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Attention Remote Workers- Find out How to Reduce Your Moving Costs

Friday, September 2, 2022
A woman working from home, writing tasks in her notepad while sitting in front of an open laptop

Remote working is all about being able to work from anywhere you want. However, the cost of moving to your dream place can be a bit on the pricey side. Certainly so without proper planning. This can be an issue for remote freelance workers who work gig to gig. But, there are several easy ways that you can save money while making cheap moves. And, here is how.

The Cheap States to Move to

Four remote workers sitting on the stairs in front of a building they moved in

While remote workers can work from home, you may want to consider moving to a place that is cheaper to live in. You would still have to pay for utilities, rent, insurance, etc. Therefore, you would want to think about a cheap place to move to, to save money, or a cheap state to move to. This is one of the main reasons that remote workers move around. As well as for the chance of adventure.  

But, if you are not really the traveling type, and want to settle down, then you should look into cheap move-in ready homes. Even better if they are in these cheap states to move to, as in they offer you a lower cost of living:

  • West Virginia
  • Alabama
  • Texas
  • Arkansas
  • Tennessee
  • Georgia
  • Missouri
  • Indiana
  • Mississippi
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma
  • Ohio
  • Kentucky

But, it is very important that you do research into the prices. Not only of your bills, but rent, and even groceries before you make the move. Furthermore, you would also want to head down to your new potential home before buying or renting a house. Just to get a feel for it. As well as to see what it has to offer. It does not have to be fancy stuff, just everyday wear, as you know. At the end of the day, you are kind of moving there for work.  

Furthermore, there are also a bunch of relocation incentives for remote workers and remote employees from certain cities within the US with the idea of paying remote workers to relocate to them. For example, Lewisburg, in West Virginia is offering a total incentive of $20,000. This can be a big kick for remote workers to move to certain places. Therefore, this is also something to consider.

Relocate And Pay Later with Shyft

Find Your Place, Then Plan Your Move

Two co-workers in open space office discussing remote work options

One of the best ways to reduce costs for moving is by researching prices and making a budget. The other way is by planning a move to details. The latter refers more to when you want to move. Moving during peak season (aka summer, from May to September) and over the weekend will cost a lot more when compared to off-peak, and on a working day. The day you move can impact your budget a lot more than anything else so it is important to plan for a cheap move day.  

Part of your move planning and budgeting also needs to be how you will move. There are several ways such as hiring a professional moving company or DIY moving. The former can really decrease your stress levels since they know what they are doing and have experience, as well as the different types of packing materials to get your items across to your new home in one piece.

A close up of a notepad with a person making a moving plan while enjoying morning coffee

There are out-of-state movers as well as local ones (with one state). The latter, as you know, refers to Do-It-Yourself moving. This can save you a lot of money, reducing your moving costs, but it may also increase your stress if you do not allow for enough planning time. Going for a professional moving company could be the better option just to make sure that you get all your items to your new home without you losing your head with your DIY moving process. 

But, if you do not have a lot to move, and you are going to live in an already furnished house, then maybe DIY move would be better. Certainly, if you can hit all your luggage in your car. Plus, you can also ask for help from your buddies to get you all loaded up for the move. This can even be a fun experience as well as a type of going away party.  

However, if you have more items than your car can handle, you may consider hiring a moving truck if you are super keen on doing a DIY move. But, you would have to have a license to drive the truck, as well as time to get used to it. It is much different from a standard car in terms of braking, steering, blind spots, and maneuvering. You may even have to ask for a riding buddy to tag along to help you through tight spaces, as well as keep you awake if it is a late-night drive.  

The latter must be avoided with overnight stays in a motel just to rest up. Many accidents can occur due to a lack of sleep. Plus, if you are not a truck driver or used to driving one, you will use a lot of focus and concentration which will make you exhausted. Best to be safe than to crash. Also, try to avoid driving at night since the road always looks different in the dark.

