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Moving Trends 2023 - Why Do Americans Move So Much?

Monday, October 23, 2023
An American family after moving to a new, big house gathered around food in the kitchen

Why do Americans move so much? Setting down roots is great advice, but the thing is that you would need to find the right soil. This not only goes for gardening but also for moving. Many Americans would like to find the right "soil" for their life. However, you can also pick up your roots and "soil" and move it elsewhere. 

Here is why Americans move so much, and more than Europeans and it has less to do with settling down.

So Why Do Americans Move So Much?

Friends gathered together for a dinner after moving to another state for work

One of the biggest moving trends since 2020 is related to remote working, so working from anywhere remains the moving trend of 2023. While this may sound like a contradiction there is some logic to it. If you can work from home, you can work from anywhere since anywhere can be home. Therefore, many Americans are choosing to move to more open areas. Most likely to also sneak in the chance of living aboard. That is one of the answers to the question: Why do Americans move to other countries?

Americans want the adventure and the feeling of being somewhere else. Not just in location, but language, traditions, cultures, art, and a lot more. Living in another country is an experience that many people do not have. Either it is because of the cost but it is also because of the time. Remote working helps with the work-life balance and saving time that you spend in the traffic going to the office and back. 

However, not all Americans are remote workers. Therefore, relocation for work purposes can also play a major role in people moving and falls under moving trends in 2023 . They could move locally, interstate or across the seas depending on what the company is planning and how they wish to expand their business. This is one of the reasons why Americans move to other countries. And, it could also be why do Americans move much more than Europeans.

More Reasons Why People Move

Students in library working together on a school project with their professor

Other reasons for moving have to do with personal reasons such as the breakup of a relationship or even the forming of one. People move to places because of love all the time to heighten their bond, and it's been a moving trend for decades. However, the opposite is true as well. People from a breakup can choose to move away due to wanting a new start and getting away from the memories of the past. This is also due to the idea that the divorce rate is high and people want some self-discovery or to reflect on their past relationship without being reminded of it.

Another moving trend in 2023 is moving because families are getting bigger. Not only in terms of the number of members in the family but also that the children are getting bigger. Therefore, they would need more space and sometimes their own space. This can also apply to children moving out due to college or just life. Parents may want a smaller place since it can be easier to maintain and manage. While we are on the topic of family, the reverse can also be true. 

Moving closer to family is another moving trend of 2023 that persists for years. Some members of the family may want to move closer to their parents to help raise their kids or to help their aging parents. Americans have moved closer to family whenever they have the chance to do so since it can make everyone's life easier or at least more exciting. There are family members that make space for their grandparents to move in with them. So kids move back in with their parents and parents move in with their kids and grandkids.

And traffic! Moving closer to work has always been a moving trend, the one that stays trending in 2023, too. As mentioned not everyone works from home and therefore, they have to travel to work every day. If they find a place that is closer to their offices or closer to their children's schools, they will move there to make the commute time a lot less.

Where Do Americans Move to?

Groups of teams in an open space listening to their team lead’s presentation of a new project ahead of them

So "Where do most Americans move to?" is a question that is often asked, and the answer could be as following: 

  • Cities on the coast gain a large population. Florida comes to mind.
  • Texas and Florida have gained about 100,000 people per year since 2010.
  • Colorado and other cities in the Pacific Northwest have seen an uptake in the amount of migrants.
  • Europe is often a popular destination for Americans as well but this is often for traveling and vacations.

However, the everlasting moving trend is to move where you need to be and not what others are up to. You would want to research to learn about the place before you move to it. Also, take a trip there before you move to get a feel for the area as well as do some house hunting.

A Moving Trend You Should Hop On To- Moving with Shyft

A young freelancer working remotely from another state he moved to for remote working grant

Regardless of your reasons for moving, there is one thing that is clear: getting help can go a long way. You can ask your friends and family to lend an extra hand, or you can work with Shyft. Shyft is the world’s first tech moving platform, and we will organize your whole move for you. You can learn more by visiting the Shyft Moving website. Furthermore, it is also here that you can reach out to us. All you have to do is fill out the short, safe form on our opening page. Likewise, you can download our Shyft Next app on your mobile for free to get in touch with us. This secure app is necessary since this is how your Move Coach will contact you. It works on Android and iPhone devices. 

You will have a video call on the app with a real-life Move Coach. This call will only happen at the time that you want, not before or afterwards. Therefore, you can plan your day, while saving your time. During this initial call, you can ask your Move Coach questions, as well as get more information about what Shyft's process is. And, your Move Coach will create your inventory list right there and then.

Therefore, you will not need to schedule a face-to-face meeting since the inventory list will be created during this first meeting. You just have to give a virtual tour of your current home. Within half an hour from the end of this meeting, you will get your inventory list sent to you. The list is 95% accurate and you can take it to 100% accurate. You can add items, remove others, and leave notes that you deem important for your movers to know. When you are happy with your 100% inventory list you send it to us.

Women moving for work to one of the safest states for women in USA

We will present this list and only your moving details (no personal ones) to our secure move board. This is where we collect three or more moving quotes. Each quote is from a different moving company. However, all the moving quotes are fixed, with no hidden costs. So what you see is what you pay even if the inventory list were to change. The price will not. Plus, all the moving companies on our move board have been verified by Shyft, have all their papers in order, and are legal. You can let us know if you want to perform an international move or a local one, and we will accommodate your needs.

When we have collected the moving quotes, we will send you them along with information about what each moving company can offer you. You decide which is the best one for your project. Using the Shyft Next app makes it easier to compare and contrast the companies so you can narrow down which is the one for you to work with. When you let us know your choice we will lock that particular moving company down for you.

Corporate Relocation and Online Marketplace

Students studying on a grass outside of their University after moving for college

Not only do we offer personal moves, but we can also aid you with your corporate relocation. We have our safe Shyft Card which is a platform where you can directly transfer the relocation funds to your individual employees. Furthermore, you can also check in on how the funds are going. As well as top-up if need be. It is secure, and you can learn more by booking a demo with us.

And, we also have our very own online marketplace called Home & Lifestyle. It is a safe site with a range of products on it. All the products can be delivered to your new address. As you can figure this will save you money as well as your time. Plus, there are also services on offer on our marketplace. You can find a storage unit, mortgages, and more. All the products and services come with a discount so you will be saving more money.

While you are working with us we are on call to you seven days a week. So if you have a question or would like an update, you can reach out to us. We are here to make your moving experience stress-less, save your time and money, and make sure all goes as smoothly as it can. Contact us today to get started and to learn more about what and how we do what we do.

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