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New House Blues (Pets Edition)

Monday, March 27, 2023
Husky lying in their bed inside a home

Having a new home can offer a lot of excitement, and even new opportunities. However, there is also such a thing as “New House Blues” which almost contradicts the feeling of adventure. Luckily there are some ways that you can tackle these New House Blues to make the transition into your new home that much easier. Not only for yourself, and your family, but your pets too.

How to Adjust to a New Home

 A family hugging while moving into their new home surrounded by cupboard boxes

When it comes to adjusting to your new home, there is something very important you need to do, before you even pay for the new house/ apartment. That is to get it inspected as well as appraised so that you can see what you would be dealing with before you even sign on the dotted line. This is important because New House Blues is not only about feeling blue, but also about getting sick after a move.  

Sick Building Syndrome is what happens when a home is poorly maintained. This can be due to water damage, asbestos, mold, radon, and other types of chemicals that are toxic and irritants that are released within the house. These toxins can make one feel fatigued, get headaches, feel dizzy and even have nausea. Therefore, inspecting the house and fixing it up would be the best way to avoid this major issue of experiencing Sick Building Syndrome. Also, check out the attic and basements since these areas can often be overlooked.

Man standing while hugging a pillow with one arm and holding an alarm clock in the other hand as he just woke up

Once your new home is up to scratch, there is still a possibility of you feeling sick after moving in. This is because you are, obviously, moving into a new environment. This means there are allergies, germs, and microbes that you are not yet used to. To combat this ill-feeling you should take vitamins as well as eat healthily, and drink a lot of water while you adjust to a new home. All this can help you boost your immune system. Plus, having plenty of rest also helps in this regard. And all this helps with New House Blues, too.

Furthermore, when you first move into the new home, before you even unpack, you have to give it a dust and vacuum. Dust that is unfamiliar to you, can cause irritation in the throat, eyes, as well as lead to redness or swallowing. While you are giving your new home a once over with the vacuum remember to watch out for getting cuts on your hands. 

You can wear gloves for protection while you clean as well as unpack. However, the best thing to do is to clean and wash your hands. This can also be done with hand sanitizer. Furthermore, if you need to take allergy medication due to your reaction to the new dust, by all means, do. But, speak to a professional before you do.

Give Yourself Time to Adjust and Unpack

Couple having a pillow fight while unpacking in their new apartment

Plus, you should also give yourself and your family and pets time to get used to and adjust to the new home as well as the area. Take walks and explore what the whole place has to offer. Figure out where’s what, and how to get there. If you are moving to a new city or country, also allow time to meet people. You can join clubs or social gatherings to get out there. 

If you get depressed or someone in your family does, speak to old friends from the place you moved from. As well as a professional if need be. However, do not stay inside the new house all the time. It will worsen your New House Blues. Yes, you all have to get used to it, but locking yourself up will not help your mental health. But, feel how you do and it will soon pass. Enjoy the new home and all the adventures yet to come. And don’t forget to socialize with people in new area. 

Furthermore, start unpacking as soon as you can. Get pet’s stuff out first and the children's rooms and let them get involved with unpacking. The sooner you unpack, the better it will be to fight the moving blues.

Get Moving Estimates and Pet Relocation Options

How to Adjust A Cat to a New Home

Cats inside a house lying and exploring their new home

When moving in with a cat to a new home, after the whole relocation process with them, you would have to keep them in their carrier for a bit while you cat-proof the place. This means closing all the windows as well as the doors. You should also tuck away electrical cords and plugs. Once this is all ready, you can introduce them to one room at a time and let the cat adjust to a new place.

The first room should be the one that has a lot of familiar objects to them including the furniture. As well as their litter box, and food bowls. Let the cat out, and allow them to explore the space. Keep your cat in this room and check in on them while you unpack the rest of the house. Also, spend time with your cat in the room for a few days so the cat can get comfortable with the new surroundings. When the rest of the house is unpacked let them explore it while keeping your eyes on them. Stay patient, it will take time for a cat to adjust to a new home. 

If you want them to go outside in the garden do so in short intervals in the beginning. These can be about 10 minutes long. As they become more comfortable being outside, you can extend the time frame slowly. However, only do this next step when you see that your cat is comfortable with their indoor space first. 

