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What You Need to Know When You're Moving Out Of State

Thursday, April 21, 2022
A map of the States in the United States, with their names written down

Long-distance relocation or moving from state to state is something that a lot of people want to, are able to, and need to do. Whether it be for work reasons, family, or just a need for more space due to being in lockdown. If you are thinking about moving out then we have some tips for moving out of state, just for you. 

Check Out The State First

When it comes to long-distance moving you want to make sure that the new state you are moving to is the place that you want to be. You can opt to take a trip to it. This is so you can see what it has to offer you. As well as to check out the potential homes, for you to buy or rent. 

Furthermore, if you are moving due to work reasons it can give you a chance to check out your new office space, and what is around it. You may not have much of a choice if you are moving for work, however, you can make the most of it. Plus, every state is kind of like entering a familiar yet different world. The language may be the same but the slang is different, for example.

Employees on a break leaning against a wall and smiling while talking to each other

If you are moving not due to work reasons then you may want to also check out the job opportunities in the state you are moving to. It would be easier to do some online research and to apply around. But, it would not hurt to go there in person just to get a feel for the place. This can answer your main question: are you willing to relocate to a new state? 

Do Your Movers Research 

Speaking of researching, it is one of the more important aspects of how to move out of state. Not only can you look up more tips and tricks to make your move run smoothly, but you can also find an experienced moving company to get you to your new home.

A closeup of woman’s hands who is typing on a laptop doing her research before moving

There are many long-distance moving options online that can be a touch overwhelming. But, there is Shyft that is willing to find a moving company for you to use, as well as many other things that we will get into later (suspense).  

And if you have children then you would have to research which school to send them to. This can narrow down which neighborhood you can move to. Since it depends on the school district. As well as transit to and from your job. But, make sure you send your children’s school records once you find the right school for your kids.  

Plus, you have to tell the kids as soon as possible that you all are moving to another state. This will give them time to mentally prepare for the move. As well as to be a part of the process. 

What’s Your Moving Budget 

Once you find your new home to move to, or once the company you work for has told you where you will go, it is now time to sort out your budget. If your company is relocating you then you can ask them if they can give you relocation assistance. This can be in the form of reimbursement when it comes to storage costs or lease termination fees. And, they may provide temporary housing, or even offer to cover your pre-move visit. But, the best is to ask and check with them.

A woman holding a calculator while calculating her budget for a move

Furthermore, you may have to set up a Shyft Card if your company can give you some relocation funds. 

However, if you are moving not for work reasons then you would have to create your budget by yourself. It will not be cheap, but you can work out some economical moving options to lighten the load. The first thing when it comes to budgeting is to work out how much money you need to move out.  

To start you should decide whether to hire a professional moving company, which may fetch you an average of 4, 890 USD depending on how heavy your stuff is and how long they will be in transit. You can go for a DIY move, but this will also cost you in terms of renting a truck or container, as well as gas for your own car. The cheapest way to move out of state can be DIY, but it does require a lot more planning, and effort on your end.  

Another thing to consider when working out your budget is packing material. This can be tapes, cardboard boxes, etc. You can save a bit here by using your suitcases and getting free, often used, cardboard boxes from stores. However, you cannot reuse the tape. And, another packing expense is bubble wrap, as well as containers to keep your electronic items, like your TV and PC, safe while moving.  

Also, take into account unexpected expenses that may pop up. 

Make Sure You Have a House/ Apartment Waiting for You 

The purpose of relocation is to move into a new home. This can be an apartment or a house. Plus, you can move into ready homes or take on a house that has a lot of projects, if you are into that. We have some great advice on buying a house.

A happy man holding out his house keys as he just bought a house

Either way, one of the most important moving cross-country tips anyone can give you is to make sure you have something to move into. This can be a home that the company leases for you till you find your forever home. Or you can make sure you have a forever home ready for you if you are not relocating for work purposes.

Move with Shyft

When Are You Moving? 

When you have found your place to move into, now would be a good time to organize when your moving date will be. This can be your deadline to get yourself, and your family, ready. However, make sure that your moving company is available and that you have let your work know that you will be moving that day.  

Another thing to consider is how much it will cost to move. This should also be included in your budget. Moving during the summer, over the weekends, or public holidays can make the costs higher. Therefore, if you have a choice when to move you should aim for off-peak seasons.

A woman pointing at her waist to indicate a watch with a polite, “hurry up” expression on her face

This can save you a lot of money, as well as try to move during the workweek instead of the weekend or Friday. 

Packing- Hint Start Early  

An aspect that goes hand in hand with moving anywhere is packing. This is very time-consuming, maybe even more so than finding a moving company. There are a few steps, and methods you can use to make your packing easier to handle.  

For example, if you have kids, make sure that you pack their room last. And if you have pets, make sure that you also keep their toys and bowls out till the last day. Also, while packing, try to keep to their usual schedule as much as you can.

