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Moving is a Journey, Not a Destination 

Monday, March 27, 2023
A man with a suitcase standing in front of an landscape as he moved to a new state 

We all know the saying "Life is a Journey, Not a Destination", and this truly applies to moving. Moving to a new home, a new city or a new country is a huge adventure that leads to new experiences. It's about starting a new chapter, making new memories and exploring opportunities for work or even friendships.

Moving to a New City or a New Country 

One of the best aspects of moving is in the beginning when you decide where you want to move to. There could be a bunch of reasons for you to move to a new city or a new country. It could be for work, or family. Or you may be working remotely, and just want to explore life in a new post code. This can be a local move to a city in another state or taking a big leap over the seas for an international move. 

Domestic Move

Couple sitting on the floor, taking a break from packing their stuff for the move 

Moving domestically can have a lot going for it, but a lot also has to be done. The first would be to find a home to move into. Your new home state will dictate the cost of the homes, as well as the standard of living. It is here you decide if you are going for a short-term home aka renting out a place, or you are taking the plunge and buying a place. This can have to do with your financial situation. However, you can opt to take out a mortgage or a loan to help cover the costs. Which you will pay back with interest of course.  

But, when looking for a home while domestic moving there are a few things to think about. Such as how far it will be from work or your kids' school. And, is it close to the city? As well as what is around it in terms of shops, activities, parks, etc. Going back to the topic of school you would have to research which ones to send your kids to. This can impact which areas of the city you have to move to so that you can send them to that school district. 

Paperwork for Local Moves

Another aspect of local moves is the paperwork. We are not talking about a work visa or your passport. But, we are talking about your driver’s license as well as ID. Make sure that you change your license to be that of the new state you will be living in. It will make your life easier. As for your ID, you would have to change the address on it. It is best to sort out all your paperwork before the move from canceling utilities and making sure the children's school reports are in order. 

Moving to a new city in the same country has the advantage of there not being a language or culture barrier. You would have to get used to the slang in the area as well as the way things work, but it is not that much of a culture shock compared to moving to another country. Speaking of…

International Moving 

Woman standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris happy and smiling for the picture  

Moving internationally is more complicated when compared to a domestic move. Not a lot more if you are organized. Therefore, you would have to make sure that your papers are in order as well as updated, and not expired for your international move. The latter is true for your passport. Not only your own one but every one that is moving with you. Be it family, or your pets. 

While still on the topic of paperwork you would also have to apply for visas depending on why you are moving to a new country. If it is for work, you would need a work visa, studying, a study one. However, if you are planning to make this big move, then you should apply for your visa straight away since it can take months to get a result. And, if you get rejected then you would have to apply again.  

PCR tests are also to be considered when moving overseas. Some places will require this. Plus, you should also do research when it comes to the country's rules and restrictions regarding Covid vaccination. Furthermore, you should research what you need to apply for certain visas to certain countries. Every place has a different set of rules so it is better to be prepared than leaving it at the last minute and panicking. 

What to Keep in Mind About International Moves

Woman packing a vase into a box with foam before packing the rest of the house 

Another aspect of international moving is the travel, not only for the living creatures in your life but also for the objects too. Therefore, you should book your airplane tickets for your international move as soon as possible. Not only will this reduce stress and rushing but you could also get the tickets for a cheaper rate.  

The international move requires you to make a plan and act fast. You should reach out to an international moving company to aid you with the transfer of items from one place, across the seas, to another. This is so you know that your stuff will get there on time, as well as be in one piece.  

However, it would be wise to find a home to move into first. This will require research, maybe emails and phone calls as well. You can try to find real estate agents that offer virtual tours of the homes. Also if you are moving to a new country that speaks a different language you may want to consider taking lessons to learn the basics of the language. You can also do this online or by watching shows in that language. Just so you can get used to it and begin to understand it.  

When you arrive in the new country you would have to do some more paperwork. Find out what this all is before the move overseas so that when you land and set you can hit the ground running. You would need a bank account, medical, and a driver’s license among other things.  

International Moves With Shyft 

Driving and Transport to New Country 

Person driving a car as the sun rises moving to the new town 

The former may require you to take some lessons if you are driving on the other side of the road. This is more for you to get used to this. If you have been behind the wheel for a while, then it will take you a bit of time to change your muscle memory of driving. Therefore, expect to hit the interior of your car with your hand when changing gears quite a few times.   