Keep, Sell, Donate to Reduce The Cost

Close up of people handing out donations

Another part of moving is what do you move besides yourself? What items do you take with you, and what do you do with the rest? Well, you have options, such as giving them away to friends, and family, donating them, or selling them. This can help with your budget since movers charge by weight. Therefore, the less you have, the less you have to pay to move and it can slightly reduce your moving costs. This also applies for a DIY move since it will make packing easier as well as use up less packing materials which also costs. Every tip can help you reduce moving costs during your moving process.  

So, look around your current home and make a list of what you want to take with you. It is worthwhile to take items that do not need to be replaced such as your refrigerator if it is new or your television. While they are heavy items if you need them, you should take them since getting a new one could just be a waste of money and time.

Furthermore, you should try to sell or donate items that are on their last legs. If you are able to make a sale then you will, obviously, have more cash in your pants to replace what you sold. Some items cannot be sold such as food. This is where donations can come in handy such as  Move for Hunger. They can take your leftovers that you could not finish and use them wisely.  

Remember the idea is to take the important items with you. As well as to pack them well.

Packing Materials

A woman standing next to cardboard boxes ready to get into a moving truck while taking notes on her tablet

Now that you have decreased the number of items you plan to move with you, you would have to pack them. This means that you would need packing materials to make sure that your stuff is safe during whatever transit you decide to use. Remember that if you opt to go with a professional moving company (just make sure they are not scamming you) then they will supply the correct packing materials for your move.  

However, if you are going to pack your items by yourself (or with help from your friends, and family) make sure that you have what you need to do so. For one thing, cardboard boxes would be a good way to go as long as they are in good condition so as not to break apart. You can go to your local shops and see if they have boxes that they are about to throw out. You can even check around trash bins, and check the quality of the boxes.

A mix of different types of second-hand cardboard boxes

Furthermore, you can also use what you already have in your current home such as suitcases, towels and even clothes. The latter two can be used as wrapping to keep your delicate items safe and secure during the move. Such as plates. You can use your shirts and towels to wrap around them before you place them in your suitcase as you would with bubble wrap.  

But, some packing materials are better off being new than used such as tapes. Furthermore, depending on what you are moving can determine the type of packing materials you should use to keep everything secure. The whole point of different types of materials and how you pack them in so that your items do not break. This is why many people often opt for movers or packing services to handle it so that all their belongings get to their new home as they were in the previous one.  

Take time to make sure you have all you need for packing. Start with what you have at home, and then search or buy what you need to cover the rest. Take time on this part.

Opting for a Professional Mover? Let Shyft Help You Find One and More

A man taking a selfie with his suitcase as he’s ready to move to another state

There is a way that you can use a professional moving company and save money. You can use Shyft to aid you with the organization of your whole move. Shyft is the world’s first tech-driven moving platform that can also give remote workers relocation assistance. All you need to do to get in contact with us is by visiting our site and filling out the form about your move.

From there your Move Coach will get in touch with you via the ShyftNext app which is free to download on your mobile. This first meeting is a video call. This is where your Move Coach will go into more detail as well as create your inventory list. This will take a lot of pressure off you as well as save you time.  

Furthermore, this process is 95% accurate. And, your list will be sent to you. So that you can change it, add to it, make notes, etc. within half an hour from the end of the video call. Once we have your list back with your happiness we will take it, along with your moving information, to our secure bidding platform.

A happy family excited about their move, packing cardboard boxes with confetti falling around them

It is here where we present your moving project to experienced and legitimate moving companies. It is also here that we will collect three or more moving quotes from different movers as well as their information plus what else they have to offer. All this will be given to you so that you can decide which mover to work with.  

And, we are on call to you whenever you need advice, or have any questions. We are waiting for your call 24/7 including the weekends and evenings, just to be clear. Plus, people that have used us in the past were able to save up to $600 on their move.  

What is more, is that you can also check out our marketplace under Home and Lifestyle. It is here that you can order new items to be delivered directly to your new home. Saving you money regarding the move. Furthermore, you will get a discount on all the items on the marketplace including the services that are promoted there.  

So let us, Shyft, make your moving life that much easier by taking on the stress of your moving organization. All while saving you money, and making sure your stuff gets to your new home safely. The world is open to remote workers so why not take advantage of it.

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