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Your Guide to The Ultimate Moving Hacks

Monday, March 27, 2023
A woman standing with surprised face expression before starting to pack for a move

Get ready to move with this ultimate moving checklist and moving hacks. Moving is tough, this list is not. So organize your employee benefits, download your moving software or the best moving apps, and let’s get moving. 


The first thing you need to do is take a deep breath in, hold for three, and let it out slowly. Everything will be okay, everything will be alright. You got this and we got you. 


Now the tough part, answering questions: 

  • Where will you move to?
  • When will you move? Which moving company are you going to use?
  • How to pack? When to pack?
  • How to get there?
  • What are your relocation costs?
  • And now which moving company are you going to use that fits into your budget?  

Answering these questions and you are almost halfway there. 

Detailed Planning

Now that you have done the basic planning, it is on to the more detailed one. You should pick a moving date that is off-peak season aka winter aka not summer, and move during the week aka not the weekend. If this is possible. This will save you a lot of costs certainly when you are using one of the many full-service moving companies.  

Find a reliable and experienced moving company, for real this time, or just get Shyft to send you quotes. 


Make sure that the stuff you are going to pack is clean like your plate, clothes, shoes, etc. You do not want to give dirt a ride.

A woman holding up a clean white plate as she is preparing for the move


Next start packing, now but slowly. Do a room at a time with your kids' rooms as last. Find packing material like boxes, tape, bags, garbage bags, more tape. You will want to make a moving file to keep track of everything. 

Donate or Sell or Give Away

This goes in hand with “packing”. While you are going through your stuff, now would be the best time to downsize. Donate or sell or give away what you no longer need, or use, which includes items that do not work or are on their last legs. Also, find out how big your new home will be. This can help you with packing since you do not want to move, and pay to move, an item that cannot even fit in your new room or kitchen. Hint: the fridge.  

Big bowl of food: cheese, crackers, strawberries and peanuts

Utility Cancellation

Or move them, depending. Let your utility companies know that you are moving. Also, research if you can transfer your current lot to the new home. If not, start looking for new utility companies so that you will have running water, and electricity in your new home when you open the front door.  

Eat Food

Start finishing off the food you have in your house.  

Move with Shyft and Pay Later

Pack More and Smart

When packing, start from the least used stuff to the most used stuff. Also, use what you have to pack. As in, use your clothes to go in between the plates to put in the box. Clothes, blankets, not pillows since they are big, can make great padding stopping your plates from breaking. Also do not stack plates on top of each other since this can make them break easily. Hence, clothes between plates. 

Wrap your glass in paper towels or normal towels. Keep all your little items together. Hey, you can even put them in glasses in between padding on the inside.  

Bags and Boxes

When it comes to packing, outside of donating, and finding supplies, you should also use what you have. This means pack items in your suitcases, that is what they are for, to save up on boxes. Plus, bags can be a great transit unit not only for clothes but plates too. Hint, hint. 

Boxes are great, but they are even better with hand holes on the side so that you can lift them up. And, make sure your bags and boxes are not too heavy to carry.  

Three red suitcases, all different sizes, in front of a beach


While you are packing up a room at a time, remember kids are last, you must label the boxes to know which items go in what room. Label it on the sides, the top, not the bottom so that it is clear. You can also have boxes for certain items such as toys, make-up, etc. Also, label your bags if need be.   


Clean your house as you go. This can make it easier for you to remember which room is clean and which is not.  

Eat More Food

You should finish the food you have at home. You can donate it to Move4Hunger at the end or live on takeout boxes after you finish your food. And, you can even clean and use the pizza boxes as padding if you dare.  

Close up of friends grabbing pizza slices from a box

Close up of friends grabbing pizza slices from a box

Garbage Bags

Keeping to the theme of packing smart, you can use clean garbage bags to wrap over your hanging clothes. Keep the items on their hanger, poke a hole at the bottom of the garbage bag in the center and feed the hook of the hanger through it. Now your clothes are protected, will not get dirty, and you can quickly unpack them and hang them up after your move.  

Wrap Drawers 

If you are taking your dresser or anything that has draws in it then you do not have to empty out every draw. Unless you have breakable valuables then, by all means, take those out first and pack them separately. After that, take the drawer out of the item and wrap them around with cellophane, a lot of it. No more than that.  

