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Moving Electronics and Appliances? Here is How You Keep Them Protected

Monday, March 27, 2023
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There is a method when it comes to packing appliances regardless of the size of the electronics. This is important to know so that you can safely pack your appliances to make sure that they move securely from one home to another. Moving into a new home can be tough if you do not pack your electronics the right way, since they can break in transit. With that, here are the ways to find out how to protect the appliances.

How to Pack and Protect Appliances for Moving

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As you know appliances can come in all sizes, shapes, and functions. Therefore, one of the best things you can do is to read the product manual. It is here that you can find out how to pack appliances for transport so that they do not get damaged, or worse, broken.  

Appliances are quite delicate items when it comes to moving them around. The product manual can give you a lot of useful information such as the optimal temperature ranges, as well as how to avoid vibrations for example, and transport the electronics safely.  

Furthermore, packing materials are also very important to ensure the longevity of your electronics. It would be best to pack appliances in the original box that they came in, Styrofoam and all. However, people do not tend to hold on to boxes, especially if they are big ones that are empty and take up space.  

If you do not have the original packaging of electronics, worry not since there is a way around it. Well, there are two. One is to find a sturdy box that is larger than the item you wish to move. The box has to be durable, in good condition as well as be able to support the weight of the electronic appliance.

Plus, you would also have to get or buy packing material to put inside the box around the object you are moving. This can be Styrofoam or bubble wrap. It can keep the object in place in the box as well as not let it get scratched up, such as a television. Tape is also important, as are packing blankets to help protect your electronic belongings.   

Another way you can transport electronics safely is by hiring a moving company that already has the correct packing materials needed.

Prepare for Packing Small to Medium Electronics

A man holding up a flat screen television while standing

You can prepare for packing small to medium electronics by making sure they are clean as well as unplugged. Small electronics can be what is easy to carry around such as a laptop, consoles, radios, Wi-Fi transmitters, etc. Medium ones can be those that are bigger, but you can lift them such as televisions, and PCs. Basically, if you can lift it, it is small to a medium electronic device.

Something to note is that when it comes to cables, a good word of advice would be to take a photo of what cable goes where before you unplug. This is so you can set it up quickly when you arrive at your new home, and it works well with bigger items that have a lot of cables. Also, make sure that you unplug the cables as well as label them so that you know which one goes with what device.  

Furthermore, separating the cables for the devices can make it easier to pack the items in the boxes since cables can easily slide into the box. However, make sure that you coil the cable according to the waves it has in it. Do not try to force it too much. Then take some insulation tape to wrap around the cables to keep them from opening. But, if the cables are attached to the units then do not remove them, just make sure they are coiled and taped up.

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And, one even more important thing is to make sure that your appliances do not have their batteries inside them. Leaving the batteries in can lead to leakage, or it can turn on the device draining the battery. Making it pointless to have the power inside while on the move. But, a device staying on while in transit can also make it overheat leading to a lot more problems.  

A rule of thumb is that if you have to put anything in a device for it to function then you should remove that item before you pack the device. Such as with the aforementioned batteries, ink cartridges in printers, external USB drivers for PCs/ laptops, etc. Laptops can obviously be carried in a laptop bag with their cables on your person during the trip.

With blenders you can take out the blades (if they are detachable) and wrap them with cardboard. You can then put them back in and stick newspaper to keep them from bouncing everywhere during the move. The latter can also apply for blades that are not detachable.

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Prepare for Packing the Big Appliances

A man looking into a refrigerator in the kitchen looking for food to eat

Now on to the big ones. These are the appliances that are way too difficult to carry by yourself. They are heavy, and, obviously, big. These appliances can fall under the kitchen and laundry appliances due to their uses. And, we will tell you how to prepare them for packing, starting in the kitchen.

Packing a Refrigerator

Refrigerators, regardless of if you have a double door one, or a mini-fridge, can be prepped the same way. The first thing you have to do is to unplug it from the power source. However, do not remove this cable since it is attached. Then you have to remove everything that is inside the refrigerator including the drinks, ice, and the shelves inside.  

