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What You Can’t Relocate With The Moving Company

Monday, March 27, 2023
A woman sitting by a table in front of a laptop packing items into a box preparing moving boxes for movers

There are certain rules when it comes to packing certain items for a moving company to relocate from your current home to your new home. The thing is that moving companies cannot relocate everything that you want to bring with you. Here is the ultimate moving guide to what you have to dispose of, leave behind, and how and what to pack for professional movers.

You Can’t Move Hazardous Items and Hazardous Materials

A profile of a woman standing while spraying hairspray to her hair while covering her eyes with her free hand

The most important items that professional movers cannot move are hazardous materials such as flammable chemicals, corrosive ones, and explosives or/and weapons. Some of these items you use in your day-to-day life are not dangerous to you when they are used by themselves. But, they still go on the list. 

Furthermore, it is illegal for professional movers to even have these items in their trucks in the first place. Therefore, when you are packing up, you have to make sure that these items are disposed of properly, as well as not packed at all. They are as follows:

  • Guns, weapons and ammunition
  • Ammonia, and acids
  • Kerosene, and gasoline
  • Hairspray and deodorant (these are the items that you may use every day, but they are flammable) 
  • Nail polish as well as polish remover (these are also items that you use on yourself, but they can be dangerous in a moving truck)
  • Chemicals for the pool
  • Stain and paints 
  • Antifreeze as well as motor oil 
  • Oil for a household lamp or even for a camping one
  • Car batteries (or batteries in general such as motorbikes) 
  • Fireworks
  • Cleaning supplies and bleach

The list above is considered for safety reasons. On the plus side at least you will be transporting less weight making the move a bit cheaper.

Reasoning Behind the Hazardous Items List

A couple smiling while packing up their old home, the man is holding a box taper while the woman is leaning onto a moving box

As we have mentioned the above list of hazardous items is there for legal reasons, and it is also for your safety as well as the movers. While everything can be packed tight and well, mistakes may happen and the above chemicals can interact with something which can lead to a fire or harm. Furthermore, if something were to happen to your belonging during the transit with the above list in the truck then the blame will fall on you.  

This means that your moving company and moving insurance will not cover the damage or loss of the items. Plus, it is also important that you dispose of the above-listed hazardous items in the correct way. You can do so by checking out the EPA safety suggestions and learning more. However, there are other items that professional movers are not allowed or plainly avoid in transit. Read more about them in the next few paragraphs.

You Can’t Relocate Food With Professional Movers

A family having a full breakfast while smiling and sitting around the table enjoying waffles and orange juice

When it comes to food the best course of action during the moving process is to eat up or donate perishable food before the moving day. While food is not hazardous, it can cause damage while also making a big mess in the moving trucks. The food can go rotten due to the heat. And, this can add an unpleasant smell to all your belongings. Even the interior of the truck itself. 

Furthermore, food can attract insects or even rats which can damage your items. As well as making the unpacking process a lot more unpleasant. Insects and rats have the incredible ability to get in everywhere regardless of how lightly locked up and closed something is. And, there is also mold that grows on food when it is off.

Therefore, it would be best to give away/ donate fresh and/or frozen foods, as well as refrigerated ones too. You should also finish off or donate open cans of food that are non-perishable. You can pack spices, but you would want to do these tightly and well.  

There is an upside where you can transport your food to your new home. That is if it is a short-distance move from your current residence to across the town or a neighboring one. You can ask the movers if they can transit your perishable food. Some may agree to do so if it is carefully packed. However, ask them first long before the moving day so you know what to do in the meantime.

Your Valuables Move with You

Two men sitting on a sofa while looking at a new apartment they bought on a laptop in a highrise apartment they rent

While these items are not dangerous nor do they go rotten, it is strongly advised that valuables are with you during the transit. This is a sensitive subject since if something were to happen you would not be able to replace them. Moving companies know this. So much so that they would rather your valuable belongings stay on you instead of in their trucks.  

These can include but are not limited to personal documents (birth certificates, passports, driver’s licenses etc.) These can be replaced, but it is just a long hassle to do so. However, family heirlooms or jewelry are often not replaceable if they are important to you. As well as artworks, and collections. However, the former can be packed by a professional mover and packer who has the right packing materials as well as the know-how on packing and moving  the artworks.

