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How to Move to US from UK

Monday, March 27, 2023
Light shining through an American flag

When moving to a new country, there is a lot to consider. One of the main concerns is the language barrier. However, luckily many countries have English as their primary language. Such as Australia, UK, South Africa, etc. and the topic for this article is the USA. Here is how you can prepare for your move from the UK to the US, with less stress.

Research And Learn About the US

A woman doing a research on moving to the US from UK on a laptop in a library

Even though there are a few similarities between the US and UK, there are a lot of differences that you should be aware of before you move. While the language is English, there are different variants of it used around the world. Not to mention the spelling of certain words. Like “humour” (UK) and “humor” (US) or “colour” (UK) and “color” (US). 

Basically, it would seem that US English does not use the letter “U” as often when compared to the UK. Plus, there is also slang which is different depending on where in the US you will be living.  

Furthermore, there is a different transportation system in the US and UK, different types of housing, and just a general way of life. We are mentioning these just so you can be aware of them when moving from the UK to the US. As to not be surprised when you experience a culture shock even though you can read the street signs. Learning the differences as well as getting used to them is just a matter of time. But, it would not hurt to be aware of them going in.  

One aspect of research that is very important is traveling advice when it comes to natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. As well as staying updated with the Covid-19 situation where the regulation can change week to week. And, it also depends on the state you live in. As well as if you need to get vaccinated for the virus, while also being negative. Plus, there are other vaccines that you also should have to enter the US.

The United States comes across much more like a collection of countries that have their own laws and rules. So it would be wise to look up what they are before you move to a particular US state. Some areas have weird ones that you may have never known about.

Requirements to Move to The US- US Visas

A woman leaning on a suitcase, smiling while holding up a passport with american visa, ready to move to the US

Let’s say that you now have a better understanding of what to expect when you move to the US when it comes to culture, language, way of life etc. now comes the question of: “How to move from the UK to the US?” 

Well, the most important aspect of an international relocation is to make sure that you apply and get the right visa. It is best to start the application process as soon as you decide to make the move across the sea. This is due to the fact that the process can take up to a year to be fully processed as well as for you to get accepted. There are several types of US visas that you can apply for. 

A sponsored employment visa in the US. This is when you want to work in the US, and a US-based company applies on your behalf for the visa. However, it will obviously require you to get a job acceptance first.

However, there is also a working US visa for those that have not yet found a job in the States. You would need to fit into a very specific criterion. This is because you would not have the backing of a company to sponsor you. You are more likely to be eligible if you have a Master's or a PhD. As well as having worked in your field for five years, at the least. It is a way to “prove” your value to the working community of the US.  

Another visa that you can apply for is the family US visa. This means that you have a member of your family that is a US citizen. Therefore, you can apply for this one with their support. It would be better if they are one of your parents or you are marrying someone who is a US citizen. These latter two points can make the process go quicker.

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How to Get a Green Card in US

A badge with the word “home” written on it with an American flag under it

You are probably wondering “what is a Green Card then?” While the american visas mentioned above can get you into the US, however, they are for a certain amount of time. After they expire you would have to apply for them again or opt to get a Green Card in the US. 

With a Green Card, you are not considered an immigrant as it allows you to be a permanent resident of the State. A US Green Card is different from american visa in that it does not expire. But, it can be taken away if you break its terms and conditions. 

One of the ways to lose it is by living outside of the US for 12 months, another way is by using fraud or willful misinterpretation to gain a Green Card. Furthermore, being convicted of a crime is also a way to lose it. It is best to check up on the terms and conditions just so the Green Card is not taken away from you after you have received it.

American Healthcare

 Doctor in US hospital showing a diagram to a young girl with her mom

The US is not part of the commonwealth which means that it does not have reciprocal healthcare agreements. Therefore, there is no publicly funded healthcare insurance in the US, meaning that it is all private. This means that you should sort out your US-based healthcare as soon as you can.  

However, if you are employed by a US company then the employer pays the healthcare as part of the job package. You should accept this if it is the case. If not, then you would need to negotiate to have it included in your work package. Furthermore, you should research American healthcare insurance companies to see what you can do about it.

