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Onwards to Denver

Thursday, March 31, 2022
Beautiful Denver cityscape at Sunset

Are you thinking of moving to Denver? Well, you are not alone since Denver is becoming the go-to destination for young people looking to get into the thriving job market. Although the housing prices are quite high in the Mile High City, this does not turn people away as much as you would expect it would. So let’s get into why people are making their way to Denver. And, why would you want to be one of them. 

Jobs, Jobs, and Guess What? Jobs

One of the main reasons that young people are flocking to Denver is because of the rise in job opportunities that the city of Denver is experiencing. It is currently robust when it comes to defense, healthcare, finance, aerospace, and even the hospitality sectors. The IT industry is also on the rise as is the beverage production industry, among others. And with Denver being known for its variety of beers the latter is not too surprising.

A laptop on a wooden table next to a cup of coffee and a notepad

So much so that the city is attracting people from Boulder, Colorado Springs as well as New York, while also keeping their current residents wanting to stay in the city for a lot longer. Denver has been ranked the fourth-highest when it comes to job satisfaction out of 103 US cities. Furthermore, 67 percent of the respondents have mentioned that they are happy to very happy with the job market in Denver. 

Denver Cost of Living

As we have pointed out in the beginning that the rent and housing situation is on the rise when it comes to Denver. The rent for a one-bedroom apartment is said to be 1 263 USD per month while a two-bedroom apartment easily fetches you 1 548 USD per month. And while the cost of living in Denver is 12 percent higher than the national average, it is still cheaper than places like Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Magnifying glass on a house plan next to a model of a house with a piggy bank in the background

However, there are also other cities that have a much higher cost of living than Denver. Plus, with all that this city has to offer, not to mention the increase in job opportunities, it can be worth it. Denver has so much going for it that the cost of living does not chase people away. And who knows? Maybe it will decrease? 

Education in Denver

An aspect that could be the reason for many youths to gravitate towards Denver is its high-quality education. It is known as the hub for academia with many high-ranking schools and universities. There is the University of Denver, Regis University, and the University of Colorado Boulder just 30 minutes away from the center of Denver.

A hand holding up a lightbulb with a little graduation hat on it

Recreational Weed is Legal

One of the things to know about moving to Denver is that recreational weed is legal. This has been so since 2012, causing a huge surge in commerce. So much so that it made Denver number two on the Business Insider’s 50 Best Places to Live in America for 2019. You can get the legal grass at the iconic green medical crosses pharmacy-looking dispensaries.

Scale weighing of recreational weed

Furthermore, it is safe to buy the stuff since there are “budtenders” that walk you through the process step by step so that you know which strain to get, how big the dosage is, and what the outcome will be. And you have to be 21 or over to purchase weed but only up to one ounce (28.3495 g) at a time. Which is how much you are allowed to possess and make sure it is in a sealed container while you are driving or in transport. 

Move Now, Pay Later Options

Culture, Art and Fun

When you decide to relocate to Denver is the thing you want to do, you can expect a lot of fun and culture. For one, Denver is known for its large collection of beers. Outside of the bars, there are a lot of interesting places to check out. Certainly so when it comes to the culture.

Silhouette of a couple dancing on a stage with yellow and blue lights around them

There is the Red Rocks Amphitheater which is a huge draw for headliners. It is an outdoor venue that takes advantage of the good weather that does happen in Denver. Furthermore, there is a wide collection of all sorts of festivals from music, beer, and more.  

If you are into museums you can check out such venues as the Denver Art Museum, the DCPA (Denver Performing Arts Complex), and the Denver Nature and Science Museum. In the DCPA you can catch opera, ballet, and even Broadway performances. Also, there is the Museum of Contemporary Art. Not to mention the delicious Denver food. And there is also the Denver zoo if you are an animal lover, or you can even check out the Denver animal shelter if you are looking to adopt.  

So if you are wondering “what to do in Denver?” The answer is… a lot. Denver is not only a hub for job opportunities, it is also a hub for fun and culture. 

Denver Neighborhoods

One of the first things that people move to Denver, or anywhere for that matter, even if you are moving to Denver alone, is the neighborhoods. Luckily, Denver has plenty with every neighborhood as unique as the other.  

We would strongly recommend that you visit all the neighborhoods that Denver has to offer, even the ones that we do not mention. This is because you can get a feeling for the places when you are there. If possible. Every neighborhood has its own vibe, and we are going to mention the more popular ones.

Two men in the nature jumping up and giving each other a high five

River North Arts District aka RiNo is viewed as the heart of the arts and culture scene. Many of the warehouses have been changed and converted into music venues, restaurants, galleries, and breweries.  

Lower Downtown or LoDo for short, is in the center of Denver where you can experience the thrill of the nightlife, check out the best Denver bars, shops as well as many sports games due to the sports clubs in Denver. Denver is well-known for Denver basketball, hockey, and baseball. 