When you are packing it is good advice to think about how you will unpack. 

And if you must take your mattress, put a fitted, clean sheet on it for protection against dust. 

Everything Is a Bag

Pots? Put stuff in them? Laundry baskets? Put stuff that is not laundry in it. Hard Drives? Okay, this one has a bit more detail. If you are a student and you are doing your Master's or Ph.D. but you want to take your past notes with you, we have a suggestion. Instead of transporting your books, files, textbooks, etc. scanning them can save them on your hard drives. This can take a lot of time but it will save you money since mover charges by weight and books, a lot of them, are heavy. External hard drives are not.  

Take Pictures 

Take pictures of your old home so that you can remember the good times. But, more importantly, take pictures of the content of your bags and boxes before you tape up. And, even more important, take pictures of the cables to your TV, consoles, anything that has cables. It will just make your life a bit easier, certainly when you are tired after moving and brain not be woooorkkkkkk-ing bluh.  

Close up of cables going into a flatscreen TV

Leave Favorite Toys Out 

If you have kids, pets included, it is an extremely good idea to not pack up their favorite toys. As we said, leave the kids’ rooms until last, and when you get to it, let them take their favorite toys, rocks included, on the trip to the new home. The same goes for pets.  

Make Space for Pets and Kids on Moving Day

You may want to think about sending your kids and pets somewhere else on the day of the move. It can be stressful, confusing for them, and even more so for you. Or you can make a space for them while the process is going on. Like a room.  

Puppy in focus looking at his owner

Ask for Help 

If you are stuck or lost energy or boxes confuse you then ask for help. Your friends, family, parents, can lead a hand and even make it fun.  

Pack Travel Bags

Before the day of the move, make sure that you pack essentials into travel bags that you will take on the road with you. These can be creams, laptops, toys, toothbrushes, paste, soap, a little towel just for in case, toilet paper because why not. And PJs, change of clothes. Basically anything you would take to a one-night stay in a hotel room for work. Each member should have a bag for their stuff, and to feel special and included. Hint: the kids.  

Also, pack a “first box”. This is the box that you will open first in your new house. It can have clean sheets for beds, a few plates for takeaway food, etc. Whatever you think you need to sleep on the first night, put it in the box. This is just in case your moving is an all-nighter.  

After The Move

Breath. See the first point for a reminder.  


Start unpacking as soon as you have the energy to do so. This does not need to be on the same day, certainly if the move was late at night. Hence, why you packed travel bags. When you are unpacking, just give each item a little wipe with a paper towel, just to get the dust off. And start with your kids’ rooms first to unpack. Pets included. Last to pack up, first to unpack. 

Get Free Moving Estimates

Man cheering and dancing while listening to music

Or You Can Just Ask Shyft 

Now, the checklist for moving can be quite a long one. So much so that you are probably thinking of hiring a relocation specialist or one of the many relocation management companies to do the move for you. However, we have a much better suggestion and that is to use Shyft.  

Shyft is your go-to moving solution regardless of the type of move you are planning to do. Domestic relocation? Shyft can help. Moving out of state or international relocation? Shyft for the win. Corporate relocation? Shyft has you covered. They even have a virtual card aka the Shyft Card that gives you relocation allowance in the form of instant payments directly from the company that you work for. Whatever you need regarding moving, Shyft can do it. And, you still have control over your decisions.  

Shyft makes sure that you have an experienced Move Assistant who can coach you when it comes to your moving process. It all starts with a video call at a time that is convenient for you. And only you. This call is done so that the inventory list is made on Shyft’s end listing all the items you want to and need to transit. Then in half an hour, they send you the list so that you can check it.  

Shyft’s website on a computer screen

Then Shyft searches for not one moving company quote, but three moving company quotes from three different companies. This is also sent to you so that you can decide which experienced mover is the best one for you. Plus, all these quotes are from experienced movers as well as the prices being guaranteed.  

And if you have any questions you can message Shyft day and night, whatever day of the week to voice your concern. Your Move Assistant can give you advice, tips, tricks, hacks and be there for you every step of the way. From when you first get in touch with Shyft till you step foot into your new home. So have guidance for your moving process as well as let someone else do the organizing, contact Shyft today, to get started.