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National Moving Month May - Moving Trends of 2023

Monday, May 1, 2023
Group of friends taking a selfie in front of their new home after successfully relocating to new job location

May is known as national moving month. This is because a lot of people, mostly families, take advantage of the summer weather, and time off school to relocate to their future forever home. Furthermore, with the increase of remote workers, people are looking into cities, countries, and places that would be better suited to their work environment and income since traveling to and fro the office is not necessary for them according to Moving Trends of 2023. Therefore, they can live anywhere as long as there is a stable internet connection. Also one of the moving trends in 2023 is that there may be more affordable housing as well as a growing job market to attract people to certain cities and towns.

Moving Trends in The US to Watch Out For in 2023

A group of friends checking moving trends of 2023 while taking notes and planning their relocation

Moving trends in the US may come and go but there are some that become stable over time. And here are the moving industry trends that do not plan to go away in 2023. The first moving trend when it comes to the US is that local moves are on the rise. More and more people living in the US are opting to move around the metropolitan area. Often aiming for the mixture of outdoors with modern conveniences that are the suburbs. In 2022, USPS said that about 84% of people moved around the same area while only about 28% moved out of their area.  

As we have briefly mentioned, another moving trend that is coming through in 2023 is moving to the suburbs. Think of it this way, you would be able to have more space and be close to the city, while still being far away enough to not be overrun by it. Also, there are plenty of great school districts in suburban areas. Traveling to work may take some time to get used to but if you are a remote worker then it is not an issue, obviously. But, traveling to work may just require you to get up early to miss the traffic or catch the bus and not be late.  

Furthermore, the idea of moving to the suburbs is such a millennial thing since a lot of them want to plant metaphorical roots. Also, they want a high quality of life with a low cost of living. This is undoubtedly difficult to find. But, it is a bit more likely to be found living in the suburbs it would seem.

An African-American man wearing reading glasses with his hand on his chin, deep in thought about his move

The moving industry, like the rest of the world, was hit hard by the Pandemic of 2020. We are still getting over it in one way or another. The cost of moving hit a high due to many different factors such as labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, etc.  

But, 2023 seems to be the time when the cost of moving will somewhat stabilize. The prices will stay where they are or maybe with some faith and luck go down. But, do not take our word for it. Just keep inflation in mind when looking at prices for moving. One way to save money and time with moving companies is by using moving platform apps. These moving apps can help you create your inventory list, and even give a virtual tour of your home without anyone stepping foot into it. But, more on this later. 

Moving trend of 2023 that is also on the rise all over the world is that employees are slowly making their way back to the office. This means that there is a rise in commercial moves where businesses hope to expand while trying to turn into a hybrid workspace or convince their WFH employees to come back to the office.

Some Moving Advice for 2023

Two Asian American women sitting in their empty flat with open laptop planning the interior design of their new place

When moving trends are ever-changing when it comes to the moving world, something that is not is moving advice. Here are some pointers to make your relocation as smooth as it can be. Also, while making you become prepared.

  • Moving companies have to see what you will move. This is why a virtual tour or in-person one is important. The movers have to see and know what they are dealing with to work out the cost of your moving experience. Therefore, if the moving company you are looking into says they do not need to see your stuff, drop them and find one that is legitimate.

  • Get three or more moving quotes at least from different companies.

  • Do not do large down payments. Moving companies can ask for a small deposit to get started but a large one is out of the question.

  • Written trumps vocal. Make sure that all the agreements between the moving company and yourself are in writing, and printed out in a hard copy. 
An Asian American woman in metro station waiting for her train to come while listening to music
  • Be in the know. This means doing research, knowing what your belongings are worth, and also asking your moving company a ton of questions. The latter helps you learn what to do and gain an understanding of why they do what they do. Also, it shows the level the company is at. If the company is happy with or okay with helpfully answering your questions they are good to go. If not, such as talking to a mute wall, best to find a new company to work with. The mute wall may be hiding something.

  • During the actual move make sure that your valuable items are on your person. This can be documents, laptops, phones, etc. Everything that you know is important should be on you not in the moving truck. 

May Shyft Help this May

An African American mother holding up her baby girl while giving each other a kiss on the cheek on the sidewalk

May is drawing closer and closer, it is already here. Now that you're aware of moving trends for this year, and you are planning on moving, it would be the right time to get in touch with Shyft. Shyft is the world’s first tech-driven moving platform that will organize your entire move for you so you do not have to. To learn more about what we do and everything else we offer visit our site. You can also fill out the short form there to get in touch with Shyft. The form is secure and one of our Move Coaches will give you a video call only at the time that you want.  

Therefore, you know when the call is coming so you do not have to spend your day waiting for it. Just download the free mobile app called Shyft Next (see we told you we would get to it). It works on iOS devices as well as Androids. It is through this app that the video call will take place. As you can notice this type of apps are a moving trend that is not going away. With Shyft Next you get to see your real-life Move Coach and they can guide you through the whole Shyft process. As well as answer whatever moving-related questions you may have.

An islamic urban woman in hijab and high heels

The reason to use the Shyft Next app is not just for the call but also for your Move Coach to make your inventory list. This is done during your initial call where all you must do is give your Move Coach a virtual tour of your home. And within half an hour from the end of the entire call, you will receive this 95% accurate inventory list. This all happens on the same day without anyone needing to step into your house.  

When you receive the inventory list you can change it to make it 100% accurate. This means you have the chance to remove items that are not to be moved, and add items that may have been missed by accident.

To The Secure Moving Board

A portrait of an Indian American man over 40 who moved to America to follow his dreams

When you are pleased with your 100% inventory list you send it to your Move Coach. They will take this list as well as only your moving information, no personal ones, to Shyft’s secure moving board. This is where Shyft-vetted, and experienced moving companies come to bid on moving projects where one can join the list. 

It is through this that we at Shyft gather three or more moving quotes. Each quote is from a different moving company that is not connected to each other. You will also get information about the mover so that you can make an informed decision on which one to work with. You can compare the info and quotes on the Shyft Next app.

Three college students sitting in the park and talking to each other about moving after college

All the moving quotes are fixed. Meaning there are no hidden costs, what you see is what you pay, even if your inventory list were to change.  

And, Shyft not only offers help with organizing personal moves but also corporate ones. Corporate moves are an ongoing moving trend as well. Therefore, if you are an employer looking to relocate your employees, have a look at how Shyft can help make that process a touch easier.  

And to conclude with one last moving trend, if you are looking for an online marketplace, then Shyft has you covered with a secure online marketplace where you can find a range of household goods, home necessities as well as moving services. All the physical products will be delivered directly to your new home. Thereby reducing the stress of figuring out how to transport it. And, all the products and services come with a discount. Check it out, and see what we have to offer.  

Working with Shyft also means that we are available to you seven days a week when you want to contact us considering the moving process. We are here to make your May moving life easier. So join one of the moving industry trends of saving time, money and your nerves by working with Shyft. We await your form.

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