Cap Hill as in Capitol Hill is the most densely populated area of Denver. It is located about 1, 5 miles (2,4 km) south of the center of Downtown. There is a lot going for it in terms of historic charm with a huge touch of modernism. Furthermore, it has many great coffee shops and restaurants for the young, and young at heart.  

But, again, do not only take our word for the neighborhoods. Head down to them and have a look around for yourself. This is the best way to get to know and see your future forever home. 

Denver Climate

The climate of Denver is mostly sunny throughout the year. However, the winter can offer about 50 inches (1, 27 m) of snow on average annually. However, the snow does not stick to the ground for very long.  

Therefore, Denver would be a great place for those that love all four seasons. The temperatures can vary greatly, meaning that they can fall or rise by 40 degrees Fahrenheit in a few hours, depending on the altitude.

Little snowman with a red scarf and a black top hat standing in the snow

Due to the seasons, you can do a lot from skiing to sunbathing. Denver is said to have about 300 days of summer per year which is more than Miami and San Diego by comparison.  

We have hinted that the altitude of Denver can affect the temperature, and this is true. Denver is about one mile (1, 6m) above sea level giving it a desert-like climate. Hence, the possible reasoning behind the changes in the temperature. It may take you some time to get used to the thin air but that is easy, and shortly done. Just remember your winter clothes and sunblock so that all the seasons are covered. 

Nature in the City

Another one of the main highlights of living in Denver is the natural scenery and the outdoor life. From Denver water park to the best hikes in Denver, the outdoors are a blessing for those that want to move there. There are many great ski resorts for the winter, white-water rafting for the summer as well as backcountry skiing, and mountain biking.

Silhouette of a mountain bike on a hill against a setting sun

These are only some of the few outdoor activities you, and your family can do. Due to the surplus of outdoor activities, Denver has been placed in the top 10 healthiest cities in the USA. We even have a list of the must-see spots in nature for you to check out and experience:

  • Rocky Mountain National Park for your horseback riding, hiking, and camping needs
  • Mount Evan where you can summit to check out the wonderful views of the land
  • Idaho Springs where you can go whitewater rafting  

And for people that love to chill in the parks there is the: 

  • Washington Park
  • City Park 
  • Confluence Park 
  • Cherry Creek Bike Path 

Just to name a few. And, if you want a natural place to relax then check out Glenwood Springs which has over 30 hot springs that work all year round. 

However, if you are more into having an outdoor adventure, then Denver also has you covered with the Rocky Mountain Ziplines, where you can zip through the Rocky Mountains on over 6,000 feet (1, 82 km) of cable. 

Plus, there are countless ski resorts, for those that love the feel of the snow. Such as: 

  • Vail Mountain Resort
  • Breckenridge
  • Winter Park 
  • Copper Mountain 

Whatever outdoor activities you want to do, Denver has you covered. Best hikes are in Denver. So why not take a trip there, and have a look around. You can do this at the same time as you are checking out your future neighborhood to move into. 

Move Long Distance Fast

How Shyft Can Help You Get To Denver 

When relocating to Denver, Colorado it will require a lot of planning. This is the standard when it comes to moving regardless of where you are moving to. However, it is a time-consuming thing that many people would rather avoid and just get to the destination. That is where Shyft comes in.  

Shyft can be simply viewed as your personal moving organizer. They give you a knowledgeable Move Assistant who will advise you what to do and lead you through the whole time-consuming process. They are there for you every step of the way, 24 hours a day, day and night, every day of the week.

A smiling, friendly woman chatting to Shyft about her move to Denver on a video call

Furthermore, the process is simple when you work with Shyft. All you have to do is fill out their short and simple form and give them a call. They will organize a video meeting at a time that is convenient to your schedule, regardless of the hours. During this video call, you can ask questions, and the Move Assistant will make your inventory list of all the stuff you want to move to your new home in Denver.  

After the call, you will be sent the inventory list in half an hour so that you can check it. When that is all ready Shyft will then do the work of looking for three quotes from three different moving companies to take on your project. You will be sent these three different quotes so that you can decide which one is best for you. Furthermore, these quotes are guaranteed with no hidden costs. Plus, all the moving companies are professional with a lot of experience in relocation and moving.   

And, another great thing about Shyft is that they have a home and lifestyle tab on their easy-to-use site. It is here that you can see what you can buy in terms of mattresses, moving boxes, etc. that will be delivered to you, regardless of where you live in the USA. What is also awesome about this tab is that you can look for new houses under “Inspired Living” if you have not found one yet.  

With Shyft’s help getting to Denver is a lot easier than doing it all by yourself. And relocating to Denver with family is also very easy to do with Shyft doing all the work. Denver awaits you, and Shyft will get you there safely. Plus, you can save money when you use Shyft, so give them a call today.