If you have a freezer as part of the refrigerator, then you would have to let the ice melt to get it fully clean. It can take about 30 minutes for it to melt depending on how much ice there is inside. Therefore, start cleaning your fridge a few days before. You may have to learn how to create tasty meals from beans during that time.

Also, do not forget to clean the exterior. When everything in and around the item is clean, take the tape to stick it shut. This is so it does not swing open while in transit or when you are moving it into the truck. You can also wrap cardboard using tape around it, if getting scratches is a concern of yours. Then you would have to get yourself a moving cart dolly to help transport the refrigerator. 

It is best to keep it upright as well as to pack it in the truck as such. Putting it on the side can damage the compressor or cause oil to leak from it.

Packing the Oven and the Dishwasher

Close up of hands unloading a dishwasher

The next big one in the kitchen is the oven. This is much the same as the refrigerator where you have to remove all that is inside, including the selves and give it a handy clean. You can secure the knobs, and door with tape. It is also a similar trend with the dishwasher. However, you also have to disconnect the water hoses that are attached. These then have to be taped to the item. Furthermore, you have to let the dishwasher air out for a day before you secure the rack and door with tape. 

Packing the Laundry Appliances 

From the kitchen let’s move to the laundry. The washer and dryer are prepped much the same way. However, the former works much like the dishwasher as in, it needs to be aired out for 24 hours before taping it close. With the dryer, you would have to remove the lint for the screen before the taping can begin.

When the Packing is Done, Move with Shyft

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Now that you know how to pack your electronics securely you are probably thinking “do I have to?” Well as we mentioned a moving company can handle it for you, all you have to do is prep all your items. But, finding a legitimate mover may be a long-haul task. However, you can use Shyft to not only help find you an experienced, and verified mover, but also help with the whole organizational process of your move.  

We are a fintech company that specializes in organizing moves for people. Go to Shyft Website where there is a tiny form, well a short form to be more accurate, for you to fill out. Then your Move Coach will give you a video call through the ShyftNext App at a time that you say you want to be contacted. The app is free to download as well so no worries about paying for it.  

This is the call where your Move Coach will take down your inventory list including all your small, medium, and big appliances that you want to move. After the call ends, this list, your list, is then sent to you within half an hour for you to check it. When everything on the inventory list is confirmed, you send it back to us. It is with this information as well as your moving details that we go to our secure bidding platform.

Here is where the fun begins. Movers from all over the US, bid on the projects that they are interested in. We then take three or more different moving quotes from three different companies and hand them over to you to pick one. Plus, all the quotes are guaranteed.

Online Shopping with Shyft

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Sometimes you may not want to move all your stuff from one place to another. It can be because the items are outdated or in need of a huge fix that buying them new would save you more money. Well, we have the Shyft Marketplace.   

It is here where you can find a lot of items that can cater to that gap after you have sold or donated. Plus, there are also services on there for you to hire. Another plus is that everything in the marketplace comes with a discount. And, if you buy something that is to be delivered, it is so, to your new home.  

It is because of things like this, as well as not having to play for Shyft’s services since we get paid with the move, that people have managed to save up to $600. A nice sum to keep in your back pocket.

Corporate Moving

Man standing thoughtful, thinking about how to move his business to a new location

Furthermore, if you are moving due to your company being relocated then we have you covered as well. We will appoint a Move Coach to every employee that is relocating due to work obligations. Plus, if you are an employer you can use a Shyft Card.  

This is a secure platform that allows you to transfer relocation allowance to all your employees to aid them with their moving process, directly. Also, you can keep up to date with how the funds are going. You can check up on it through the easy to use the table. This is just a bonus feature of Shyft that we wanted to mention. Just in case you are in the corporate moving boat.  

So, use us to make your moving life that much easier. As well as, use the mover we find for you to pack your small to large electronic appliances securely. A skilled hand in packing is all you will need for making sure your devices handle the travel. Happy prepping, packing and moving. And, do not forget your phone chargers.

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