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The Ultimate Moving Guide to DIY Moving

Monday, March 27, 2023
Man who just moved in is sitting on the floor holding a paint and looking at the walls he just painted

The allure of a new life, a new start, a brand new clean home is simply alluring to many of us. And, with anything, moving away can be more about the journey than the end goal. There are many ways to move to a new home. But, the most adventurous would be the DIY moving! Before you start running around and throwing all your stuff in bags, check out this ultimate moving guide to DIY moving so that you know what to do and how to do it.

How to Use A Dolly

One of the first things we want to go over, and what you need to know if you are going down the DIY moving route, is how to use a box dolly. It is easy to use, but you do have to be careful. The first thing you would need to do is decide what you are going to move using the dolly. A dolly is used to help get heavier items to the moving trucks.

First, you slide the dolly under the object or box you want to move. If the object has a flat bottom on a flat surface, then you can ask a friend to slightly tilt it so that you can get the dolly under it. And, then you both can push it onto the dolly. Make sure that the item is evenly spaced so as not to make one side of the dolly heavier than the other. 

Furthermore, if you want to stack items, go from heavy to light on the dolly, and make sure you can see over the top. It is best to push the items in front of you with one hand while the other hand steadies the items from moving around. You may have to get cables to add more support.

Preparing Items for Professional Packers

A woman taping up a cardboard moving box that she prepared for movers to get into a moving truck 

Everyone needs a helping hand, particularly people who choose DIY moving. And, this is where professional packers have a chance to shine. However, there are a few things on your end that you should do to prepare for the professional packers. The first is to let the family, and pets, know that professional packers are coming and at what time.

Another important point is to make sure that you have a “safe room” for your DIY move. This is where you will place all the items that you want to take with you on the transit, such as snacks, kids and pets’ favorite toys, your laptop, your documentation, etc. Your travel pack, if you will.

Furthermore, you would also want to move items that you know professional packers will not pack. And, also, make sure that you have the packing materials needed for the professional packers to use. What is more, you would have to do a tiny bit of packing yourself when it comes to small items. Also, take photos of inventory to make sure that you do not leave anything behind.

Packing Your Own Self-Service Storage

Different sizes of used, recycled cardboard boxes ready to be reused in next move


Storage is a handy way to, well, store your items that you do not currently need. This could be due to doing a commercial move, moving for work, DIY moving and not yet having your forever home, or whatever the reason. But, you would want to prepare before you move your items into storage.

First thing is to find the right storage due to conditions and the size. As well as the price. What is more, you will need the right packing materials such as bubble wrap, moving boxes, etc. However, it would be wise to avoid plastic bags since this can attract mildew (a fungus).   

Also, try to find moving boxes that are the same size as to make the stacking easier. And, label the moving boxes so that you know where is what and that it is easy to spot. If you are packing mirrors, make sure that there is a bright “X” taped on the mirror or a big glass plate. If you are storing furniture, take it apart, if you can, to make storing it easier as not to take up a lot of space.  

Clothes and mattresses should have a sheet over them to protect them against dust while stored.

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How to Use Moving Blankets

Furniture pads, more commonly known as moving blankets, are a must-have for any DIY moving. Moving blankets can be used to wrap furniture, and appliances to avoid scratches while adding protection. There are two sides to a moving blanket, and it is for a purpose. The light side goes on the object while the dark is, obviously, on the outside.

However, you do not want moving blankets to get wet since this can create mold. Therefore, place a layer of plastic over it as to keep it dry. Another thing to account for is the number of moving blankets you will need, as well as if you must get tape or ratchet straps to keep the moving blankets in place. Big items like a pool table or a refrigerator require more moving blankets, while some items can fit on one blanket. We would not suggest that you use these moving blankets for TV screens. It would be best to have a moving box instead.  

How to Use Packing Materials for Moving

Closeup of a woman wrapping plates with paperboard packaging while packing the dishes for a move


While we are on the subject of packing materials, which a moving blanket is, there are other types of packing materials such as paperboard packaging. This is strong and lightweight since it is made from fibrous material that you can cut into shapes. This packing material can be used to wrap around cosmetics, medicines, glass, and small, delicate items.

Plastic containers are also used in packing since they are more durable and, if closed well, can also be water-resistant. They can be used to pack many sorts of items, from food to books. However, plastic, as you know, is not easy to recycle. But, you can use the containers for storage in your new home.

The most common packing material is the good old cardboard boxes. These came in many sizes and shapes. Plus, if you kept your old packaging for electronics, then you can reuse the boxes for the move. You can place all sorts of items in cardboard boxes, from books to clothes. However, make sure that the cardboard box is not too heavy to lift, or it will collapse due to the weight inside it.

Also, grab yourself some foam or bubble wrap. Bubble wrap adds protection around and between the items in your bigger packaging, such as boxes and containers. You can use foam or bubble wrap to protect plates, glasses, and everything else.

