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Shyft is Hiring Now! The New Normal is here and we’re ready to hire.

Monday, March 27, 2023
Shyft employees in their office working on providing relocation management for their clients

After a turbulent few months adjusting to the new COVID-19 economy, Shyft is now in a strong position for the next 12 months and longer.

We are a lean and efficient organization, generating healthy monthly gross profits and on a clear path to overall profitability.

Recent events have made us believe we are at an inflection point, and we have maneuvered ourselves into a position for long-term, sustainable growth. 

And not only have we seen seriously accelerated demand over the last few months, we’re also expecting a release of pent up demand as COVID-19 related mobility restrictions are gradually relaxed, both in the US and further afield.

A graphic representation of Shyft’s growth and transactions

Shyft is positioned for sustainable growth, despite the COVID-19 impact on US Employment.

So, after this sustained spike in demand for video surveys and our other services, we’re delighted to announce that Shyft has officially opened recruitment for new Video Surveyors and 3D Video Estimators!

Both our Video Surveyors and 3D Video Estimators are absolutely key supporting pillars for the overall success of our business, and we are delighted to be able to open our doors to new team members once again.

We’re open to recruiting new Video Surveyors and 3D Video Estimators from anywhere in the world, as we’re now fully set up for remote working

Any experience with surveying or in the wider moving industry would be a huge bonus, but we’re not ruling out newcomers.

So if you’re in college and looking for freelance online jobs for college students, these flexible and rewarding positions might be an awesome opportunity to make some cash at the same time as getting heaps of customer service experience.

Freelance, work from home opportunities as a Video Surveyor or 3D Video Estimator

Whether you’re interested in becoming a Video Surveyor or a 3D Video Estimator, and whether you’re a video survey veteran or a newcomer, there are several benefits to joining our team:

  • The work is fun, flexible and interesting
  • You’ll be a key part of a vibrant, dynamic team
  • Full work from home opportunities
  • You can work when you want and from anywhere in the world
  • You get to meet new and interesting people from across the globe (as a video surveyor)
  • You gain valuable customer service and startup experience
  • You’ll be introduced to new software and technology
  • You get a foot in the door of the moving and logistics industries
  • You get a foot in the door at a fast-growing startup.

And, even better, we are huge on promoting from within.

In fact, several members of our senior management team have worked their way up from being Video Surveyors or 3D Video Estimators.

Because we reward hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, and a burning desire to grow and progress, which leads us on to...

Check Here if We Match
Shyft’s employee in Shyft’s office working on moving quotes and moving estimate for his client

Who are we looking for?

🔥  Are you super-motivated to succeed?

👋  Do you get a kick out of helping people?

🌟  Do you give awesome customer service?

🚀  Do you want to skyrocket your career rather than clock in for a 9 to 5? 

If you’re shouting out “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” then you’ll be a natural here.

We’re looking for energetic, reliable, and intelligent self-starters.We want people who are hungry to start the next chapter of their careers. People who are on a mission to grow professionally and personally.We want empathetic folks, who genuinely care about their customers and will give them incredible, caring customer service.

And for those of you who don’t know a lot (or anything) about us, here’s a super-quick rundown.

What’s Shyft?

We’re a fast-growing startup HQ’d in San Francisco, and with an international hub in Belgrade.

We combine cutting-edge technology and elevated service to help people who are relocating all around the world. 

We’re a recognized technology leader worldwide, with a long list of global clients including some of the world’s biggest moving companies.

After a big jump in demand for our products, we’re looking to build out several key teams and position ourselves for continued accelerated growth. 

And we’re hiring globally. Remote work has been a part of our company from day one and we are looking to bring in new Shyfters based on their attitude, enthusiasm, and quality. No matter where they come from!

So if you think we might be a good match head to our careers page to get your application in.