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How to Throw a Housewarming Party

Monday, March 27, 2023
A formal housewarming party where people are about to pop the cork for champagne

A housewarming party can be a great way to hang out with family and friends while introducing them to your new home. You can also invite the neighbors if you are feeling up for it. Throwing a housewarming party is easy, throwing a great one will take a bit of work, and throwing an awesome housewarming party is a touch less work than a normal one. Certainly so, with these tips below. Let’s get this party started. Well… let's plan it.

Get Used to Your New Space First, Party Later

Group of friends outdoors on a housewarming party by the pool

Before you can invite people to your new house, you would have to move in. This also means that you would need some time to get used to your new space. Not only to unpack, but also to get the kids and pets settled, and remember where everything is. 

But, also for you to enjoy your new home without playing host. It would be a good idea to have your housewarming party after two weeks of you and your family, partner, yourself, etc. just chilling in your new space. Plus, it will give you a chance to properly unpack.

Housewarming Party Ideas and Themes

Once you get settled, then would be a great time to start planning your housewarming party. This can be fun but you would have to decide on certain things. Such as what type of housewarming party it will be. Yes, it is housewarming, but what is that exactly? Well, it can mean: 

  • A big gathering of people
  • A small one with close family and friends
  • Just family
  • Only friends 

You would also have to ask yourself and your family some questions:

  • Will you invite your new neighbors?
  • Is the housewarming party going to be themed?
  • Will it be held indoors or outdoors?
  • Or will it be moved from indoors to outdoors or vice-versa?
  • Is there going to be a guest book so that you have a record of who came to your housewarming party, as well as a collection of good wishes?
  • Is it a party where the guests bring what they drink and eat? (great for a student or someone on a tight budget)
  • What is the budget?

And whatever other questions come up during the planning process.

No Need to Overthink the Party

Another aspect of throwing a housewarming party is that you should not stress yourself out and overthink it. The party is not only for your guest by yourself as well. Therefore, you do not have to go over the top with activities to do, fancy foods, expensive drinks, or party favors. You can if you want, but the party must reflect who you are.

So if you are someone that is into the fancy then go for it. Likewise, if you are into board games and a movie night, that is fine too. The housewarming is like your new home, it shows who you are, but with less stress.

Housewarming Party Invitations 

A housewarming party with a host receiving gifts and posing for a photo

When you have settled and settled what you want to do for the housewarming party, you can start to send out invitations. You would want to do this a few days or a week before the party so that your guests have time to plan and reply. Also, you would want a cutoff date for replies so that you can have time to prepare. As you know a housewarming party invitation includes the new address, since they do not know it, the time, date, and theme if there is one.  

Also, you can make the party invites look interesting, just to have some designing fun on your end. Plus, have in mind that you still live in the house where the party was held. This means that you would have to account for cleaning up which you can do in a day. Depending on the size of the housewarming party. Just keep it at the back of your head.  

Keep in mind, not only the number of people you want to invite but also the spacing. While the more the merrier can be a way of life, it is not so when everyone is uncomfortable in a tight space. Also, you would want your guests to be comfortable. While we are on the subject of guests you may want to consider inviting your neighbors just so you can have a chance to get to know them, and they you.  

Housewarming Party Food or Snacks

A table set up outside in the garden with lots of fruits, snacks and champagne glasses

No party is complete without something to drink and snacks, or even a meal. The type of food you have at your housewarming party will depend on what type it is. If it is an outdoor one, then a BBQ would not hurt, if it is an indoor one, then finger foods or a sit-down meal can do wonders. If it is a chilled evening, then chips all the way.  

Also, you would want to stock up on food as well as drinks. This is the main reason why you would want your guests to give you a bit of notice so that you can get the items a day or a few hours before the event. Plus, you would want to have a variety of food for some people who are vegan or vegetarian, as well as non-alcoholic drinks outside of water, tea and coffee.  

You may want to cover your food table with a tablecloth just to protect the furniture as well as use coasters for drinks. You do not have to make a big deal of the latter, you can just slide a coaster under a drink or lead by example and the guests will get the hint. 

