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Moving to New Zealand from The States

Monday, March 27, 2023
 Four people jumping in the air while smiling, outdoors on a hill during a sunny day in New Zealand

The land next door to the Land Down Under, New Zealand, is a wealth of natural beauty, and a slower pace of life. This could be why many Americans have opted to move to the green pastures of New Zealand. You could want to move to New Zealand for work opportunities, education, family, or just to have a slow pace of life with fewer people around. And, getting to NZ is not a small task. But, with this article, and the help of Shyft, it can be. 

Getting Going with the New Zealand Visa Process

Two men both wearing black and having a cup of coffee while sitting outdoors and taking a selfie

As you know there is an option of visas that you can choose from when moving to another country. And, New Zealand is no different. If you want to take a short trip to New Zealand before moving to New Zealand, then you would need to get yourself a short-term visa. This type is usually valid for three to six months. While you are visiting the island you can have a feel for it, as well as see where you would like to live. It can be the time for you to plan what you will do after you complete your move.  

With this short-term visa, you will not be able to find a job since it is not a work visa. While on the topic of vacation there is also the New Zealand electronic Travel Authority visa or the NZeTA for short. It is the visa used for arrivals on cruise ships as well as for visa-free countries. However, if you are a workaholic that so happens to also want to move to New Zealand then you can apply for a Working Holiday Visa. This one is for people aged 18 to 30 years old. This age range can also go up to 35 years old in some countries. You can use it to travel as well as work in New Zealand for up to a year. Speak to a professional to find out more.

While we are on the subject of working, there is also a short-term business visa known as the Business Visitor Visa. This visa is for those that have to travel to New Zealand for business-related reasons. It is valid for up to three months, so if your schedule is not too busy you can check out what New Zealand has to offer in your free time.  

You can also visit this site to check out what work visas New Zealand has to offer you. Fill out the short form and you can compare the work visas that would be best for your situation. But, we would suggest that you try to apply for a job-based in New Zealand to make it easier to get accepted for a visa. However, speak to a professional while you are deciding what work visa to go for.

A group of friends sitting on a rock wall outdoors at the mountains

Like many other countries, there is also a variety of Resident Visas you can apply for. Such as the Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa. However, this one is based on a points system where you have to be invited by New Zealand to apply if you have enough points to pass before the application can begin. Furthermore, all types of Resident Visas also depend on what New Zealand needs at the time when you apply. Therefore, it would be worthwhile to get a job in New Zealand to increase the visa application chances of success.  

If you have family that are New Zealand citizens or you are a life-long partner with one, then you can opt to apply for a family-oriented resident visa.  

Reasons to Move to New Zealand

A group of women on a beach on New Zealand standing in a line, all looking and smiling at each other

Outside of the landscape that is New Zealand, as well as the calmer atmosphere that it may offer, there are other reasons to uproot and move across the seas. Outside of family and the sense of adventure, many people choose to move to New Zealand due to job opportunities, education, culture, or even just for the fun nightlife that is on offer. And, we are leaving out the details of the seas, mountains, and forests of New Zealand so that you can experience it anew. Well, as much of it as you can.

Jobs in New Zealand 

The job market in New Zealand is like fine wine where it gets better as time goes on. There are many potential opportunities for Americans to get jobs. However, this will depend on if there are no suitable candidates already in New Zealand. But, there is always a chance. Furthermore, the following professions (not limited to) usually need to be filled by highly skilled workers:  

  • Education 
  • Forestry and agriculture       
  • Engineering  
  • Social services, and healthcare     
  • Telecommunications, electronics, and ICT      
  • Infrastructure, trades as well as construction 

And some others. Best to get searching and applying before you get packing.

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Indigenous Cultures of New Zealand 

The natural wonder of New Zealand is home to a lot of cultures that many Americans are not used to seeing or interacting with. Such as that of the Māori and Polynesian which have a strong influence on New Zealand. As well as the Tikanga customs and protocols run in the vein of New Zealand’s culture. New Zealand citizens seem to live by the “Manaakitanga” mindset. This means that they are generous, kind, as well as welcoming. And, New Zealand is also heavily multicultural, and it always welcomes more people of different cultures to make this land their home too. 

