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Moving to The Netherlands from The US

Monday, March 27, 2023
Street photography of colorful buildings of unique architecture by the canal in Amsterdam

Moving across the ocean to the sights, sounds, tastes, and cultures of Europe is a very inviting idea especially if you have a job waiting for you there. It is still an inviting offer without the latter, but the latter surely does make it easier. Outside of work, why else would you want to make the move to Europe, in particular move to the Netherlands? What does the Netherlands have that you cannot get in the USA? Is moving to the Netherlands easy? Well, find out the answers and see why it would be worth your time to move to the Netherlands.

First, Is It Worth Moving to The Netherlands?

A man on the street of Rotterdam walking and pushing his bike

Before you think if you can, you should question if you should. And, the short answer is that moving to the Netherlands is worth it. The Netherlands can offer you a high quality of life that is less expensive than that in the USA. The cost of living in the Netherlands is said to be about 20% lower than that of the US. Certainly so if you decide to live outside of the more popular and populated cities such as Amsterdam.  

Furthermore, the area is full of outstanding architecture as well as infrastructure while also being known for having a low crime rate. What is more, is that the Netherlands also offers high-quality when it comes to education, giving it a place as one of the most critically acclaimed countries in Europe. 

With any country, there are pros and cons of moving to the Netherlands with the cons being getting used to the way of life, the culture, and language and all the usual things one can expect when relocating to a new country on a new continent. As well as the high tax rate in the Netherlands.  

However, the taxes are put to good use making the benefits of moving to the Netherlands certainly outweigh the cons. More so when it comes to a balanced life and work environment. Many people living in the Netherlands can get by extremely nicely with one job, while a lot of places outside of it, may require people to get two to stay afloat.

Things to Know Before Moving to The Netherlands

A couple sitting on the floor in a room looking at Amsterdam relocation options on open laptop while smiling

When you have weighed up the pros and cons of moving to the Netherlands and have decided that the Netherlands is calling your name, you will have to get to work. You have to organize aspects before your moving to the Netherlands can even begin since you are the only one who can do it. However, there is a lot of information and advice to guide you during your relocation to the Netherlands

One thing to know for sure is that you will need a visa to make your move. As an American citizen, you can have access to the DAFT (Dutch American Friendship Treaty) visa. This is a residence permit with a bit more. If you are a business person or an entrepreneur willing to invest $4 800 in the Dutch economy, then the DAFT visa is as good as yours. This visa lets you have a residence permit which can lead to Dutch citizenship after five years while working in the Netherlands.  

If you are unable to apply for the DAFT visa, there are other visas that you can apply for. Such as student visas, tourist visas, resident visas, family visas, work visas, etc.

How to Move to the Netherlands from the US?

A main canal of Amsterdam in spring with calm water and threes getting greener

The process of moving to the Netherlands usually goes as follows, certainly so if you are not able to apply for a DAFT visa: 

  • Apply and get a job in the Netherlands (so you can support yourself)
  • Make sure your new Dutch employer obtains your work permit since only they can
  • Collect all your documents for your residence permit. This includes: 
  • Valid, six months or more after your move, current passport
  • The application form for a residence permit can find at the IND office or their site
  • Clear criminal certificate from your local police station
  • Proof of income of at least $1 300 Monthly
  • Birth certificate 
  • Appendix Antecedent Certificate, there is a form for it on the IND website
  • Depending on the type of visa you are applying for you would also have to provide proof of your work contract for a work visa, a marriage certificate to live with your Dutch partner for a family/ marriage visa, or a letter of acceptance for one of the Dutch universities that you got accepted into for your student visa. 
  • Apply for and obtain a Dutch temporary residence permit which is valid for five years and can be renewed
  • Also, register at the Dutch Municipality so that you can get your BSN number. This allows you to work in the Netherlands as well as to open a bank account there

Make sure that all your documents are legalized with the Apostille Stamp for Visa before you submit them.

