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Lit in Interior Design in 2022- Ultimate Guide

Monday, March 27, 2023
Group of friends posing for a photo while home decorating and holding up stick decorations in their hands

Interior design is fashion, and fashion comes and goes. However, you can stay on top of the design trends with this easy to follow guide on what interior designers are playing with in 2022. So, if you are moving to a new house to make it look like it is out of a catalog of the best home decors in 2022. However, keep in mind that you will be living in your new home, obviously, so make the design for the long term, not just the trend. With that being said…

Height in Home Decorating

Tall man leaning against a white wall next to a ladder while painting his walls and home renovating

Big and tall is the name of the game when it comes to room layout in home decorating. The interior design trend is to not only have open spaces that you can move around while fitting the whole extended family in but also to fit in a few mini giants with tall ceilings.  

Adding to the increase in height you will opt to add tall windows to allow more natural light to shine in. It's all handy to have a tall room but can lose its meaning if you cannot see it or feel claustrophobic while in it due to the lack of light.

Maximalism in Interior Design

A mid shot of a woman wearing sunglass in a pink sweater in her garden after having it decorated with new plants

Keeping up with the interior design trends of 2022 of going big is the idea of Maximalism. This is where patterns and huge displays of colors and patterns can rule current interior design. You can go all out with an accent wall or wide-format prints motifs of earthy stripes as carpets. And, floral prints are currently adding to the allure of maximalism. Therefore, go big while you go home.

Traditional and Vintage Home Decor Styles

A man working on vintage furniture made out of wood in a workshop

Another way to make your rooms pop is by mixing in some traditional interior designs with a few contemporary pieces. The blending of new and old together is the interior design trend of 2022, too. Grandmother’s prints with huge windows. Plus, one of the best ways to get a more traditional look of interior is by using vintage furniture. Vintage is in, as well as saves you money since a lot of it is second-hand. But, you may have to put in some elbow grease to get it up to your comfort.

Wood Accents and Beams for Rustic Decor

A woman sitting on the floor to put together a vintage dark wooden chair for her vintage style home decor

Bring nature into your interior design by adding wood to your world. This can be accent pieces such as chairs, side tables, etc. for rustic home decoration. Furthermore, since we all want to help out the environment you can use reclaimed wood pieces that are already in circulation instead of cutting down a tree. This also adds to the vintage feel of using what is old, anew while also adding the warmth of wood into your home decoration. Plus, it adds character.  

You can even add a slight wood look to your home with the use of rustic touches, as well as oven and rattan items. 

If you want to go big with adding wood to your space the wooden beams are the solution for your rustic home decoration. Thereby adding wooden beams to your ceilings it will break up the color in a classy way. You can also add it to open door-less entrances to give your home a farmhouse feel with vintage touches.

Colors Be Bold for Home Decoration

A modern, scandinavian interior with a woven, wooden television stand against a dark blue wall

Do you know what nature and maximalism may have in common? Colors. Big, bold colors are the interior trend. The trend is no longer white kitchens with white walls, and it has not been for some time. So grab dark green cabinets and a hyperactive backsplash to make your kitchen a modern look in 2022.  

Also, pick a wall or a room to make it a nice dark color such as that of navy blue or any other favorite color as long as it is big and dark to make a bold statement.

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Vertical Patterns on The Wall to Accent

 Interior designer measuring where the vertical strips of wood will go on the wall to add texture

Another way to create an accent wall or to add more color to your interior design world is by using vertical patterns on the walls. You can do this with wallpaper or paint if you have a crafty touch. Furthermore, you can also add a bit of a texture to the vertical strips by using thin wood paneling to give them depth and shadows. This can make a fun and great DIY project to make your bedroom stand out.

Open Shelves 

A way to show off the walls in your home is with open shelves. These can be effective in the kitchen as you can grab your items quickly. Also, you can add more of a vibe to the heart of the home by showing not only the walls but what is on the shelves too. Furthermore, open shelves can give you more of a roomy feel in the kitchen since everything is out in the open.  

Plus, open shelves are not only limited to the kitchen, but they can go in the bedroom, living room, dining room, etc. While vintage is in, those very old-school cabinets can feel a bit stuffy so open the space up with open shelves to show what you have. 


Keeping with the theme of open shelves is bookshelves. You can use the old-school look of a bookshelf where you can store your reading material, as the name applies. But, you can also cover it with bits and knickknacks all over to make it feel more homely, and lived with.  

If you are more interested in a modern interior design you can choose a low profile and shallow designs to give the room a sleeker feel. 

Glass Panels 

Side tables are a must for any bedroom. As you know this is where you keep your phone, tablet, a glass of water, reading light, etc. But, you can make it look more modern by opting for glass panels on side tables. It will add a modern, sleek look to your comfort room while keeping up with the interior trends. 

Bed Headboard

Busy woman making her home decoration plan while sitting on her bed and being on home decor app

And, while we are in the bedroom why not replace the headboard with a clean fabric look? If you are not interested in having more material in your room, you can also go for a bare, smooth wood panel. Both styles are in trend, meaning you cannot go wrong with either as long as it is not too much. While maximalist is the thing, a lot of it can go a bit too far. You would need a break from the patterns. 

Boho Plant Pots

Back in the day, hanging plants were the thing to have for garden lovers. However, that has changed to let the plants be closer to the ground instead of up in the air. Therefore, grab some boho planters so you can keep your favorite flowers or herbs in.  

Plus, there is a range of styles, designs and colors to choose from meaning you can find ones that suit your look. Interior design is all about the harmony of the space and every aspect can add to it. 


While flowers can add a wonderful smell to your home, another aspect can do the same thing and that is a diffuser. There are two types that you can go for, be it a reed on or a mist one. However, both styles can add a fragrance to your interior. You can also absorb some nutrients from them just by being at home. Diffusers come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to add a spice to your interior without overpowering the overall design.

Tile Floor Patterns

When it comes to titles there are also many designs to choose from. However, you would want to choose something that you can look at without hurting your eyes. You may not know it, but people, including yourself, tend to look at the floor a lot. Therefore, while not changing out your floor for a ceramic or hardwood tile with a herringbone pattern? This will make it easy to maintain, and clean as well as add modern class to your home. 

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