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Is Now a Good Time to Move Back to NYC?

Monday, March 27, 2023
Four people hanging out on a rooftop playing guitars and singing while being in New York

People are making their way back home since the pandemic restrictions have lessened in some parts of the US. And people are moving back to New York City. Here is why you should make the move back to the Big Apple now, not just because it is a moving trend of 2022. New York City has a lot to offer, and here are just some of the things that are waiting for you after moving to NYC.

Social Life is Happening in NYC

Shot of four people hugging each other from the back on the social event in New York City

With social distancing being on a bit of a downward trend, the social scene in NYC is really opening up along with Broadway. You can catch a show, have a drink at SoHo or go for a walk through Central Park. Furthermore, about 70% of people living in New York got vaccinated for Covid-19 making New York one of the highest rates of vaccination in the US. Virus safety, socialization are some of the reasons why people choose to move back to NYC.

Plus, the state continues to support vaccinations. Therefore, you will be a bit safer in New York when it comes to the virus. But, social distancing and masks wearing is still advised in crowds. However, you can go a lot further, physically, instead of limiting yourself to your home or nearby shops as was the case during quarantine.

NYC Tourism is Growing

Street photography of street nightlife of New York City, with people crossing the walk way and cars driving

Along with more places in New York opening back up, this means that tourists are flocking to the city that never sleeps. As the state is working hard on its economic recovery, it is not a surprise that there are several Tourism Return-to-Work programs. As well as the Restaurant Resiliency Program targeting small businesses to help them out.  

And, the startup scene in NYC is starting up due to more business owners filling out new business applications in New York. So much so, that the state of New York is deploying about $100M capital for industries as well as individuals. 

This leads to more job opportunities as well as opening your own business. Or moving your headquarters to NYC. All this could make you reconsider moving back to NYC.You can reach out to Shyft and ask about their Shyft Card to help with the process of directly transferring funds to your employees to help them move to the Big Apple. What is more, is that Shyft also organizes the move for all your employees and yourself. Just to make your life easier.

Winter is Great for Moving to NYC

The seasons in NYC are gorgeous summer, fall, spring, and winter. While it is a bit of a challenge to move to NYC during the winter months (February) it would be best to do so. This is because landlords are searching for tenants to fill up their apartments. Therefore, you have a higher chance of negotiating your lease. 

This means you may get them for a cheaper rent if you are lucky. This is due to the fact that fewer people are searching for apartments in winter. Furthermore, winter is also the off-peak moving season meaning that you will have less competition when it comes to finding a great, and professional moving company. And, it is cheaper to move during off-peak season.

NYC Public Transportation

While New York City is known for its crowds and traffic, the public transportation in NYC is pretty good. A car may be convenient sometimes, you do not need one to get around the city. For example, the subway pass for a month is $127. As well as the taxis, just for the full New York experience that you may have forgotten about.

Move Long Distance Smoothly

Increased Networking Opportunities in New York

Due to the never-ending crowds of people, it is no surprise that New York City is ripe with networking possibilities. They say trends are born in the city, while million-dollar ideas grow roots. New York City is home to more billionaires than anywhere else in the world, only second to Beijing. So, move back to NYC and revive your networking skills.

What Twitter Has to Say About Moving Back to New York:

Screenshot of three tweets about moving back to New York from users on Twitter

What to Watch Out for in NYC

A man chilling in front of a full length window overlooking the New York City skyline during the day time

As you know moving back to any city can come with its pros (as mentioned above) and cons. NYC is no exception. You may have been away for a while; therefore, a little reminder would not hurt. While crowds bring a lot of network opportunities and increase the chances of meeting people, they can load up the streets. It adds the hustle and bustle of the city, but do be wary of pickpockets.  

Furthermore, there are the changes in the weather. While the seasons are wonderful, not everyone will fall in love with them upon the first feel. Except for maybe spring and fall. But, summer can often be very hot with temperatures reaching about 73/77 °F (23/25 °C), and it gets very humid. The mix of heat and humidity can bring about an unpleasant smell. Certainly so when you are walking by trash bags waiting to be picked up.  

But, that is merely for summer. Winter, on the other hand, can be very cold if you are not used to it or under-prepared. The average low temperature in NYC’s winter is about 29°F (1.667°C) with highs of, give and take, 40°F (4. 44°C). Best to get your winter wear in New York City, since the people know what you will need to withstand the cold.

High Prices

 A group of friends walking and smiling together in front of a gas station getting ready to move back to NYC

New York City has high prices that everyone has heard about, but it is different when you live there again. So much so that people often opt to live outside of the center due to the rent, or that they live with roommates to help cover their expenses. Overall the cost of living is higher in New York City when compared to the national average in the US. 

So much so that New York City is the most expensive city in the United States. With the surplus of nightlife, Broadway, clubs, and restaurants it will cost you a few pretty pennies to keep up with the New Yorker lifestyle. Arguably more now than you could before. The average salary in New York City is about $65,904. So getting roommates would be the way to go if you want some free time. Or you could jump back into the world of being a New York workaholic which many people seem to be just to keep up with the pace of the city.

But Why Do People Move Back to New York at All?

New York City has a vibe to it, unlike any other place. Every city and town in the world has a certain vibe to them, that is hard to explain. However, if you are feeling the need to move back to NYC regardless of the costs, and crowds then New York City could just be calling back now that it is safer regarding Covid-19. 

There are many job opportunities, culture, restaurants, and a lot to learn as well as tons of fun to be had. Some people thrive in the fast-paced world of New York. It is all a feeling. And, there are a few songs about New York, so it must be that grand to live in.

Get Ahead of the Moving Trend by Using Shyft

A woman and her child on a motorbike ready for a ride to NYC

If you do decide to move back to New York City, you do not have to do it alone. It can be time-consuming to organize a move by yourself or with your family regardless of the distance you have to travel. So let Shyft do all your moving organizing for you while your excitement grows to head back home. That is what we do.  

We are the world’s first tech-driven moving platform that not only organizes the moving process but can also save you money. It is through using us that people have managed to save up to $600 on their move. What is more, it is sooo easy to get in contact with us. Just take a visit to our site and fill out the form for moving on it. Your Move Coach will take it from there.  

Your Move Coach is a real-life person who is there for you and your family every step of the way. They will give you a video call using the free-downloadable app, ShyftNext. This call is done at the time that you say it will be done. As in we work according to your schedule. It is during this video call that your Move Coach will give you all their focus. Also, while taking down your inventory list.

This very list is 95% accurate, and it will be sent to you for confirmation and changes within half an hour from the end of this very first video call. How is that for speed? When you give the “thumbs up” and send us back your inventory list we then dive into the next step.  

Your inventory list and the details about your move are taken to Shyft’s secure bidding platform. Here is where legitimate, and experienced moving companies bid on projects. We take three or move moving quotes from different movers. All the quotes are fixed, and we send you what we found. You will also reach information about the companies so that you can decide which one to work with.  

Furthermore, if you have any concerns or just need help with a moving-related theme you can contact us at anything of the day, night, and weekend throughout your whole moving process. From the first video call to after you have moved into your NYC apartment.  

While we are on the topic of apartments or houses, we also have an awesome marketplace: Home and Lifestyle. Here you can check out the furniture, office equipment, mattresses, and even services. What is more, you can also find a place to stay if you do not yet have one. The best part is that all the services and items on our marketplace come with a discount. And, to top it all off, your new physical items will be delivered directly to your new home. 

Shyft can help you get to New York City safely, and you will also save some money in the meanwhile. NYC sleeps for no one but it is still The City of Dreams.