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Shyft City Guide: All About Moving to Austin

Monday, March 27, 2023
Skyline view of a bridge over the lake going into Austin, Texas

Texas is the Lone State that is not lonely with so many people moving there for job purposes. Certainly so when it comes to its capital, Austin. It is becoming one of the biggest tech hubs in the US. Almost on the same level as Miami. People are moving to Austin for other reasons, and we will get more into it. 

Amazing Reasons To Move To Austin, Texas

You are probably asking yourself: why move to Austin, Texas? What makes it different from other tech hub cities? Well, we will answer those questions, without giving too much away. Part of moving to a new city is to explore it and make your own story. 

However, Austin has so much going for it. The main one is that it has a growing and thriving job market where the unemployment rate has decreased significantly over the last few years. This rate is lower than the national average, as well as the average of Texas, Austin clocks in at 2. 7 percent while Texas and the US are at 3. 8 percent from 2019. It is one of the go-to cities when it comes to not only big-name companies but also start-ups as well as more independent businesses. 

More About Silicon Hills

It has gotten to a point where it is nicknamed “Silicon Hills” due to its increase in businesses making their way to the capital of the Lone Star State with stars in their eyes. Facebook, Dell, IBM, Apple, Samsung, and even Google have headquarters in the city of possibilities.  

Plus, there is also the SXSW tech festival and conference to get the know-how when it comes to tech, and running tech businesses. But, what if tech is not your thing? Not to worry since Austin has other job opportunities for those that are not tech-minded people. Such as: 

  • General businesses
  • Government jobs
  • Healthcare
  • Working in education
  • Entertainment such as independent filmmaking and a lot more
  • Engineering 

Just to name a few job options you could find in the city. It is worth the trip of the opportunities. Hence, why so many people are going for it. 

A woman holding up a clapper board to her face and looking at the camera

With the influx of jobs being moved to the city or being created in it, it has made Austin be able to offer their residents a weekly average pay that is 10 percent higher than the national average of the US. 

Austin is Winning 

Furthermore, Bloomberg has listed this city of rock and roll as the top one for economic growth in the state of Texas. And, as you know Texas is a huge state so you can guess that the competition was tough. Plus, Austin is also the fifth fastest-growing city in the United States of America.  

Therefore, if you are a small business owner you would not want to miss out on the opportunities that are present in the city with a person’s name. Even if you have a large business you still would not want to miss out on this tech hub. Not to mention that Austin is also great for women entrepreneurs, just to add to the list of benefits to moving there for work reasons. 

Follow The Lead of Some of The Greats aka Elon Musk Moving to Austin 

If you need another push then here it is: Elon Musk, the biggest tech-minded, often memed, entrepreneur is building his next Tesla factory in Austin. It is safe to say that Tesla is moving to Austin. 

Not only is the Tesla founder making his way to Austin, but numerous other tech companies are moving to Austin, too. Some of them are already there. Oracle said that they are moving their headquarters to the city in December, 2020, and Dropbox’s CEO has purchased a house in the city with plans to settle down there.  

Moving Options In Austin 
A man in a blue sweater charging his Tesla electric car

And, as we mentioned, not only are the big boys and girls making their downtown in Austin but so are the smaller, new companies moving to Austin. An example is Papaya Global, which has 32 (so far) employees working in the Silicon Hills

Life Outside of Work 

While Austin is able to offer quite a high salary, the cost of living is not that high. This means that you and your family can enjoy the great weather and the activities that the city has to offer without breaking the bank. Remember: All work and no play make people go insane and break doors.  

This will not be the case in Austin with their average salary being 74, 860 USD, there is no state income tax and an average bedroom rent will fetch you 1, 068 USD excluding inexpensive essentials. Or the average cost of a house is just a bit over 400, 000 USD. Even public transportation is not too expensive, where you would only have to pay 60 USD for a pass.  

You would have to save up to buy a house, but that is a standard in the housing market. At least rent is not that high. Either way, you can check out the numerous tours showing off the history of the land. However, if you are more of a foodie, then Austin has you covered. There are over 1 500 food truck vendors with tasty food to sink your teeth into.

Food vendor cooking hot dogs and burgers

To Sit, To Eat  

As well as fanatics sit-down places such as bars, restaurants, and several breweries. A highlight is Bartlett's with their outstanding menus for lunch and dinner. You can also grab a bite (or a few) at fine dining places such as Odd Duck, Uchi, and Barley Swine.  

If you are looking for a more casual feel then head down to Loro Austin or Whisler if you are looking for a tasty drink. However, the best thing you can do in Austin is to explore the food and drink places and find yourself a new favorite. Tech companies moving to Austin still need to eat. 

Outdoor Fun 

Another draw to Austin is their outdoor activities where cycling is “so in” but individual cars are always better. Just watch out for the traffic. Anyway, the outdoor activities that Austin loves to give their visitors and residents are plentiful with water recreations like the Zilker Metropolitan Park or the Barton Springs Pool. There are several swimming pools and lakes just waiting for you to take a dip while the summer sun is shining bright. 