DIY Moving - Driving Your Own Moving Truck

A woman driving a moving truck on the way to her new home while DIY moving 

Let’s say that you have done the research, made the moving plan, packed the items, and now you want to finish it off by driving a moving truck to your new home. Well, you would most likely need a moving truck, depending on how much you are transporting. So, you get a rental moving truck. Now you have to get used to driving it as well as figuring out the blind spots. Make sure to adjust the mirrors well. And, to do it before you get on the road.

Another tip is to drive a moving truck with someone by your side. This is to keep you company and, more importantly, to hop out to help you get through tight bits if need be, as well as to help you reverse. Furthermore, know the moving truck. Know how it works, and the height of it. 

And, have a good night’s sleep before moving day and try to drive your moving truck during the day and not at night. The roads always look different at night…

Shyft Ensuring That Your Quoted Moving Price Stays the Same

Hands holding up a thumbs up icon as the sign of approval of self-move 

DIY moving is an adventure that takes up a lot of your time. From planning, packing, and searching for a moving truck to rent or even a moving company to make your moving slightly easier. It is a lot. However, you can give yourself a break by letting Shyft do the boring move organization for you.  

Shyft is an organizing moving fintech company that searches for movers for you. And, Shyft gives you over three moving quotes from different, verified, experienced moving companies wanting to take on your gig. Furthermore, all the moving quotes that Shyft sends your way are guaranteed. All you have to do is choose one mover to take you and your items to your new home. 

How Shyft does this is that they appoint a Move Assistant to be your guide. You meet this person on a video call through the ShyftNext app. It is here that your Move Assistant takes down your inventory list. What is more, when the call is over, this list is sent to you for confirmation within half an hour.  

Friends in a cafe with calculator and laptop discussing their DIY moving options and moving quotes from movers 

 When Shyft has all your moving details, they present it to their secure bidding platform filled with 400 of the best of the best movers. Here is where they bid on your moving project. Shyft is there every step of the way, from your first meeting with your Move Assistant to the first step in your new home. 

 Therefore, Shyft makes sure that the moving quote you choose is the one you pay. There are no hidden costs with the moving companies working alongside Shyft. Shyft will make sure of it since that is what they do. Furthermore, Shyft does not charge for their moving services. They get paid with the move. That is more innovative on their end to make sure that the moving prices stay the same. And with over 13k positive reviews, Shyft has its name to keep up high.  

Get Free Moving Quotes With Shyft

Booking A Move with Shyft

Now you may be wondering how to book a move with Shyft in the first place? Well, that is easier done than said. All you need to do to capture Shyft’s attention is go to their site and fill out their easy, super-short form. It is here where you say where you are coming from, where you are moving to, your moving day, and the details of your move, as in do you have pets, are you moving into an apartment or house etc. 

Then you click the arrow, and it takes you to another page for your name, number etc. Shyft does not share your details with a third party, just so you know. From there, your Move Assistant will give you a call, as we have mentioned early. But this call happens when you say it happens. 

You can even do everything through the Shyft Next app, which is free to download. Here you can tap on the “schedule a video call” button. And, the best part is that whenever you have a question or a concern or just want advice, your Move Assistant and Shyft is on call to you 24/7. This includes late nights, early mornings, and over the weekends.

Getting in touch with Shyft and keeping in touch with them throughout the whole moving process is easy to do, as well as worth it even only for peace of mind. 

A woman looking at her retirement plan so she can organize her after retirement move 

Getting The Most Out of Shyft Benefits

Shyft offers you a lot of benefits of using their moving services. Such as less stress, and saving time since Shyft is doing the run around finding the best movers for you. Furthermore, there is also the Shyft’s marketplace known as Home and Lifestyle marketplace

It is where you can find a whole bunch of items to be delivered directly to your new home. What is more, you can also find moving supplies to help you pack, furniture, caregivers, someone to walk your dog, insurance and even mortgages, just to name a few. 

And, all the items in the marketplace come with a discount. By browsing this marketplace in particular, you can save a lot of money. But, there are a lot more benefits to using Shyft outside of a personal move. 

A commercial move. Therefore, if you are thinking of uprooting your business, along with your employees, then you can use Shyft to help with this process too. Shyft will assign a Move Assistant to every single one of your employees and their families. Meaning that they are in capable and good hands to get to their new work home safely. 

What is more, is that you, as the employer of your business, can take advantage of a Shyft Card. This is a secure software that lets you transfer money, as in relocation funds, directly to your employees. Furthermore, you can log in to check how the funds are being handled. 

A woman applying for groceries delivery on Shyft marketplace on her phone while checking the food in her fridge 

And Save Money with Shyft

One more thing is that you also have the benefit of saving money when you move with Shyft. True, Shyft does not charge a fee which helps. But, due to the marketplace discounts, and the fixed mover’s quotes, people that have gone the Shyft way have managed to save up to $600 per move. So far Shyft has helped people move over 18M miles while saving them all about $1.2M.

Reach out to Shyft today to find out a lot more, and book your move just to make your DIY moving easier. 

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