About the Climate for the Outdoors 

A man on a walkway in a field walking towards the mountains in New Zealand

The climate of New Zealand is that of being a temperate one. This means that in the warmer months, which are December to February (since NZ is in the Southern hemisphere) the climate is fairly warm and dry. Furthermore, from June to August when the months are colder it is mild and wet. The weather changes are not as extreme as in some areas of the United States. 

Therefore, you can travel outdoors and take in the land every day of the year. Plus, New Zealand is a long country which you can tell by looking at a map. This can mean that the climate is different in different areas of the island. For one thing, it is cooler in the south, while warmer in the north. Queenstown can get snow since it is located at the bottom of the South Island which is, as you guessed it, in the south. But, places such as Wellington (the capital) in the north very rarely get snow. 

New Zealand Education

Here is some information about the education system of New Zealand. For one thing, kids must start elementary/ primary school at the age of six years old. But, if you want, and they can, you can enroll them from the age of five years old. Furthermore, the public school system is free, but only for citizens and permanent residents. Therefore, start applying to become a New Zealand citizen as soon as you can.

One thing that you must note is that if you are on a visa, then you would have to apply for another one, a student visa, on behalf of your kids. Plus, you would have to pay tuition fees which can be about $7, 000 annually. This is US dollars.  

And, there is also a difference in the way schools operate in New Zealand compared to the United States. New Zealand has a greater emphasis on physical education, and it also promotes application as well as thinking over learning and repeating knowledge. Therefore, multiple-choice tests are less common, and essay writing could be the usual. Rumor has it that the education system is a bit more relaxed when it comes to the rigors of grammar and spelling. Best, not to tell your kids that.  

For college students, there are eight universities in NZ, 18 polytechnics, and a lot of colleges that specialize in vocational tertiary education.

Fun Nightlife of This Island

A woman in a nightclub under purple lights, taking a selfie with her friends

Now for the adults or the young at heart. The nightlife of New Zealand is something to behold. Even more so in the big cities such as Auckland which has the highest percentage of young people. But, if partying hard is not your thing, you can hang out at Queenstown, Taupo, etc. The smaller cities for a night out where you can relax.  

Plus, the LGTBQ+ community is very much welcome in New Zealand since there are multiple LGBTQ+ nightspots. Furthermore, New Zealand is also home to the biggest LGBTQ+ festival, the Big Gay Out, which happens every February. 

Move to New Zealand with Shyft 

Four women taking a fun hike up a mountain with their arms wrapped around each other

Moving to New Zealand to make it your new forever home is something worthwhile. Even more so if you use Shyft to help you get there. Shyft is a company with dedicated people who organize your entire moving process for you. We are the world’s first tech-driven moving platform which has helped many people relocate from one place to another, and you can join the list.  

For more information take a visit to our Shyft Moving website. And, fill out the short form to get in touch with us. We will not leave you hanging and give you a call at the time that you set. This call is a video one that is done through the Shyft Next. It is free to download onto your mobile or tablet. It is during this scheduled call that you will meet your Move Coach. They are the ones that will guide you through the whole Shyft moving process while also being on call to you 7 days a week.  

A woman on a boat, leaning against the rails, in a jacket with her hoodie over her head looking out towards the river

It is during this call that your Move Coach will not only answer all your moving-related questions but also create your inventory list. This list is done without them taking a step into your current home. All you have to do is point the phone camera at the items you want to move with you. It is a virtual tour. When this call is finished, you will receive a 95% accuracy inventory list. You can make notes on items, remove some or even add more. 

When you are happy with your inventory list, aka made it 100%, send it to your Move Coach. They will take it, and your moving details to Shyft’s secure move board. The moving details do not include any personal information. This move board is where vetted, licensed moving companies gather. They can bid on projects, and many of them have experience in international moves.  

It is through this process that Shyft collects three or more moving quotes. Each one is from a different company, giving you a variety of options. What is more, is that you will also get info about the different movers. You decide which one is the best to work with. You let us know, and we book them straight away. Plus, the quotes are fixed even if you change your inventory list last minute. 

Make your New Zealand move with Shyft by your side. We will get you there while saving you time, stress, and money.  

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