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Miami Is the Next Great Tech Hub

Thursday, March 31, 2022
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Miami is one of the top-ranking tech hubs in the US - many tech companies already know this, and mainstream media is taking note. Forbes’ new ranking of emerging tech hubs in the US rated ‘The Magic City’ 2nd, ahead of New York and Austin. What is the reason for the city’s rapid growth? And how can your tech company follow the trend?

Tech Hub Since 2020

Countless tech companies have relocated to Miami since 2020, including Blackstone, Founders Fund, and Swag Up. Forbes reported that the city has almost made 1 billion USD in venture capital since last year, with little to no sign of slowing down.  

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Miami advertised over 14, 084 job posts in the tech industry, with even more on the way. Furthermore, the mayor of Miami, Francis X. Suarez is pushing hard, certainly so on Twitter, to push more tech companies to make Miami their new working base. 

Why Make The Move To Miami 

There are plenty of reasons that Miami is becoming the new tech hub, from its good weather, beachfront properties, as well as the political support of the mayor wanting to cater to the tech business's needs. However, a huge allure to the city is that there is no/low state income tax as well as no personal tax.  

A successful man standing with this arms out, and confetti falling on him

And, any city that does not tax businesses is a huge gain for every aspect involved, from the companies to the city itself.  

Move Now

There are also many other advantages to making the leap to Miami such as: 

  • Moving with family can give a discount on property tax, depending on the municipality as well as if you move early enough
  • Happy workers make for better work environments. And, the reverse is true too. This is the case with Miami which has been voted many times as being an extremely friendly working environment. So much so that people have expressed how welcome they have felt as well as how helpful the locals have been to them
  • The surplus of people from different cultures and backgrounds making the city feel like a diverse area to live and work in
  • The weather is appealing with its tropical climate. However, a head’s up, this can be high in humidity, with some tropical storms from the months of June to November
  • Great nightlife, and great outdoor day life too. While working is the many purposes of making the move to the biggest tech hub, it does help to relax and unwind. Hence, the activities that one can do away from the computer
  • And the delicious food that is on every corner of the city
  • Lesser Covid restrictions (currently)

Which Companies Have Moved to Miami

A business man doing up his tie, closeup from the chin down

If you need some more convincing on why your tech home should make Miami its home, then we will mention companies that have made the move.  

Such companies are Founders Fund partner Keith Rabois as well as Blumberg Capital founder David Blumberg. Also, Neocis and aXpire made Miami their working home.  

Other companies such as the likes of Oracle, Palantir, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Even Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian made the move in 2017. With Shervin Pishevar, a venture capitalist, buying a house in 2018. Also, the founder of Shutterstock, Jonathan Oringer, made the move to Miami in late 2020.  

Plus, Elon Musk is also talking about taking the company, Tesla, to the beach-front city of Miami.

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Even Shyft has made its headquarters in Miami to be in line with the tech hub of the USA. And there are so many more companies that have made the move since 2020. About 30 percent have moved from San Francisco, a gigantic tech hub, to Miami. Furthermore, about 40 percent of people have moved into the city then have moved out.  

This can mean that the people that are already there, stayed there, with more people coming in. 

Get Your Moving Quotes 

Surround Yourself With The Greats And Become One 

The purpose of making the move to Miami’s growing tech hub is not only to be trending, but it is also to be around like-minded people. As well as to be in the same environment. This can help your tech company grow, improve as well as to keep up-to-date with what is happening in the tech industry.  

Co-workers helping each other on coding in a casual work environment in the office

You would be on the pulse among great tech companies as well as start-ups finding their way. This is not only good for businesses and companies but also for independent freelancers. Plus, with a surge in tech companies moving to Miami, the chances of you potentially getting a job would increase.  

The more companies you can apply to, the higher your chances of getting hired. Although, we do not offer a guarantee when it comes to this. We are merely saying: more companies, more chances.  

This alone is worth the trip, and everything else is just bonuses to sweeten the deal. 

Need Help Moving? Think Shyft! 

When you decide that you want to make Miami your work-based home, and even your home home, then you would have to start planning your move. This can be time-consuming to do by yourself. And that is where Shyft, your company’s personal moving organizer comes to play.  

Shyft has its headquarters in Miami, therefore, they know what it takes to get your company and employees moves efficiently and securely. Shyft's incredible relocation product, Shyft Card enables companies to manage relocation benefits and work from home stipends seamlessly over an app, This takes the complexity out of a corporate relocation. Shyft Card empowers your employees with the complete control over their move, with access to a personal Move Assistant from Shyft, who is there 24/7 for all-round relocation assistance. Be it from a city to a city, or state to a state. Even country to country.  

Shyft's website on a laptop computer by the window with city buildings in the background

Your Move Assistant will have a video call with you at a time that fits into your schedule. During this call, they will make your inventory list. And, send it to you in half an hour to check it. This saves a ton of time.  

Once the list is confirmed, then Shyft will search for moving companies to take your move on. These are companies that are experienced, with prices that are guaranteed. Furthermore, they have been chosen by Shyft.  

But, the thing is that Shyft gives you three options when it comes to which moving company you want to work with. They do this by making all the moving companies associated with them bid on your move. From this bidding war, the best three prices are chosen and sent your way. This is so you can choose that one moving company to do your move. So you decide, Shyft just gives you three quotes, from three different movers.   

Then the process of moving can begin with Shyft taking on the heavy load. As in the organizing, give tips and advice to you to make your process easier and better. Making sure that the movers do their jobs well, etc. They will do everything that you do not want to do when it comes to moving.  

And, if you need a place to buy new furniture, mattresses, even packing boxes then you can check out their home and lifestyle section aka their marketplace. It is here where you can get a lot of stuff delivered to you as well as save money through endless amounts of discounts.  

Your Move Assistant can be reached every hour of the night and day. Whenever you or your company have a concern you can reach out to them, and they will sort it out. 

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