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ShyftX: The Moving Software Shortcut for Movers

Friday, February 4, 2022
Office desk with desktop screen showing Shyft’s moving software that helps people find professional, licensed movers for their move

If you’re a mover or part of the wider moving industry adjusting to operating under these unprecedented circumstances, we want to help make your transition as smooth as possible.As part of this, we believe our ShyftX platform can be a shortcut to sustained success for moving companies globally.

In the moving industry, we have all been through a major ordeal over the last 4 months. Joblessness has risen to an extremely worrying level both in the US and many other countries, and many would-be new hires and transferees’ moves have been canceled or postponed.

This had led to many of you having vast untapped capacity. 

One of the undesired consequences of this has been job losses, which have affected every sector of the moving industry.

We founded Shyft as moving industry veterans ourselves, and the impact of COVID-19 on our business - especially having to reduce our headcount - as well as on the industry as a whole, has been painful to witness.

But ShyftX has been a bright spot for us amongst the grey. And we believe our moving software can give moving companies a massive boost in difficult times.

Why? Because it can help you attract business, give you short-term wins, and boost your long-term improved productivity.

1. ShyftX’s Moveboard can drive business to movers

ShyftX can help you attract business. Through our Moveboard, you can bid on moves and car shipments, taking place in the US and internationally.

Through our moving app, you have the option of using your teams to carry out the video survey, so you can make the most of their staff who otherwise might not be able to be active.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of our fully managed video surveys and cube sheets.

2. ShyftX’s Video Surveys save movers time and money, while meeting COVID-19 best sanitary practices

Demand for video surveys has surged, as movers and transferees everywhere look to reduce face-to-face contact in any way they can. 

At the same time, a video survey offers a host of benefits to both the mover and the transferee that an in-home survey cannot:

  • It saves both parties time - clocking in at around 30 minutes as opposed to 3 hours, a video survey saves movers 2 ½ hours on each move, as well as being ultra-convenient for the transferee
  • 95% accurate inventory lists - our algorithm produces extremely accurate inventory lists for you, from every pre move video survey in an hour or less
  • Video surveys with ShyftX keep your transferees happy - because of the super-fast turnaround times, accurate inventory lists, and convenience, we have maintained a 4.9 star (out of 5) customer satisfaction rate across over 300k surveys
  • 24/7 availability - our round the clock availability adds an extra layer of convenience and flexibility for your transferees, giving them the support they need for their move, exactly when they need it
  • Omni communication - Shyft X gives you and your transferees the option to call, text and email, all through one platform, for the ultimate ease of communication
  • 9 languages spoken with a smile - the ShyftX team is fluent in 9 languages, ready to help out the diverse, international range of people who are your customers

A mobile phone in customer’s hand showing Shyft’s video survey call for inventory estimate

3. ShyftX offers long-term transparency, data protection and security

As concerns about transparency, data protection, and security grow, ShyftX’s moving software offers you a number of features to alleviate these worries:

  • Digital storage for up to seven years - Your video survey and all of your communication with the transferee is in one place, stored chronologically and securely for up to seven years (this is not possible with FaceTime) 
  • Complete transparency - these permanent video recordings allow for complete transparency, simplifying your claims process and allowing for a better transferee experience overall
  • ShyftX is available on desktop, and mobile - cross-platform availability lets the transferee use the platform they are most comfortable with
  • Increased productivity - a simplified claims process, a streamlined cross-platform comms channel with the transferee, and hours and hours of time saved through video surveys all add up to increase your productivity in the long-term.

Combined, all of these factors make ShyftX into moving software that can add real value to your operations, allowing you to give transferees an incredible relocation experience.

So, if you’re looking to elevate the moving experience you give your customers, why not try ShyftX today?

Shyft for Moving Companies