During this whole process of adapting to a new home, it is important to keep to their feeding schedule even when you are busy unpacking. A move is a big change for them as well. Therefore, by keeping to their schedule you are introducing them back to what they are used to in this new environment. 

A word of advice would be to get them clipped in case they go missing. This is just a precaution.

How to Help a Dog Adjust to a New Home

Dogs sitting and lying on a sofa while inside of owner’s home

Dogs on the other hand also need time to adjust to a new space. However, you can start working on this before you even move in. Take some time to let them get used to the new neighborhood. You can do this by taking them there and taking a walk around the new home, if possible. This allows them to sniff around while seeing and hearing everything that goes on. Keep them on a leash during the trips.  

When you move into the new home, you should unpack the dog's important items first such as their toys, bowls, beds, etc. Set up their room first even if they are outside dogs. Give them time to sniff, explore and adjust to a new space in their own way. As much as with cats, you should stick to their feeding as well as walking routine as much as you can. If they are outside dogs, then you would have to keep your eye on them. Also, make sure that your garden is fenced in so that they do not escape. Furthermore, make sure that they have a collar with the new address on it as well as your contact details. Or you can get them clipped as well.

Woman lying on the grass reading a book, while hugging her dog enjoying her day

During the first few days, you should give dogs a lot of attention (this also applies to cats). If you know that they get anxiety from big changes, such as a move, then you should speak to your vet a month before the move to talk to them about anxiety medication. 

Dogs, as well as cats, will need time to adjust to a new place. Therefore, be patient with them. You can also give them treats as rewards when you see that they are showing a positive reaction to the new surroundings. Give them plenty of love while keeping your eyes on them. With dogs take them for a lot of walks so that they get to know the place. You can also try to organize a doggy playdate if need be.

Shyft Can Help You with The Moving Organization Blues

Couple sitting on the floor with their dog in an open space inside their house

It may take some time to get over the New House Blues since it can be a big change depending on where you move to. One thing that can make the whole process easier is how you get to your new home. Moving is stressful unless someone else does all the organization for you. If someone else takes the wheel, then the New House Blues will not be that bad since you had less of a stressful time organizing.

That person is not a person, but a fintech company called Shyft. We are your go-to moving organizer who does all the stressful work of the whole process for you. And, it starts with a simple form on our site. From here our skills go into action. Your Move Coach will give you a call at a time that you specify through the free downloadable mobile ShyftNext app.  

During this video chat, your Move Coach (yes, they are only going to aid you with your move, no one else) will take down your inventory list. Within half an hour from the conclusion of this call, this list will be sent to you for confirmation. When you send it back, satisfied, your Move Coach will go to the next step.  

We will present your moving details along with your full inventory list to our secure bidding platform where the best, licensed, experienced movers gather looking for gigs. They will bid on your project, and we will take three or more quotes that are from different moving companies, and present them to you. You pick which one to go with. Furthermore, if you have a question, concern, or just want to see “what is up” you can contact us whenever. We are at your call 24/7, including weekends, and nights.

Home and Lifestyle

Man taking a break while walking two dogs by sitting down to pet them

Not only do we find quotes (which are guaranteed by the ways) from experienced, licensed movers, take your inventory list down, and are on-call to you every hour of the day and weekend, but we also have a marketplace. This is our Home and Lifestyle tab where you can save money since every item on it comes with a discount.  

You can buy mattresses, furniture, find a place to live, a mortgage, storage, and even a dog walker. All with a discount. Furthermore, if you order something to be delivered it will go directly to your new location, not the current one. This will certainly make your moving life that much easier. And, may even help with the blues when the new items arrive.  

Plus, we also have another thing up our sleeves that can aid you in your move, certainly so if you are doing corporate relocation: the Shyft Card. This is a way to directly transfer relocation funds to all your employees that you want to move with your company. It is fast as well as secure. And, you can keep track of what funds go where, as well as when.  

Therefore, let us help you with the moving organization blues to get you safely to your new home. And, with us, you can save up to $600 (as people did in the past). This certainly can help the new house blues turn into jazz quicker.

Man taking a selfie with his dog in a green forest area