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Moving for Love- Our Top Tips

Tuesday, April 25, 2023
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As you know a highlight of any loving relationship is seeing and spending time with your partner. However, this is not as easy if you are in a long-distance relationship. But, what if the two (or more) of you decide to make the move for love to solidify your romantic relationship? Couples moving for love is fairly common, and the idea may become more appealing as Valentine’s Day rears around the corner. However, there are some tips when it comes to moving for love so that it lasts after relocating.

Relationship Problems Are Not Solved by Moving in Together

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Long-distance relationships are difficult because of the literal gap in distance between you and your lover. These types of relationships are often a bit harder to navigate because you do not get to see each other as much as you would want to, and figuring out when and how to communicate can also be a hassle. However, these are not aspects of relationship problems just overcoming the literal distance.

If your relationship has strong metaphorical foundations such as being able to talk to each other about anything (deep communication not just when and how to speak), trust, comfort, etc. then moving in together would be a great way to heighten this bond. But, if you are planning on making the move to fix the relationship or to not lose it then there are deeper issues that moving in together will not solve. Instead, it will become worse.

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Therefore, you would have to know the reasons why you are making the move. Is it to fix or keep the relationship going? Then it would be better to rethink it. Is it to just be together? Then you should go for it. If there are any doubts in you it would be best to pause the idea of moving for love.

Also, if you do make the move keep in mind that you will be living with someone else. This is obvious but it also means that they will see all the (weird) stuff that you do at home alone. And, you will see what they do alone at home. Some people can be messier than others and more often. If these aspects will be deal breakers, then maybe moving in together will not be a good idea.

Plus, you and your partner would also want to talk about the future of the relationship before making the move just so you are both on the same page.

When Moving for Love, Is It Logical to Move?

The idea of moving for love, or moving in with the love of your life is inviting, but are you thinking with only your heart, or your head as well? You need to make the right decision not just for yourself, but for the relationship (and them) as a whole. Moving for love in a long-distance relationship has a lot of factors to it outside of the relationship itself. Such as:

  • Job opportunities or studies
  • Finding a new job
  • Where to live
  • How to live
  • The finances
  • Leaving family and friends
  • Living in a new place completely different from your own
  • Maybe moving to a whole new country

Moving for love is not a bad idea but you would have to make a plan with the other factors. Certainly, when it comes to work and finances. Also, are you moving to them? Are they moving to you? Or are you both moving somewhere else together? These questions are also to be considered. And, make sure that you both are putting in the same amount (not in terms of capital), as in they are willing to move for you and you are willing to move for them.

Talk About Finances with Your Partner

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Moving for love with moving professionals can be a piece of cake, but think of the life with your partner in a bigger picture. Outside of finding a job in the new city or country, there is also the finances talk. Are you both in stable situations to take on the move as well as the new life together? How much will the rent be? Or will you buy a house? What are the bills like? And for two people instead of one? The gas price? Do your lifestyles match? And so much more.

Also, groceries. Something that a few couples may overlook. The two of you would also have to speak about salaries and expectations. It would be best to have this talk before the move happens so that you are ready for it.

After moving in together, it would be a wise decision to touch base when it comes to finances. Have a safe talk once a week about your current situation, worries about it or the future, and even what dreams you have. A joint account could also be something to look into if need be. But, the main point is to keep the channel of communication open when it comes to finances as well as to make plans for how to handle it.

Meet New (Platonic) People

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Moving away from family and moving for love is not uncommon, and even at times expected. However, you would not only be moving away from your family but your friends (aka support systems) too. Therefore, you would want to find a way to meet new (platonic) people or become part of a friend group.

This may be a small thing for some people but it is important since it can help you feel more at home with your partner. While you do want to spend time with them (hence, the move) you would also want to meet and hang out with friends. Doing so can help you avoid frustration, and feeling of being lonely and disappointed. And, it will be more fun. Hanging out with work friends can be a good start, as well as joining clubs, doing hobbies, or even hitting the gym. You can meet new people anywhere and there is no harm in trying as long as you stay safe.

Backup Plan for Moving in Together 

Expect the best, but planning for the worse is a saying that applies to every aspect of life, moving for love included. While your long-distance relationship may be on solid ground it is always good to have a backup plan in case it does not work out. Would you stay in the city or move back? What would you do if it did not work out?

While this may be something you would not want to think about, as we have mentioned you would have to think with your head and not only your heart. And, this falls under the logical side of moving for love in case a break-up was to happen. Just in case.

Shyft Can Move You to Your Love

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Once you and your partner have made the decision of moving in together, the two of you would have to start up the moving process of achieving this goal. This will take up a lot of your free time, as well as potentially increase your stress level. However, if you want someone else to organize your whole move for you from finding you some moving companies to making sure everything runs smoothly then the world’s first tech-driven moving platform, Shyft, is the way to go. 

We are a company that organizes the moving process for our clients from the start to the end, and a bit more after.

To check out what we do, as well as to get in touch, hop on to our Shyft Moving website. There is a tiny online form for you to fill out, and from there one of Shyft’s representatives, aka your own Move Coach, will get in contact with you.

This initial call is a video call that is operated through the Shyft Next mobile app. It is free to download on your Android and iOS. Plus, this call is a video chat and it only occurs at the time that you want. So, you let us know when you are free to talk, and your Move Coach calls you then not before, nor later.

The app hosts two primary functions with the first being, obviously, the video chat. The second and even more important one is that the app lets you host a virtual tour of your current home. The goal of this is so that your Move Coach can create the inventory lists without stepping foot into either of your current locations. This alone will save you and your partner a lot of time.

Furthermore, this list is sent your individual ways within about half an hour from the end of the video call. The initial inventory lists are 95% accurate and you can make yours 100% accurate. You can add items that the Move Coach may have missed, remove items that you have changed your mind about, and even make notes on items that are important to you and your partner. 

You will have a chance to discuss and change the lists with your partner so that you are both, literally, on the same page.  Besides, why move two sofas when you can save money and move the best one from either your or your partner’s side? Certainly so if the both of you are moving out, to move in together. Or you guys can just get a new one?

Your Marketplace for Moving in Together

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Shyft has a marketplace called Home & Lifestyle where the two of you can get a range of services and products. The latter can be delivered directly to the new home. All the items on the marketplace come with a discount. We bring this up now so that both of you can check it out before your inventory list is created. It can save you a lot of money as well as a bit of time.

Back to the topic at hand…

The Next Phase in Moving for Love

When everyone in the relationship is happy with the inventory list, then it can be sent to the Move Coach. They will take this updated list, along with the moving information without any personal ones to Shyft’s secure moving board. It is here where vetted, experienced, and skilled moving companies gathered to bid on moving projects where yours can join the list. There is a collection of local movers as well as international ones so that all the bases are covered depending on where you are moving to.

After the calm bidding wars, we will collect three moving quotes along with information about the moving companies. Each moving quote is from a different mover, giving you a variety of choices. You can decide which one is the best option for you. Plus, all the quotes are finalized, with no hidden costs. What you see is what you will pay even if your inventory list changes.

Regardless of whether you are moving abroad for love or just moving across the country for love, Shyft is here to help get you to your love while saving you money. And, we will also lower your stress levels by doing all the organizing for you. And, we are on call to your seven days a week. Get moving for love today. 

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Move For Love Easily With Shyft