You would also want to have your keys (home, and car) as well as your cash and cards on hand since getting them from the moving truck is very time-consuming to do. And, remember to take your medicine or a first aid kit with you during the trip. The former is a must while the latter is in case.  

Plus, taking your laptop or PC with you could not hurt either.

Move Long Distance Easily

Plants and Pets Cannot Handle Moving Trucks

 A woman lying on her bed and petting her two cats

Plants and pets are living creatures that moving companies will not put in their trucks for a move. Plants can die out during the process due to the heat of the trucks. Furthermore, professional movers are not at all allowed to even try. Plus, plants can bring parasites, and pests to new locations. However, if you have a special permit then you can relocate your plants over a 150 miles (241.4 km) move. 

But, when it comes to your plants it is best to give them away before the move, or you can take them with you in your own car. You would have to look after them a lot more during the drive. And, they take up a lot of space depending on their size, obviously.  

Pets on the other hand can get traumatized or even get dehydrated. Or even worse than that. However, there are a few ways that you can move your pets safely. The first is by taking them with you in your car. It will give them a feeling of comfort, and you can make stops to take them for short walks to do their business.  

If you are driving to your new home, then you should take your pets to a veteran checkup before the move. You can also get advice about how to help with their moving anxiety and even what medicine to give them if it gets worse. And, you also have to give your fluffy friends time before the moving date to get used to being inside a career. 

Air travel can also be used, but you would have to contact the airline to check what pets they can take on board. As well as the conditions. Plus, if you are moving to a new country then your pet will need a passport. There are also several professional pet movers that you can research, and reach out to since they know what to do, how to do it, as well as what you have to do for your pets.

List of Items to Prepare Before Moving Day

A woman vacuuming while her family sits on the soda, lifting their legs

Certain items can be moved by a moving company, but you would have to prep them before the moving day. This is so they can even go into the moving truck. Such items are chainsaws, lawn mowers, weed whackers, and barbecues with propane tanks. The latter will require you to remove the tank and you can either give away or carefully pack it in your car. The former items require you to drain the gasoline and oil out of them before they go into the moving truck.  

And, the refrigerator also has to be prepped before the big M-day. It has to be emptied, unplugged as well as cleaned. This should be done a whole day before the movers come through. Plus, you should also give your coils behind the refrigerator a good clean to keep their condition good. Also, give your furniture and sofas a wipe and vacuum to clean up all the dust and crumbs.

Find Great Movers and Moving Advice with Shyft

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If you need help with your first move, or even with your next one then you can contact Shyft. We are the world's first tech-driven moving platform. And, our own goal is to organize your move securely while saving you money. If this idea sparks your interest then head-on on to the Shyft Moving website where you can find more information, as well as reach out to us through our contact form.   

Once we have gotten your message, you will be assigned your own Move Coach, who will go through all the moving organizations for you. They will reach out to you through the ShyftNext which is free to download on your mobile. This first meeting will be a video call, and it will happen at the time that you state to be called.  

Furthermore, is it during this call that your Move Coach will take down and create your inventory list. ShyftNext makes your list to be 95% accurate. When the call is finished the list is sent to you (within half an hour) so that you can make sure it is 100% accurate. And, even add notes. Then you can send the 100% list back to us.

The Next Steps to Your Stress-free Move

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It is with this information as well as the info about your move that we go over to our secure bidding platform. Here is where independent, experienced and verified moving companies bid on gigs. All the companies have the Shyft seal of approval. Here we will gather three or more moving quotes from different moving companies. As well as what they offer, plus more information about them. The purpose of all this is to send it to you so that you can make an informed decision on which one mover to work with. What is more, is that all the moving quotes are fixed.  

And, all the movers know what to pack, how to pack it as well as what not to pack. Furthermore, if you need advice, or want to double-check an item for packing, you can contact Shyft at whatever time during the week and weekend. This also includes the evenings since we are on call to you 24/7.  

Plus, you can check out our Home and Lifestyle tab on the site. It is where you can find new furniture, places to move into, storage, and other services like dog walking, or mortgage. New items will be added to this marketplace. And, all the items, and services currently on our site as well as the ones on their way come with a discount.

As we have said, letting Shyft do your moving organization will save you money. Not only the Home and Lifestyle marketplace but the overall process. We have helped people save up to $600 on their moving process. Therefore, contact us to get a lot of help with your moving process while you see what you can pack, and what you cannot at all.

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