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Tulsa- Your New Remote Working Home, and Why

Thursday, March 31, 2022
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Remote work is growing in popularity very quickly since the pandemic took a hold of the world. However, people who work from home can decide which home to work from. And that is where Tulsa, Oklahoma comes to play. Have you heard about the Tulsa relocation grants waiting to be taken by remote workers? 

About The Tulsa Relocation Program

Tulsa is aiming to tempt as many remote workers as possible, and a good way to do it is with the 10 000 USD grants from them to make the move. Moving to Tulsa with 10 000 USD in a remote worker's bank account is a great way to make them pick up and go. However, there is more for remote workers than just the 10 000 USD incentive in this relocation program.  

The breakdown of the money goes as follows:

  • 2500 USD for relocation costs 
  • 500 USD monthly for stipends
  • 1500 USD at the end of a year
  • Or remote workers can get the money upfront to put towards purchasing a home. However, 10 000 will not cover the whole cost, since the average for a house is 157, 000 USD. But, 10 000 is a great start to it.  

While Tulsa does want as many people as possible to make them their home, there are restrictions. For one the grants only apply for US permanent residents, currently not living in Tulsa, hence having to make the move. 

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As well as to have to commit to living in and working in Tulsa for a year, and are able to move within a year. They should also have a full-time remote job or are self-employed but receive a consistent income. As well as to be 18 years or older.  

Outside of getting a possible grant to help with moving expenses, there is also a coworking community called 36 Degrees North, found in Downtown Tulsa. This means that remote workers can have a workspace to do their job, while surrounded by like-minded people to help keep each other focused.   

Brief History of The Remote Workers’ Grant to Tulsa

The program started in November 2018 and it has been very successful so far. The original plan was to welcome 25 applicants. However, over 10 000 people applied meaning that the program decided to push the accepted applicants up to 100. 70 have moved to the city where 12 of them have purchased houses.  

And Tulsa also wants to help new remote workers feel a part of the Tulsa family. Therefore, there will be community-building programs, meetups, events for local nonprofits or individuals. If you are interested in applying for the grant then check Tulsa Remote as well as filling out the application form there. Good luck.  

Long Distance Moving 

How Working in a Coworking Space Can Help Remote Workers 

While it is great to work and live anywhere in the world and have a job to do; one of the most challenging aspects of remote work is to keep focus. That is why there are multiple coworking spaces that want to attract freelancers or people who do remote work. 

The idea is that if you surround yourself with people who are working, you will work more too. Your productivity will increase. Furthermore, going to a working space will add more structure to your life since you would have to be in a different location. Much like going to an office. Or to a cafe. A change of location separates your home life from your work life, making it easier to do the latter more efficiently.

Three people in a coworking space writing their business ideas in notebooks surrounded with laptops

However, you control how often and how long you stay in the working environment. Plus, an additional bonus to a coworking space is that you can interact with, and meet new people. Some may even be in the same profession as you. This can help you to bounce ideas or just to have someone to talk to.  

The truth of the matter is that remote work from home is lonely with a ton of distractions. Some people can handle it, but this is quite rare. Therefore, the fact that there is a space at 36 Degrees North waiting for you is extremely appealing, almost as much as getting the grant. Not to mention the several benefits of employers when sending out remote workers. 

Life in Tulsa 

While the 10, 000 USD grant is life-changing, and the coworking space is inviting, there is a lot more to Tulsa than just work. There is play. Without it, remote workers would go mad. If they are art lovers here, you can check out, not one but two world-renowned art museums. The Gilcrease Museum and the Philbrook Museum.  

The former celebrates Thomas Gilcrease who was a member of the Creek nation. He struck gold when oil was first discovered next to his land in his early twenties. Therefore, the Gilcrease Museum is a mixture of artworks and history. 

 A man wearing mask is looking at an artwork against a wall inside of a gallery

What Else You Can Do in Tulsa

Route 66 is a Mother Road that runs through Tulsa and it offers a throwback to a time of rustic buildings. It can give you a feeling of driving or walking down old-school, small-town living from way back when. A great treat for sightseers.  

Another place to wander through is the Woody Guthrie Center which shows off the music scene by displaying amazing lyrics. Furthermore, you can learn about Oklahoma’s background in folk music as well as get to look at personal items from Guthries. Such as a lyric journal and mandolin.  

