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Get Paid by Moving in 2023- Places That Pay You to Move There

Monday, March 27, 2023
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The world is a strange yet very inviting place. Who would have thought that ten, or twenty years ago, there would be cities, states, towns, and countries that are willing to pay you to move into them and live there? Even nowadays there are places that will pay you to move there in 2023. This is not a new trend but it is one that is ever-changing.

Places That Will Pay You to Move There in US

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Let’s start with the US, since there are quite a lot of places that are willing to pay you to move there in 2023. Places that will pay you to move there in the US are varied, meaning that you will find one to fall in love with. Your options are:

Stephen King’s most written-about place (but without the horror), is Maine. Filled with lobsters to eat, amazing locations such as the Acadia National Park, and a lot more. Plus, if you are a student, Maine offers tax credits and this is dependent on your degree type as well as the year you graduated.

Remote workers are making their way to Vermont, due to The Remote Worker Grant. This is an intuitive that offers up to about $7 500 when it comes to covering relocation expenses. Furthermore, Vermont is home to incredible nightlife and concerts. All while with a backdrop of a more natural setting.

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Alaska is also another US-based city to look into. It offers about $1 600 for people to move in there if they stay in the state for a whole dividend year. Alaska wants more people to move in, so much so that there is no state tax, a variety of seafood that you can enjoy under the northern lights, and a ton of other outdoor activities.  

And last, but not least, we would like to mention Newton. Newton in Iowa not only will offer you $10 000 cash but you will also receive a $3 000 welcome package as a bonus. This also applies if you are in the market to construct your dream home instead of buying one already made. The average cost of a home in this coastal city is a bit over $105 000. Worth it to raise a family in a more peaceful community.

Places in Europe That Will Pay You to Move There

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If you are looking for even more of a different stage of pace, then why not give Europe a chance? The continent offers different languages, ways of life, cost of living, and overall cultures. This is all something you have to keep in mind when planning on making a move this big. The places you can move to, that will pay you to move there in Europe, are in Italy. We found not one but two: Sardinia and Presicce-Acquarica.

The latter, Sardinia, is an island region that offers amazing beaches as well as wild hinterlands. The city wants to encourage newcomers by offering a payment of 15 000 euros (just below $15 880) to cover housing costs of purchasing homes for people that move into towns with 300 or lower number of residents.

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Presicce-Acquarica located on the “heel” of the boot of Italy is a city with below 10 000 people. Since the city is new (2019) the local authorities are trying to get more people to move in. One of the ways is by giving newcomers a contribution of up to 30 000 euros (just above $31 750) towards buying a new home. This is aimed at individuals and families. The other reasons to move are the location, nature, and the cultural influence that you will experience while living in the “heel”. And, it is fairly easy to point out on a map.

Another place that welcomes you with open arms and will pay you to move there in Europe, is Albinen located in Switzerland. It is a beautiful village with a low population. So much so, that the Swiss government is offering families 25 000 Swiss francs (about $27 000) per adult and 10 000 Swiss francs ($11 000 about) for a child to move in. However, you would have to buy a home and live there for 10 years.

There are many places in Europe that will pay people to move due to its lowing population. Certainly, in many of the villages or towns. So if you are looking for a quieter life in Europe do your research to find the ones that would be right for you. And, Europe is quite small, meaning that you can travel around to visit other places to pop into the main city.

Places That Will Pay You To Move There Internationally

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If moving to Europe is not really on your “to-do” list but the US is not for you either, then there are other places in other countries internationally that will pay you to move there. Such as:

  • Santiago in Chile. An international tech hub that is offering $40 000 to entrepreneurs to make a move.
  • New Zealand, in particular, Kaitangata. It is a small town with about 800 people. And, if you want to move there in the land of the hobbits, the New Zealand government is willing to give you a home that is worth about $165 000. It may not be cash, but it is a house in the landscape that captured the world through film even to this day (aka “The Lord of the Rings”).

And there are a lot of places that will pay you to move there internationally since places need people to survive. As much as they are helping you out with payment, you are helping them out with merely your existence.

Save Money While Being Paid to Move

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The idea of receiving payment to relocate can go hand-in-hand with the notion of saving money. And, a way that you can save money with your move is by using Shyft. Shyft is the world’s first tech-driven moving platform where the organization of your moving process falls on us. We make sure your moving experience is the best it can be while saving you a few dollars in your pocket. To learn more about us, you can pop by our Shyft Moving site.

Here is where you can read up on reviews, our services, and more. Plus, you can get in touch by filling out a short form. When we see that you want to speak to us, we will give you a call through the easy-to-use and free-to-download mobile app, Shyft Next. It is an app that works on Android as well as iOS devices. It is through this app that we will call you but only at the time that you tell us to.

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Furthermore, you will meet your Move Coach to guide you through the Shyft moving process. What is more, is that this person will also create your inventory list while having this initial meeting. All you have to do is give your Move Coach a virtual tour of your current living arrangement.

When the call is done, you will receive your inventory list within half an hour. This list is only 95% accurate which is a lot. However, you can make it 100% accurate. You can add items that your Move Coach may have missed, you can remove items that you have changed your mind on, and you can make notes for the moving company to know about certain items.

When you are delighted with your 100% inventory list, you send it to your Move Coach. They will take it along with your moving information (zero personal details) and present it. It will be presented to Shyft’s safe, moving board. Here is where moving companies that are local or international come to bid on moving projects and yours can be added to the list.

More on Saving Money with Shyft

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During this bidding process, Shyft will gather three or more moving quotes and each quote is from a different moving company. All the moving quotes, along with information about the individual companies will be sent to you. You decide which mover you want to work with, and when you let us know, we will lock them down right away. Plus, all the moving quotes are fixed. There are no hidden costs, and the price will not change even if you change something on your inventory list.

And, if you are in the marketplace for new services, or items like furniture, mattresses, office supplies etc. you can visit Shyft’s moving marketplace. Every item comes with a discount, and all the physical ones are delivered directly to your new home. Not only does Shyft save you money, but we can also save you time.

During Shyft’s moving process if you need a question answered, or to get advice, you can reach out to us seven days a week. We are on call to you and are here to help in every way we can with regards to your moving experience with us.

Let Shyft take on your moving organization, so you have more time to figure out how to use your money from moving to a new place. We are here to help, so get in touch with us today and move to somewhere that will pay you to be there.

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