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6 Moving Industry Trends of 2023

Tuesday, April 25, 2023
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The past two years have been vastly unpredictable when it comes to moving industry trends. For most of 2020, the moving industry, like many other industries, suffered as the world seemingly stopped. Companies were quick to react with work from home models that gave employees the unique opportunity to live far away from the office, in a different state. 2021 witnessed the rise of a great exodus of people moving to lower tax states and those with a lower cost of living, and we saw pretty much similar patterns in 2022. There was a slow down in state-to-state moves, and people opted for less dense areas as opposed to urban metros.

So what are the moving industry trends for 2023? Read more to find out.

1. A Shyft Towards Video Survey Apps When It Comes to Inventory

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One of the biggest moving trends that have grown in popularity, and necessity, since the time of social distancing is Video Surveys. The primary purpose was to reduce the amount of person to person contact between strangers. In 2020, Shyft already had a well developed video survey application with 95% inventory accuracy. Today, we continue to improve our technology to create better moving through innovation. 

Today, the industry and its customers have come to value Video Survey Technology as it enables customers to connect with moving service providers such as Shyft and complete the entire move inventory in under 30 minutes. Shyft does this using its proprietary technology through the free-to-download Shyft Next video survey app - available on iOS or Android. 

We expect more moving companies to adopt video surveys as part of their offering in 2023, instead of in-person visits. Shyft provides moving companies with this technology and ensures 95% accurate inventory lists and more accurate moving quotes as a result.

2. Local Moving - Moving Around the Metro Area

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The idea of moving to a totally new and different place may not be as inviting as it once was. So much so that, according to USPS data, 84% of people moved around the same metro area that they lived in, in 2022. Furthermore, only about 28% of people left their metro area. However, it would seem that more and more people are opting to have the best of both worlds. As in to be close to the city, but not necessarily live in its fast-paced lifestyle.

Hence, there is a trend of moving around the Metro area, not away or into it. Therefore, we expect to see an increase in local moves and Shyft can aid with this since they have connections to local moving services in the US.

In the US cities are seeing a bit of a decrease in terms of new people moving into city areas. But, there is a net increase of people moving into suburbs as well as smaller towns or cities that are close to the big ones in a 100 to 150 miles radius. And with the rise of remote working, it is not too surprising that people would want to live somewhere that is usually cheaper while still having access to city life when they want. Certainly, so when they are young.

3. Moving To the Suburbs

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Since there seems to be an increase in the number of people moving away from city centers it is not surprising that there will be another increase in people aiming to move to the suburbs. We mean, they have to live somewhere.

This is a moving trend that has been happening since 2020 (since “another increase”) as well as the moving trend for people to move to less populated and non-traditional cities. However, it will be interesting to see if people will stay in these types of areas or if they will opt to move to the excitement the city tends to offer. One can witness, although a lot of millennials often opt to stick down roots in places that offer a high quality of life while keeping the cost of living low, suburbs would be the way to go for a lot of them. 

4. Summer is Still (The) Hot (Season) of Moving

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Seasons come and go and this is nothing new. What also is not new, and, therefore a trend, is that summer is hot. In terms of the moving season. Summer will still be the peak season for the moving industry since it makes the most sense to move at that time. There are school summer holidays, vacation days, and good weather for traveling within and around a state.

However, this also means that the cost of using moving companies will increase since they are in demand. Also, there can be the issue of supply and demand. This just means that if you want to hire a mover, you would have to look for them now before the summer season hits, otherwise they are more likely to be taken and all booked up.

While the moving trend is to move in summer and even over the weekends, it is strongly suggested to fight this moving trend if possible. Try to aim for off-peak season moves as a way to save a lot of money, if possible. If not, you can hire Shyft to help with your moving process and keep your costs low.

5. Moving Costs to Stabilize

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Since 2020 the cost of moving has increased dramatically from labor to even moving supplies. This could have been due to supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, or people just wanting to move out due to the Pandemic of Covid. The cost of moving is connected to supply and demand while there are high material prices in terms of equipment, trucks, and packing materials.

With that being said, 2023 seems to be the year, well maybe the start, of the cost of moving to stabilize. They may not go down, but they may not go too high either. As the moving industry is finding its feet in 2023, you can suspect the expectation that prices will be somewhat normal. This can also apply to moving and storage industry trends as well. Some people not only want to move, but they can also want storage until they move into or create their forever home. Just, remember to adjust for inflation.

6. Commercial Moving on The Rise

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Another moving industry trend that can be on the increase in 2023 is commercial moves. These are the ones that businesses opt to do in a way to expand their business. It can also be a way for businesses to figure out how to create a hybrid work environment while keeping their current workforce intact. 

This notion can also be connected to the increase in many people opting to move away from the city centers with some people even heading to the remote work environment. Therefore, some companies are trying to figure out how to balance the remote working environment with office spaces.

The truth of the matter is that remote work from “home” is not for everyone. Therefore, if businesses can combine the two, it would be to their and the employees’ benefit. Furthermore, if you are a business that is looking to make a corporate move, then we can help you and your employees make it easier to do so with Shyft Employee Benefits.

Chase the Moving Trends with Shyft

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These are just some of the potential moving industry trends that could be heading to 2023, but nothing is 95% certain. Except your next inventory list with Shyft. While we are on the subject, let us formally introduce you to the world’s first tech-driven moving platform, which we have mentioned before, Shyft.

Shyft is an organization that puts your moving needs at the forefront. Shyft organizes your entire move for you, at your convenience, saving you time, and money. All you need to do is check out the Shyft Moving site to learn more as well as to fill out the form to get in touch with us. We will appoint a Move Coach to handle the whole process of transiting locally or even internationally.

The Move Coach will give you a video call through the same video survey app that they will use to create your 95% accurate inventory list: Shyft Next. The secure video call is down through the free mobile app and at the time that suits you. Furthermore, it is also during this very first meeting that you host the virtual tour of your current home so that your inventory list can be created. Then when the call is done, you will receive the 95% accurate inventory list within half an hour. You make it 100%.

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You then send this list to your Move Coach and they will present it and only your moving details (no personal ones) to Shyft’s secure move board. Here is where local (and international) moving companies bid on moving projects and yours can join the list.

It is through this that Shyft gathers three or more moving quotes. Each quote is from a different moving company but all the quotes are fixed even if your inventory list were to change a bit. The moving companies are all experienced and vetted by Shyft, and all of them have updated licenses. All the moving quotes along with information about the single moving companies are sent to you so that you can make the informed decision of which one is the best to work with for your moving needs.

Furthermore, you can contact Shyft throughout the whole process of working with them. We are on call with you seven days a week to answer your questions, or/and keep you updated. Plus, you can also visit our secure marketplace at Home & Lifestyle. It is here that you will find a range of services and physical items to help you with your moving needs.

The latter will even be delivered directly to your new home at your new address, saving you some moving costs. Another great aspect of this marketplace is that all the items and services (which include things such as dog walks, mortgages, shortages, etc.) come with a discount.

Keep up with the moving trends of 2023 with Shyft by your side. By doing so, your cost of moving, and your stress levels will reduce, as well as make your next (or first move) so much easier. Contact Shyft today to learn more and get started before the summer takes all the moving companies.

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