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Services). 

On your end, you would have to fill out the I-485 form. This is to be submitted when you enter the US. However, you can be issued a Green Card where the validity is a decade. After this, you can either renew your permanent residence status or you can opt to apply for citizenship in the United States.

Smooth Moving to USA with Shyft

Moving to US Due to Marriage Reasons

Couple sitting at a table while filling out forms and administration after getting married in US

Two types of US visas fall into this group and that is either Immediate Relative or Family Preference. The first type is for close family members with US citizenship. This can be one of the following categories: 

  • Spouse (IR-1)
  • Under 21 years old child who is not married (IR-2) 
  • Orphan adopted abroad (IR-3)
  • To be adopted orphan (IR-4) 
  • Parent of a child who is 21 years old or over with a US citizenship (IR-5) 

And, regarding Family Preference this is more for distant family members. You can say that Immediate Family members are direct children/ parents and spouses, while Family Preferences are everyone else within the extended family as the names apply.

Steps for Visa Application for USA

Two friends sitting, clicking their mugs together after successfully completing requirements to move to the USA

When it comes to applying for a family type of US visa you would have to follow the following steps. However, the first step is not even done by you, but by a US Lawful Permanent Resident who is in your family, aka your sponsor. They are the ones that start the process by mailing a visa petition form known as I-130 as well as supplying supporting documents to the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services). They would have to prove that you are a member of their family. 

From there the USCIS has to make a decision on whether or not the request is to be approved. If it is then it is forward to the National Visa Center for more processing. However, there is a possibility that it can be rejected. Therefore, the family member could try again once they know what changes need to be made to increase the chance of acceptance.

If the application goes through then you have to wait for a visa to be available. When it is then you can apply for it. However, if you fall under the Family Preference group then you may have to wait up to a year to find out if a visa is available. This is because immediate family members are eligible for permanent residency while preferences are not. Furthermore, there are a limited number of annual Green Cards. 

However, when a visa does open up, you can apply for it. You do this by submitting an application for an immigrant visa at a US consulate outside of the States. When you are in the States you can begin the process of applying for a Green Card. During what is known as the “consular processing” you would have to fill out a lot of forms, provide legal documents as well as take part in a medical exam.

The Lottery Visa in US

Three people standing together cheering at a win

Another way to legally get into the US from Canada for a long time is by winning the visa lottery. This is an immigration program that happens every year when about 50 000 applicants can end up getting a Green Card. Granted that they meet certain criteria. 

Canadians can apply for the lottery visa if they have completed at least 12 years of elementary as well as secondary school. Or if they have at least two years of experience in a certain position. If you win the US visa lottery, then you would get a Green Card. With it, you can move to the States with a spouse and children under the age of 21 years old. Applications for the US visa lottery can be filled between the 5th of October and the 4th of December yearly.

Reasons to Move from Canada to USA

Man holding up the US flag behind him while cheering, happy about moving to US

While marriage and work opportunities are the main driving factors when it comes to immigration across the borderline, there can be other reasons to move to the US. For one, the sense of adventure, and trying your luck in the land of the brave. 

Moving to another country is often like moving to a different world. While there are bleeds between Canada and the US, such as the language, there are a lot of differences. Culture, art, economy, health care, etc. are all different allowing for one to explore what this world has to offer. As well as make your way in it. Plus, the weather is warmer in the States.

Move to The US with Shyft

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There are many ways that you can plan your immigration into the US. One of the easiest, and most stress free ways is to let Shyft organize the move. Shyft is the world-first tech driven moving marketplace with a high tech, high touch experience. Getting started with Shyft is easy, simply check out the Shyft website where you just have to fill in a short form. 

And, then your Move Coach will contact you at a time that you mention. This is a video call done through ShyftNext. It is a mobile app that is free. It is during this call that you meet your Move Coach, who, as the name suggests, will assist you throughout the whole moving process. Furthermore, it is also during this call that they will take down and create your inventory list. When the call is over, this very list is sent to you within half an hour. 

You get to check it and send it back when you are happy with everything. Once we have all your moving details as well as your list we present it to our secure bidding platform. This is where experienced, verified, moving companies bid on projects. We gather three or more quotes that we sent your way. All the quotes are guaranteed, and you can decide which company to move with. The professional movers could also aid you when it comes to customs, etc.

Moving for Work? We got you covered

 Co-workers looking at a laptop together while discussing their corporate relocation to US

While the idea of immigrating to the US for work purposes is one that we have already spoken about, there is another aspect. Moving your company to the US. If you are thinking about doing so, then we would highly suggest that you contact Shyft to aid you and your employees in this process. 

Every employee will get their own Move Coach to help keep them on track with the move. Plus, you, as the employer, will be able to access a Shyft Card. It is a secure platform where you can manage your employees’ relocation funds. It lets you transfer these funds directly to them. As well as be able to see how everything is going regarding the allowances. 

The table is easy to use, and you will be able to keep up-to-date with everything regarding the money for corporate relocation. If you or your employees have any questions at any time of the day, at night or even over the weekend, you can contact us. We are on call 24/7 and this is not only limited to people making a corporate move. It is for everyone that uses other services.

What is more, is that people that have used Shyft in the past were able to save about $600 on their moves. Plus, we also have an awesome Home and Lifestyle Marketplace tab on the site. It is here that you can buy many types of items such as furniture for your new home or office space. As well as services such as storage, mortgages, etc. 

All the items in the marketplace come with a discount. If you decide to buy a physical item, then this will be delivered directly to your new home in the US. This will save you money, time, as well as effort since you would not have to pack the new item for transit between Canada and the US. 

Therefore, let Shyft aid you with the transition from Canada to the US. We do the organizing so that your moving experience can flow well while reducing your stress. Enjoy the air of the US with Shyft helping to guide you to your new home in the land of the brave.