Finding a Job in US

A man sitting in front of a PC in his office and talking to his co-worker about corporate move to the US

Job opportunities in the US can be a major reason for people to move across the sea waters of the world. The United States is known for having tons of job opportunities, as well as internships across the land. But, it may be a bit difficult if you do not yet have a Green Card or American visa. It would be fair to say that a sponsorship visa would be a popular choice with the family visa following close behind. Keep in mind that difficult does not mean impossible.  

There are a lot of different types of industries in America with consumer goods, motor vehicles, aerospace, electronics, and even start-ups being very popular. Furthermore, there are also many international companies where some can have a connection to the UK, making your move from the UK to the US a lot easier. These can be the ones to go to if you are in the process of job hunting in the US.

US Taxes

 Couple discussing US taxes that await them after relocating to the US while looking at graph at tablet

One of the last items that you should be aware of when planning your move to the US from the UK is tax. In the USA tax is more complicated when compared to the UK. For one, there are 7 tax brackets instead of 3. For example, if you earned 65,591.25 US Dollars (approximately £50,000) then you would fall in the 22% tax bracket. However, the tax rate in the US will never be 40% of your earnings. This is the reason why healthcare is only private in the US so that people can afford a lower tax rate. 

Find an International Relocation Company by Using Shyft

Once you have all your papers sorted, and your research on the US is done, you can start planning your moving process to the US. Finding international relocation services can take up a lot of time, but it is necessary since moving across the seas by yourself is even more difficult. An international relocation company does not only help you move, but they can also aid you with the paperwork as well as getting through customs. Therefore, it is worthwhile to find the right one and move to the US.

However, you do not have to do all your moving organization by yourself. There is the fintech company called Shyft that is a go-to master in organizing the moving process for everyone that comes our way. Regardless of how far you are going. It all starts with a simple form filled from you to us.  

All you have to do is go to the Shyft Website and fill out the form. It’s quite short. From here your Move Coach will contact you. This call is done when you say it will be done. So, that you do not have a surprise call that you are not ready for. Furthermore, this initial call is a video one that is done through ShyftNext App which is a free downloadable app for your mobile.

The First Step to Your US Relocation

Woman sitting on her bed, having a video chat with Shyft Move Assistant about her international move

During this call, you will meet your Move Coach who will cater to all your moving needs, as well as take down your inventory list during this very first meeting. This list is sent to you within 30 minutes from the end of your call with them. You can check the list, and when you have sent it back to your Move Manager with the go-ahead we will get to more work. 

We will present this list as well as the details of your move to our secure bidding platform that is littered with professional, licensed, and experienced moving companies that cater to international relocations. It is through this bidding process that we gather 3 or more moving quotes from different movers. These quotes are then sent to you so that you can see which one mover would work the best for your move. And, you can also see what else they have to offer.

Plus, we are on call to you every hour of the day and night. Even over the weekends. So, if you need to be in the know about something we are there to give you the answer, or even just friendly advice on your US relocation or any relocation.

Shopping Through Shyft

Couple sitting on the floor, looking at a laptop while online shopping on Shyft Marketplace for new home stuff

An international move can require you to be more thoughtful about what you can take with you in terms of shipping. The more you have, the more expensive it will be. That is why many people opt to sell what they currently have so that they can replace it with new items. If you want to go down this path then we have a great place for you to check out to buy new items for your new place: The Shyft Marketplace.  

Here you can find a range of items to buy. As well as services that you may need such as mortgages. Also, if you are let to find a place to live, you have options in our marketplace too. What is great about all that we have to offer is that all the items and services come with a discount. And, if you buy something it will be delivered directly to your new home in the US when you say you will be there.

Moving Your Company to The US

While there are many reasons you would want to move to the US, be it for work opportunities, family, marriage, etc. And, another could be that you want to relocate your business there. This can be done with our help too. Doing your corporate relocation to the US through us will give each one of your employees access to their own Move Coach. The company does not have to share one person. This is beneficial since the Move Coach’s focus will not be scattered which may lead to confusion.

Another upside is the Shyft Card. As an employer, you will have access to it, and it will help you to send funds, securely, to cover relocation expenses for your employees making the move to the US on behalf of the company. Furthermore, you can also keep tabs on what is happening with the funds on a secure platform.  

What is more, is that people who have used us to aid them with their move have saved up to $600 on their move. Therefore, get your way to the US with Shyft by your side. And, we are based in Miami. Therefore, we can even give you some points about what life is like in the US.

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