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Make an Ideal Employee Relocation Package And Improve Your Employee Benefits

Monday, November 6, 2023
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When it comes to negotiating employee benefits one of the most vital aspects is how it would benefit your employee while not harming your business. This is important when it comes to figuring out corporate relocation where you have to consider what the best employee relocation package is for your employees. Not only would you want certain members of your company to move to another location, but you would have to find a way to motivate them to take on the moving experience for the best of the business. You would want them to say "yes" and one of the ways to achieve this is by creating one of the best employee relocation packages that your business can handle.

How to Create a Great Employee Relocation Package

As an employer, you would want to have a sit down with your employee that you are planning on moving to another location and create an employee relocation package. Beforehand you would want to prepare what employee benefits you can offer them and be ready to compromise. As you know this is the key when you and your employee negotiate relocation benefits. They would most likely want the following:

  • Their necessary items are covered and included
  • Their needs are met when it comes to relocation
  • And, that what they are offered is in line with other competitors (which they can find out about by doing some online research)

During the meeting, the employer would want to cover what is part of the employee relocation services. This can include how the relocation funds will be reimbursed, what the insurance covers, and what are the terms of their employee relocation packages. Also, it would not be a bad idea to discuss the cost of employee relocation. It is in this chat that your employee will bring up gaps in the list of necessary items that they are concerned about. Such as finding schooling for their children, or finding work for their spouses.

While the employer cannot guarantee the latter, maybe they can aid in the search for the spouse's new job. Also, employers would want to take into account temporary accommodation while they are house hunting and working at the same time. A good idea may be to offer them a trip to the new location before they move there to look for a home to live in.

Meeting their needs can go hand in hand with making sure their necessary items are covered. This not only has to do with physical items but others such as spouses and children being moved. When it comes to children they may request child care during the moving process and while they are getting settled in the new home. Also, they may request airfare and would like to know how this will be reimbursed. It is wise to cover all their needs and give them confirmation on what will happen. As well as how and what will be covered.

Knowing what the competitor offers in terms of employee benefits is beneficial in this regard since the employer can see what other companies are doing when it comes to employee relocation packages as well, and improve the employee experience while moving. By knowing what others offer the employer can make sure that they have the important aspects covered. As well as to see what the employees are looking for when it comes to their employee benefits, particularly employee relocation package, in this case. 

In short, knowing what employees need can help craft the best employee relocation package while improving your employee benefits not only during the moving process but their view of the company as well. 

What is in the Best Employee Benefits Packages

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The following should be covered within the employee benefits package, or as much as the company can afford to do. Remember that the employer would have to budget for the funds and the moving process so as not to lose money or even something out. Some extra employee benefits in the employee relocation package should include:

  • Packing and unpacking services. This is so the items of the employees are packed correctly as well as are covered by a professional packer. However, many people may want to pack up themselves so it is important to ask what they would prefer.
  • Insurance coverage as well as moving company insurance. This is when the business pays or reimburses a moving company to get the employee and their items from one place to the other. As well as insurance to cover the cost of loss or damages of the items just to be on the safe side.
  • A trip to house hunt. This was mentioned earlier where the business could cover the costs or reimburse a trip to the new city so that the employee has a chance to house hunt, check out the location, find schools, etc. before making the move there. And, it can also mean to cover transportation, meals, and childcare if need be.
  • Temporary housing. It can be in the form of a hotel, Airbnb, etc. As well as to look into the real estate to see which houses are available for purchase. Not that the company buys the house, but to help look for one for a certain amount of time if that is possible.

Also, the company may have to invest in canceling the employee's current lease on their home before the move. This is so they do not have anything holding them back in their old location.

The best form of advice would be for employers to speak to a professional about everything that goes into creating an ideal employee relocation package. This can be a relocation service, as well as their financial advisers. And their employees but only on what they need and want when it comes to moving experience and relocating for a job. The bottom line is up to the people in the know.

Benefit Your Moving Experience by Using Shyft

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Employees are not the only ones who could use employee relocation packages and a beneficial moving experience. You can too by working with Shyft on corporate relocation or individual relocation. Shyft is the world’s first tech moving platform where we will organize your entire personal move for you. You would just need to check out our website to see what we do and what else we have to offer you. It is also on our secure site that you can reach out to us. Fill out the short form, and we will get in touch with you through our safe, free, mobile app Shyft Next.

Likewise, you can download our app and get in touch with Shyft through there. Either way, we will give you a call through the Shyft Next app. This is a video chat that will occur only when you tell us when. Therefore, you are already saving time since we have to work around your schedule to get in touch with you. During the call, you will meet your real-life Move Coach who will create your inventory list right there and then. And, they will also answer your move-related questions while the meeting goes on.

This is all done in this first meeting without your Move Coach stepping into your current home. You will just give a virtual tour of the place and they will do the rest. The initial meeting can be between half an hour to an hour depending on the size of your current home. Within half an hour from the end of the meeting, you will get your inventory list sent to you. The list is already 95% accurate, and you can make it 100% so. You can add items, remove others, and even leave notes. And, you can do it all on the Shyft Next app. The app works on Android and iOS devices.

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When you are happy and done, you send this list to your Move Coach. They will take this 100% inventory list and only your moving information (no personal details) and present it to our secure moving board. This is where we will collect three or more moving quotes. Each quote is from a different moving company and all the quotes are fixed. What you see is what you will pay even if your inventory list were to change. What is more, is that we will also send you information about the moving companies so that you can compare and pick the best one for you to work with. And, there are no hidden costs.

All the moving companies on our move board have been verified by Shyft. Furthermore, they are experienced, and there is a range of types. So if you are planning on an international move or a local one, we have you covered. When you have decided on the mover for you, let us know so that we can lock them down.

We Can Give You More Then Corporate Move

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Not only do we have personal relocation covered, we also have corporate relocation in the form of our Shyft Card. This is a secure platform where employers can directly transfer relocation funds to their employees who are in the process of moving. What is more, is that employers can see how the funds are going, and they can top-up if need be. Book a demo to find out more.

Plus, we also have our very own online marketplace: Home & Lifestyle. Here is where you can not only find a range of products from office supplies to furniture, but services as well. All the physical items will be delivered directly to your new location. Furthermore, all the physical items and services come with a discount. So it is worth checking out what we have on offer just for that.

One more thing we want to mention is while working with us we are on call to you seven days a week. Therefore, when you have a question or a concern you can reach out to us. Or even if you just want to see how everything is going regarding your move.

Get your moving experience off on the right foot and reach out to Shyft today. Start your relocation planning either personal or professional with Shyft. We are on your side.

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Corporate Moves Made Easy With Shyft