A new country is more of a new world than a new city you moved to. There are different cultures, ways of life, languages, food, etc. There is a lot to explore and discover. At first, it will be a culture shock when you first land and go out into the world. And, there is also the fact of time zones so get ready for jet lag and sunny hours you may not be used to depending on where you come from and where you are going to. Also, keep in mind the exchange rate, and where to get the best “price” for your dollar. 

Finding a Moving Company 

A woman on a laptop sitting on her couch while researching moving quotes  

Regardless if you are crossing the seas or the lands you should strongly consider a moving company to help you handle the moving experience. However, you will need help to find the right one as well as to get everything sorted out for them to complete your move well.  

Shyft is the organizing moving fintech company of your dreams. We do all the organizing right down to finding you moving quotes from the best, and legitimate movers. But, we do a lot more, and getting in touch with us is as simple as typing on a keyboard. All you have to do is fill out a short form on our site, and your Move Coach will get in touch with you at a time that is convenient to your schedule.  

It is at this first meeting that your Move Coach will take down your inventory list while having a video call with you through the ShyftNext App. It is a mobile app that is free to download. When the call is over, the inventory list is sent to you within half an hour so that you can double-check it. When the list goes back to your Move Coach, and all the details of your move are gathered this is then transferred, securely, to Shyft’s bidding platform where movers from all over bid on your project. 

After this, we collect three moving quotes, or more, from separate moving companies to send to Shyft marketplace on our site to buy new items for your new adventure. These will be delivered directly to your new place. As well as every item, including dog-walking, insurance, mortgages, coming with a discount. 

Moving for Work 

Man on his laptop looking for moving options from Shyft 

Shyft not only does individual, or family moves internationally, or domestically in the USA, but we also handle company relocation. Therefore, if the reason behind your move is to do with work, then let Shyft give you a hand. We will do everything that we do for individuals. However, every employee making the move for business will work with their own Move Coach. That is right, there is no need for sharing in this case.  

What is more, is that employers can use a Shyft Card to transfer relocation funds (including work visas) to every employee relocating to the new office. It is a secure platform where employers send the funds directly to their employees. Also, the clear to read table lets them see where the funds are going and how everyone is doing in terms of money.  

Overall, people that have moved with us managed to save up to $600 on their move, and you can join this list. Having an extra $600 in your pocket at your new home can certainly help out a lot. 

Finding The Perfect Rental

Exterior of a building at night with apartments reflecting 

As we have mentioned it is not only important to know where you are moving to but what you are moving to. And, maybe a home rental would be the best option until you find your dream home and get your feet on the ground or apartment rental would work better for you. There are a mixture of long term and short term home rentals that we want to draw your interest to. Such as:


  • Homelike- monthly rentals of furnished apartments, all utility costs, no extra fees, flexible cancellation and worldwide locations. 
  • Landing-  Flexible leases, and concierge services that allow you to live at many locations, and for as long as you need. 

And more. But take some time to find the best home rentals for you and your family. 

Cleaning and Selling Your Home 

Man cleaning mirror in his bathroom before selling his house 

You found the place, booked the ticket, told the kids and pets. Now it is time to sell the house. Or to tell your landlord if you are renting. Either way, one of the best ways to start a new chapter is by closing the previous one. To do this would be to clean the house before you move into the new one. It can be kind of therapeutic that you are remembering the times of the past while cleaning top to bottom. Allowing the past homes new owners to experience as much joy as you have while living there.  

But clean your place, you must. Clean from the ceiling including around the lights, fans, and in the corners. Get those spider webs down and out, as well as wipe above the air-conditioners. Move down to the windows and doors. Then the floors and their corners. Vacuum, mop, wipe, wash curtains, clean the door handles. Do a full-on, over the top, deep and focus clean. If there is furniture staying in the home, make sure to move it into the center to get to the corner. As well as to clean under it all. Including the feet.  

Also clean the appliance such as the washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, bathtub, shower, sinks, everything. But clean the latter days before the move so that the surface has time to set.  

Furthermore, you can hire a real estate agent or go through Realogy to help you sell your clean home. Either will make it so much faster and easier to sell it than doing so by yourself.  

Moving is about the journey, the experience, the lesson learned, and the fun had. Enjoy the ride, while having fun with the excitement of the move. 

Man jumping from joy in street of a new city he moved to