Healthcare in The Netherlands

A little boy and his mother looking at each other, face to face, outdoors

Depending on your age can indicate if you need to take out healthcare insurance in the Netherlands or just use what you have from your home country. For example, as a student below the age of 30 years old, you are not required to take the Netherlands healthcare insurance.

However, if you are not a student or/and over the age of 30 years old then you would have to pay for healthcare insurance within the first three months of residing in the Netherlands. This is about $131 per month. And, if you need more than you would have to cover an “own risk” amount that is capped off at $427 per year. 

Furthermore, part of your salary is taxed by the Dutch government as is the standard with a fraction of it going towards the universal healthcare system of the Netherlands. By law, you are required to have healthcare insurance if you have a resident visa. And, this will open you up to the world-class healthcare that the Netherlands has to offer.

Americans Moving to The Netherlands Can Use Shyft

City photography of Netherlands canal with ships and people on the shore enjoying their day in the sun

As soon as you decide to relocate to the Netherlands, you should get your moving process going. You do not have to do it alone since moving organizing takes up a lot of your time, and money. You can use Shyft to do the organizing of your moving experience for you. Shyft is the world’s first tech-driven moving platform where we carry out everything to do with your moving process while saving you money. 

You can get in touch with Shyft by filling in our short form on our secure website. It is also here that you can read up on all that we offer from corporate moving help to the marketplace that we offer. When you fill out the form we are notified, and we will get in touch with you at the time that you say. This meeting is a video chat which is done through the free-to-download mobile app, Shyft Next which works with iOS and Android devices.

A woman and a man looking at a camera while walking down the street holding hands

Here is where and when you will meet your Move Coach who is the real-life person to guide you through the entire Shyft moving process. You can ask them questions, and get more knowledge. It is also during this meeting that your Move Coach will create your inventory list for you. This process will require you to give them a virtual tour of your current home. 

This means that you do not have to wait for some to arrive and you do the tour right there and then. Furthermore, when the call is over, this inventory list will be sent to you within half an hour. It is only 95% accurate which is a lot, to begin with. However, you can make it 100% by adding items that may have been missed or removing items that you have changed your mind about. Plus, you can also add notes on certain features that you deem important for the movers to know. 

When all is said and done with your 100% inventory list, you will send it to your Move Coach. They will present this list as well as your moving information (no personal info) to Shyft’s secure moving board.

From the Moving Board and Beyond

Red tulips in a field of Netherlands with blue sky in the background

The moving board is where moving companies that take on either local or international projects gather to bid. You want the latter, obviously, and every single moving company is experienced as well as being verified by Shyft themselves. It is through this bidding process that Shyft collects moving quotes from three or more moving companies. Each quote is from a different mover. Plus, all the quotes are fixed, even if your inventory list were to change. What you see is what you pay, with zero hidden costs to catch you off guard. 

The moving quotes as well as information about the companies are sent your way. You decide which one to work with by making an informed decision. And, as soon as you let Shyft know which one is your mover of choice, we will lock them down straight there and then before they get taken by someone else.

A man working remotely from an industry styled coffee shop in Netherlands

As we have mentioned we also offer other items on our site with the main ones being Shyft’s moving marketplace called Home & Lifestyle. In this marketplace not only do you get a range of products to choose from such as mattresses to office supplies, but you also get to pick out different types of services, such as mortgages, temporary housing, and more. Plus, all the items and services on the marketplace come with a discount. 

Also, there is the corporate moving tab on our site, if you are in the market to move your company over to the Netherlands. Shyft can help you with moving employees. If you are interested, we will get to work to help your corporate move be smoother and easier to handle. 

Through the moving process with Shyft, be it a personal or a corporate move, you can get in touch with us seven days a week to see how things are going. Or to even just ask for advice. Reach out today and get the Shyft moving experience started. Make the Netherlands your new home with Shyft leading you there safely. While also saving you money.

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