Woman packing her stuff in the car, preparing to move out of her apartment

When you start packing you must start from the least used items, and end with the most used ones. Therefore, if there are paintings, old books, etc. that you want to take with you, you can pack those first. When it comes to cutlery you can pack those in the middle of the process. But, make sure you have some left out that you can still use while living in your current home.  

You can always wash them after your meals.  

Pack your computer, and television last. However, make sure that you have the correct packing for these items since they are expensive and breakable. It is also a very good idea to make carry-on bags for the items that you will use during your travel or when you arrive at your new home. This is a bag that you have with you while on transit.  

These items can include your toothbrush, PJs, change of clothes, etc. And for your kids, you can pack their favorite toys to take with them. You can also take your laptop with you while you are traveling.  

Plus, you can use suitcases to pack clothes. Using towels to wrap around your plates, etc. can also act as padding, decreasing the chances of breakage. 

Donate, Sell, Keep- Lighten Your Load

While packing you can decide what you want to take with you, and what you want to sell or donate. This can lighten your load, meaning that you would be charged a bit less for transporting it.  

Moving companies take into account the weight of objects. Keep this in mind when searching for a moving company. If they say they go by space used in their truck, it is a moving scam.  

It is important to also know how big your new home is. This can influence what you transport with you. Do you have enough space for your current fridge in your new home? Is there enough space for the couch? How big can your beds be? All these questions and more have to be answered. You would not want to transport something that cannot fit into your new home, now would you?

Furthermore, packing is also a great time to sell/ donate the old and get the new. You could sell your old TV for a new one, for example. Or you can get rid of items that are long past their lifespan or reaching it. By selling off items you can get money to help with your move as well as to buy new stuff that you need. There is Shyft Marketplace where you can look around for new stuff like mattresses, furniture, and even packing boxes.

Moving Supplies

When it comes to packing you would have to have moving supplies to transport your items cross-country, safely. As we mentioned you would need moving boxes, a lot of tapes, bubble wrap, and even foam pouches.  

Rolls of tape with scissors and rulers on a table ready for creative work

You must order or find all the supplies you need when you start your packing journey. If you start early you can also grab/ order more moving supplies if you run out before the moving date. It is suggested that you get your moving supplies at least a month before your moving date. However, the earlier the better.  

Therefore, make a list of what you have to take with you, what you can sell, and if you cannot sell, what you can donate.  

Also, make sure that you eat all your food before the moving date. However, if there is something left behind like in cans, then you can donate it to Move for Hunger to get it out of your old house, and into the hands of people who need it. 

Cancel Memberships and Utilities 

You must also cancel memberships that you have in your old state. Such as the gym, hobbies that you do, etc. If you have a monthly membership subscription to something you have to cancel it one month before your moving date. 

However, you can also check if it is possible to transfer your membership. Such as for a branded gym that is in multiple locations and states. Check this before canceling it.  

Plus, when it comes to utilities you would have to let your cable, internet, water, gas, electricity, etc. know that you are in the process of moving to another state. If you know your new address when you can transfer the utilities there or set up an installation date so that you can be up and running as soon as you get into your new home.  

But, it would be advisable to look up other utility companies in your new state, you may find a discount or bonus? 

Driver License and All Documents 

After you have moved to your new home, it is a wise idea to sort out your official papers as soon as you can. This includes your driver’s license. Every state has a different set of laws. Therefore, it is important to update your driver’s license to reflect your new address.  

Plus, you can also register to vote in your new home-state at the DMV. 

A man is reading a contract and he is about to sign the paper

How Shyft Can Help You Move To a New State 

Moving state to state can be time-consuming and at certain times worrisome. However, we have the best moving options cross-country to make your moving process so much easier. And that is a company that we have mentioned at the beginning- Shyft.  

The best way to describe Shyft is that they are your personal move organizer. They are real people who have experience in moving. Furthermore, they want you to get from one state to another safely and in due time.

How it works is that you get a Move Assistant who is there to guide you every single step of the way. You would start with a video call where they take your inventory. After that, they send you the inventory list within half an hour on the same day.  

And, you can have this call whenever you are free. It depends on your schedule. Not theirs. When the list is sorted out, then Shyft starts looking for experienced moving companies that they have worked with.  

This process happens by Shyft going to a bidding war, where the three best prices win at the end to make your move happen. These are three guarantee quotes, from three different, but experienced moving companies. No hidden costs.  

Then Shyft is there for every step of the way, including doing all the organizing of getting you to your new state, safely. They will do all the necessary steps for you. Aka everything that you do not want to do for your move, but have to.  

When it comes to moving from state to state, there is a lot of planning and work involved. Let Shyft lighten your load, while you look forward to a new, yet a bit familiar adventure, awaiting you.