And for sports lovers, particularly for baseball, there is the Tulsa Drillers Baseball park. This awesome place is located in the Greenwood district next to Downtown Tulsa.

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Tulsa hosts the outstanding Downtown trolley, which is a circular bus line. This mode of transport is free on Friday and Saturday nights, great to get around for the nightlife. Also Uber and Lyft are popular forms of transportation. 

However, if walking is more of your thing then you are in luck in Tulsa. That is because there are tons of sightseeing destinations on the route, and they are within a 1, 5 miles (about 2, 4 km) radius of each other. Depending on what you want to check out. 

Estimate Your Moving Expenses 

Brief Look at The Cost of Tulsa Living 

Mayor G.T. Bynum describes Tulsa as a city that offers a high quality of life with a fairly low cost of living. Tulsa is ranked as one of the most affordable cities to reside in. As mentioned the average cost of a house is 157, 000 USD, however, the average rent is 400 to 700 USD depending on which neighborhood you move to. Furthermore, utilities such as the energy bill can fetch you between 100 and 200 USD monthly. 

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The whole point of the remote program is to get new blood into Tulsa as in to live there. It would make sense to check out the neighborhoods to see which one speaks to you more. However, we would like to point towards certain ones that you can use as a starting point. But, all of them are friendly and welcoming as long as you are. 

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First, there is Cherry Street which is a great place for remote workers since it can give you convenience as well as entertainment. It is a safe and comfortable area where there can be a lot to do, or not do depending on how you like to spend your free time.  

Another area is Downtown Tulsa which is also home to the 36 Degrees North coworking space where you have a desk waiting for you if you get the grant. This can decrease your travel time to and fro the co-work space. Downtown Tulsa also has affordable accommodations as well as a lot of classical arts and music locations for you to check out and enjoy.  

And the last of many great neighborhoods we want to mention is the Riverview Historic District. This neighborhood is for the architecture lovers out there who would love to live in older houses with outstanding scenic views.

Food Markets 

Outside of the cost of living, and the entertainment aspects of the city, there are also countless food markets that offer fresh as well as local produce. A highlight is the NaturalGrocers which is where you can not only get fresh produce, but also dietary vitamins and supplements, as well as body care products. Furthermore, you can also receive free nutrition education.

A huge, colorful collection of vegetables, and fruits viewed from the top down

Another market to keep in mind, well it is more of a store, is the Whole Foods Market. They have a wide selection of natural groceries as well as specialty foods, nutritional supplements, and vitamins. Plus, countless fresh vegetables and fruits. Not to mention a range of home cleaning products as well as natural body care products. A store for all your household needs.

And for vegans, there is Sprouts Farmers Market where one can find a variety of vegan ingredients from bulk bins, to snacks. You can even buy vegan-friendly nutritional supplements, plus, natural body care products. 

How To Make Moving To Tulsa Easier with Shyft

Close up of hands on a laptop keyboard with the Shyft Marketing website on the screen

If the idea of moving to Tulsa appeals to you, but the whole time-consuming and stressful process of organizing your move is turning you off, then worry not for Shyft can do it all for you. Shyft is your personal organizer when it comes to moving from city to city, state to state.

They can also give you moving help to Tulsa, Oklahoma. All you have to do is visit Shyft's website and give your Move Assistant a call. They will organize a video call with you and your new Move Assistant to guide you through the whole process at a time that is convenient for your schedule, not theirs. For starters, during the video call, they will make an inventory of what you want to move across, and send this list to you within 30 minutes. 

Furthermore, Shyft also searches for and sends you three quotes from three different but still the best moving companies in Tulsa. These quotes are guaranteed too, and all the movers Shyft finds are vetted. And your Move Assistant will not leave your side until you get to your new home safely. They can give you moving tips and hacks, as well as advice. 

Shyft's Home and Lifestyle 

If you need to buy new items such as a mattress or furniture for your new home, you can by checking out the Shyft's marketplace

It is here that you can buy what you need and it will be delivered to your new home in Tulsa, among the other cities. Shyft is professional, easy to use and they will do all the paperwork, organizing as well as everything that you do not want to do for you. 

Therefore, apply for the Tulsa remote program grant, and then hire Shyft to get you to Tulsa, in a short period of time so that your adventure can begin.

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