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How to Negotiate Relocation Benefits

Monday, July 24, 2023
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The art of negotiation comes in handy for every aspect of your life. From getting your kids into bed, to securing a more favorable relocation package and relocation benefits. You would have to know what relocation assistance you would need and how to negotiate to get them. Making your case is part of getting the right relocation benefit in this world of global mobility. Here is how you can get the right relocation packages for your corporate relocation needs.

How to Prep Your Relocation Benefits Negotiation

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Art of negotiating relocation benefits takes preparation. This is the same when it comes to the art of negotiation when it comes to speaking to your employer. Keep in mind when going in to be professional, know your stuff, and that relocation benefits for employees should be your employer's top priority. First things first:

Review What You Are Offered for Your Corporate Move

A man holding up sticky notes while he is in the process of reviewing his relocation benefits

Your employer should come to you with what they offer you for your corporate move. This can be in terms of a relocation bonus or relocation reimbursement or anything that has to do with your relocation package. Take a day to read through and get to grips with what is being offered. Go over in detail what you will be reimbursed (since it will not be the full amount, most likely) or how much the relocation bonus will be to help cover your moving costs. Check if there is any insurance coverage, and if your employee remembered to cover the relocation gross-up tax. You can ask them: "Are relocation benefits taxable?" during your first meeting when they give you what they offer. 

When you understand all that they are offering you, and have noticed some gaps in the relocation packages. I.e. areas that you feel are not adequately covered by the funds.

Make a List of the Necessary Items Missing from the Current Relocation Package

Two women high-fiving each other as they got the right relocation packages for their move

While you are looking through all that you are being offered in your relocation package, you should make a list of what is absent. As well as add items that would make your moving experience more beneficial. For example, you may get the chance to take a paid trip to house hunt before you start with your moving process. However, there is no reimbursement for childcare, and you do have children. This is something you can bring up in your next meeting since you will need to have childcare while you are away house hunting. 

Compare Your Relocation Benefits to Others 

When you have your list of what items are absent and what you want to make your relocation better, then you would want to do some research. Look up what other companies in your field are offering their employees in terms of relocation benefits. What do they offer that your company does not? Make a note of the differences and you can even bring these up in the next meeting. Maybe try to make it come across as your idea instead of you looking into other companies, just to be on the safe side. But, if there is a need then do bring them up only if they will strengthen your explanation.

The Next Meeting About Corporate Move

An employee going to his employer to organize a meeting about their relocation package

If your employer has not called for another meeting about your corporate move, then you should politely bring it up to them. Have another meeting with them related to the relocation benefits that they offered you. Point out your requirements that have not been meant in the current relocation package. You should ask them if there can be areas that can be swapped out for what you need more. Or if there are areas that could be given reimbursement. Give your reasons and make it clear what you need and would like. You may not get everything that you want but the more ways your relocation process can be covered and suit your needs the better.

But What is an Employee Relocation Package? 

The whole purpose of an employee relocation package is for the employers to help cover some of the cost of moving to a new location for work purposes. This can be because they need people at another location, or they want new hires to move there, or maybe the employee, themselves, wants to make the move to another location working for the same company. The relocation packages offer some items to help make the move as smooth as the company can afford to do. Hence, the relocation benefits get their employees to want to move without them losing a lot.

Is Relocation Assistance Different?

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While the two terms "relocation packages" and "relocation assistance" are intertwined, there is a difference between the two. The latter are the specific forms of help to the employer's employees. Such as the company hiring the moving company to pack and unpack the employee's stuff is an example of relocation assistance. You can think of it as moving services the company wants to cover relating to the moving experience, while the relocation package is the funds. 

Who Can Qualify for Relocation Benefits?

This depends on the company that you work for. But, usually, it depends on the employee's position. A new hire or junior-level employee will get the basic expenses covered while those in higher positions (like the vice president) will get more. This can include childcare, car rental, temporary housing, and/or even meals for themselves and their significant others.

What is in a Typical Relocation Package?

A woman sitting by a metal staircase of her new home after corporate relocation

Again, this depends on the company so relocation packages differ from business to business. Hence, why you should look up what other companies offer their employees as part of your research. However, the usual items in the relocation package are: 

  • Professional services relating to packing and moving
  • Temporary homes (usually lasting for 30 days but this can be adjusted to suit the employee's needs)
  • Flexible starting date (so that you have enough time to move)
  • Reimbursement of transporting costs (such as airfare, petrol, train, bus, etc.)
  • Assistance when it comes to real estate (such as covering the cost of closing the lease) 

There are also different types of relocation packages such as relocation reimbursement and relocation bonus being the most common ones. There is also, outsourced, expatriation, lump sum, and even direct billing. Best to find out, research, and understand which method your company is planning to use when it comes to your relocation benefits.

Do Corporate Relocation with Shyft’s Help

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While you are in the process of negotiating better relocation benefits, you can rest assured that moving to your new work home is an easier task with Shyft. Shyft is the world's first tech-driven moving platform and our goal is to organize your whole move for you and make sure you get to your new, personal, home. Visit our site to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and what else we offer such as getting your utilities set up in your new home among other things. This can be handy for any employee or even employer. 

On the site, there is a short form that you can fill out to let us know that you want to talk to us. Likewise, you can download the secure and free mobile app, Shyft Next for iOS and Android. Regardless of how you contact Shyft, this app is needed.  

That is because the app is used by your Move Coach from Shyft to video chat with you. This chat only happens when you say it does, already saving you time since you can still plan your day. It is during this video call that you get to meet your Move Coach, get more information, and give them a virtual tour of your current home.  

The latter is important since this is how your Move Coach creates your inventory list right away without stepping foot into your home. When all is said and done, this inventory list will be sent to you within half an hour from the end of the call.

What is more, is that the list is already 95% accurate. What is better, is that you can make it 100% accurate through the Shyft Next app. That is right, you can add items, remove items, and even leave notes, or suggestions on stuff. All through the app. When you have reached your 100% inventory list goal, you send this to your Move Coach.

The More We Can Do For You

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With the 100% inventory list in our secure, virtual hands, we will use this, and only your moving details (no personal information) to source a moving company for you to work with. How we do this is that we source a few moving quotes from our safe network of Shyft-verified, trusted, and experienced moving companies. Every quote is from a different company, and all the companies have their papers in order.  

You will get the quotes, three or more, along with information about the companies. All the quotes work based on “what you see is what you pay.” Therefore, there are no hidden costs, and the prices are fixed even if your inventory list were to change. You can compare them on the Shyft Next app. When you have mentally locked down which mover you want to take on your moving task with you, you let Shyft know so that we can physically lock them down.

Group of co-workers sitting down, laughing and chatting after relocating for a new job

Furthermore, we are on call to you seven days a week so when you want to check in on the moving-related process, you are more than welcome to. Also, we have our Home & Lifestyle, online marketplace. As the name suggests this is our marketplace which is different from other marketplaces. This is because not only is there a range of products on it but services as well. So, if you are looking for a storage unit and mattresses then you can find them in one place, with even some office supplies on the side. What is more, is that all the physical items are delivered to your new home. And, all that is on the online store, items and services, come with a discount. Therefore, you will be saving money and time.  

Plus, we also have something for employers specifically. Certainly so if they are looking to move their employees. We offer corporate relocation in the form of our Shyft Card. This card is attached to our secure app where you, as the employer, can directly send relation funds to your employees. Furthermore, you can also keep track of what is happening through this app. But, do not just take our typed words for it, book a demo and learn more. 

While you are performing the art of negotiation, let Shyft perform the art of moving you to your new home.  


Corporate Relocation Made Easy With Shyft