A squirrel swimming in a lake surrounded by greenery in Zilker Metropolitan Park

A local favorite is the swimming hole found in South Austin that is three acres with a constant temperature that is between 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. After a swim, you can dry off by taking a walk, cycle, or a jog in one of the 220 (and more) parks.   

The Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park is great for hikers, adventurers, and dog lovers since it has 293 acres of open space. Either way there is something for all active people to check out and do. Plus, it is safe and fun. 

Indoor Fun 

While the great outdoors is great, sometimes you just want to relax inside the comfort of your own home. Or if the party bug has bitten you to hit a night on the town of Austin. Since Texas is particularly the birthplace of music, Austin is no different with its bumping nightlife. Certainly wonderful for those with itchy dancing feet. 

Close up of three people clinking glasses in Antone's NightClub

Pop by Antone's Nightclub and R&B venue where the great Stevie Ray Vaughn performed. You can check out national headliners as well as new stars on the horizon. Skylark Lounge is also a go-to place to listen to and watch live music. 

But, if you are more on the visual side of life than the audio there is South By Southwest, aka SXSW to catch the latest films as well as the Austin Film Festival. Whatever you want to do, day or night, Austin has you covered in between your work hours. Just keep safe, y’all. 

Won’t Anyone Think of The Children Moving

Why the city Austin did since there are a lot of places that children have fun at and even learn new things. Moving to Austin with kids can be worthwhile just due to the Thinkery which is where they can play while learning. They could develop a general interest in mathematics, technology, engineering, and science.  

Speaking of science, there is the Science Mill in Johnson City. It offers kids interactive learning through their use of programs, exhibits, and, more importantly, games. Furthermore, there is also a place that can help teach children the importance of the environment as well as how to protect it. 

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center has many gardens that display the native plants of Texas. Plus, all of the places we just mentioned are not only great for kids, but parents, and guardians too since you can also learn something. Or at least look at pretty plants.   

Not to mention the outdoors with its numerous parks, playgrounds, hiking trails, water activities, and a lot more. A classic picnic is always a fine idea during great weather. 

Happy kids running in a line and having fun in the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Plus, the Awesome Neighborhoods 

While there are many things to do in Austin, and there are plenty of jobs being created, or coming in, one of the major concerns for people moving to Austin tech hub, is which neighborhood to live in? 

This is important and answering the question: where to move to in Austin? Can be a bit tough to answer since it all depends on the individual and their family. But Austin does offer a lot of awesome options when it comes to living spaces. 

The great neighborhoods that litter Austin, without paper, are made up of different and diverse types of people as well as different housing options and vibes. Therefore, there is something that can suit you and your family's feelings, needs, and budget. 

Diverse group of friends, smiling, hunched over, and looking at the camera for a selfie

Going Downtown 

Downtown is the place to live in for the vibrant entertainment as well as the grand dining culture. Plus, there are upscale apartments or condos just waiting for you to call them home. Furthermore, depending on where you live downtown and how much you are willing to spend, you can be within walking distance from the center of the city. 

Going to The East

East Austin can easily be seen as one of the most diverse neighborhoods due to its influx of hipsters combined with its historic culture. It is rated as one of the fastest-growing areas of Austin since people who love culture, arts, history, and a different mix of people are flocking to it. Plus, it is close to downtown. 

Going to The West

If you want to live somewhere that is not too city-bound and more in the countryside, then West Austin is for you. It is filled with greenery, not to mention many golf clubs. Plus, there are great schools here, among the big houses. This is a great neighborhood for families to grow up and old in. And the center is within traveling distance for work. 

Vector illustration of a compass

How to Move to Austin, Texas, But Doing It Shyftly 

Hopefully, we have tempted you to take a chance with Austin. If so then we have great news for you. Finding great Austin moving services is not an easy task, but our great news is that we have a solution for you through Shyft. Shyft is your go-to moving organization app that finds three moving company prices from three different, yet experienced businesses, and Shyft will advise you which moving company quote you should take. Plus, the costs are fixed and guaranteed. 

But, that is not all they do. They will take your inventory during a video call and send it to you in half an hour so that you can see what you have, and they know which three moving company quotes to search for. However, when they send you the moving quotes and pick the one you want, Shyft does not disappear.  

They organize your move for you. As well as be there every step of the way, day or night. You get your own personal Move Assistant to coach you on what to do. As well as how to do it and keep you up to date with what is going on. 

Get Started With Shyft 

To get started with Shyft, go to their site, fill out a little form and give them a call. When the wheels start rolling they do not stop until you are in your new Austin (or elsewhere) home. Since Shyft will be doing the organizing for you that means you have more time to get ready for the move. As well as maybe even a chance to take a short trip to Austin to check out your future home. 

A remote worker using the Shyft website on her PC in her home office

Therefore, let them focus on your move, so you can focus on your family and work. As well as to plan your business/ working future in one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in the US: Austin, Texas. Either that or make your way to Miami.  

Either way, happy, safe, and profitable relocating. We hope you can fulfill your and your family dreams in the great city of Austin.