What to Do at Housewarming Party

Friends playing video games at the themed housewarming party

This is such a “you” section where the type of games or activities (if any) will depend on what you like to do. If you are into playing games then a few card games, big board games for a lot of players will do or even video games. Or a movie night, or just a gathering with chatting and chilling. Whatever you want to do during your housewarming party, you would have to prepare for it. Even if it is just the latter, people would need to sit down for a bit. So plan what you want to do, but do not overdo it.  

It is a suggestion to have a backup plan in case the housewarming party goes low too soon. This can be in the form of a few games, a funny movie, or music. A backup plan to pick up the energy can always help. Or taking suggestions from your guests can make them feel more included, but just have a Plan B so that they see that you are on your party-having game.  

House Tour - Must-Do at the Party

A happy family having an intimate housewarming party between closest family members

A house tour can also be in the cards for your housewarming party. It is okay if you want to show off your new home, and some house owners even show off the bedrooms. So plan your house tour from the start to where the housewarming party will be held. It does not need to be detailed, but a chance for everyone to see what is up. Likewise, you can skip the group tour and lead guests around if they ask you to.  

Just make sure your new house is ready for the party by being clean, settled, and organized.

Before the Housewarming- Moving to Your New Place with Shyft

A family of three sitting together on the sofa smiling and posing for a photo after moving in successfully

Getting the housewarming party started would require you to be at your new home. And getting there is as easy as filling out a short form on an easy-to-navigate website. Meet Shyft, the world’s first tech-driven moving platform where our priority is organizing your entire moving process. All while saving you money as well as giving you an excellent moving experience. 

As we alluded to, all you need to do is fill out a short form on our website at Shyft Moving. It is also here that you can read up on what more we do and offer. When you fill out the form we are notified to give you a call. This call is a video chat that only happens at the exact time that you say. Therefore, you will not have to wait around for us to get in touch with you. 

Furthermore, we will call you through the free, and secure mobile app, Shyft Next, which you can get for Android or iOS. This initial call lets you meet your own Move Coach. They are someone who will guide you through the whole moving process, give you advice, tips, and tricks, and create your inventory list for you.  

That’s right, this meeting is also where you will give a virtual tour of your current home, showing a cupboard, and a drawer, as well as the whole home. Obviously. When the tour and call are over, your Move Coach will get to work creating your inventory list. This list will be 95% accurate. And, if you are worried that we may have missed an important item in the 5%, do not worry, since your Move Coach will send this inventory list to you. It will be sent within half an hour from the end of the video chat.   

Therefore, you can add items, as well as remove some if need be, and even make notes. Then when you are pleased and happy, send your 100% inventory list to your Move Coach. They will take this list, your 100% one, along with only your moving information to Shyft’s secure moving board.

What Happens After Contacting Shyft

A couple looking at their bills on the laptop while having coffee and discussing their life together

It is here that experienced moving companies which are approved by Shyft gather to bid on moving projects. Yours will be added to the list excluding your personal information. When the bids are collected, three or more moving quotes will be sent to you. Each quote is from a different moving company. And there is information about each company. This is so that you can choose the mover you want to work with.  

When you made your choice, let us know, and we will lock down your moving company right there and then. Plus, every moving quote that you received is guaranteed. There are no hidden costs, and what you see is what you pay. Even if your inventory were to change, the price does not.  

If you want more information, check out our site, or get in touch with us. Likewise, if you want to check up on something during your moving process we are on call with you seven days a week. Our goal is to get you to your new home while giving you the best moving experience we can offer.  

If you are in the market for items or services for your new home, you should check out the Home & Lifestyle tab on the Shyft site. This is our marketplace where you see what comes with a discount. And, all the physical items you order through the site will be delivered to your new home, not your current one where you would just have to pack and move it anyway. This alone will save you time, and money.  

Get in touch today to get your moving experience started. Let us plan your move while you plan your housewarming party. 

 A group of friends standing in front of a house with a party flare going off in the air while their housewarming party gets wild

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