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10 (Or More) Items to Sell Before Your Move

Monday, March 27, 2023
A family moving into a new home, bringing in the moving boxes and unpacking the cardboard boxes

Before moving out, one should leave behind what they no longer need. A move is a fresh start where certain objects do not come with or they can be placed in storage. But, what would you sell, and why? Well, we have a handy list of 10 (or more) items for you to think about either giving away, selling, and replacing before moving.

Why Sell Before Your Move? 

Selling stuff before you move is a great way to make a fresh start. As well as to make some extra money, to buy new items, and get off on the right foot. While you, of course, can keep what you need such as your new clothes, towels, etc. aka stuff that is easy to pack and will be used.  

However, stuff that is worn out, broken, or you just want something new then you should either try to sell what you can. Or donate what you cannot sell such as old clothes or broken items that someone else can use or take parts from.

Furthermore, selling will save you money. The thing with moving is that it is based on the weight of objects when you are moving cross-country or internationally. However, when it comes to moving locally it will depend on how long the job, for the movers, takes to do, since they usually charge by the hour.   

Therefore, the less you take the less it will cost for the movers to pack. As well as the less the weight of all your stuff will be. Another thing is that you would pay less for moving insurance since you would have fewer items to insure. Plus, you will also save on packing supplies since you will need to buy less for your move.  

Another good thing about selling some items before you move out is that you will obviously have less to take care of, as well as it being easier and quicker to pack. And when you get to your new home, you will have more space to buy new items to replace what you sold. You can think of it as upgrading.  

There will also be a lot less clutter in your old home as well as the new one. This is always a benefit when making any type of move since clutter can be stressful. 

A space filled with dirty items and stuff, disorganized clutter that is overwhelming to live in

Storage Services Can Help But…

Storage service is a great option if it is short-term storage and you have important items that you want to and need to keep. It can be used when you are moving locally and are between apartments, for example. This is good when your new apartment is not yet ready and you need to stay somewhere for a short while. 

Another reason you may opt to rent a full service storage unit is when you are selling your current home. This means that you can make it more presentable without getting rid of anything. By doing this, your place will look better to potential buyers since it will have a lot less stuff, and it will look a lot neater. A little neatness can go a long way.

A light blue couch against a white wall, with plants to the left and a small table to the right

However, it is wise that you weigh the cost of renting out storage since it is charged monthly, making it quite expensive. But, if it is short-term storage, aka when you are in the process of moving, or fixing your new home to add more to it from your storage, or for business purposes and antiques holding. Then storage services could be good for you. It can be used for flexible living, as long as it is short-term. 

Pay Later with Shyft
Woman pushing boxes in front of a blue storage unit

How Do You Know What To Sell?

Woman shrugging with her arms and hands, confused as if she does not know how to sell her items

Now we are at the meat of this article, what do you sell and buy? Well, it is a required idea that you go around your current home and see what you need to take with you, and what you can buy anew, or do without.

1. Appliances

Appliances come in all sizes and shapes, certainly so when it comes to the kitchen. However, what do you use the most and the least? Furthermore, is it still in working condition with a lot of life left in it?

If you have an appliance that is on its last legs and giving you issues then it would be best to sell it second-hand. With the new money, you can get a new appliance that will last longer, as well as not give you a hassle.

2. Fridge

This can be a bit of a tricky one since it can depend on the state of the fridge. If it is a new model, that is expensive then you may want to think heavily about transporting. However, we would suggest that you do not, and instead opt to sell it. The reasoning is that a fridge is heavy and often difficult to move around.

A modern kitchen equipped with a kitchen island, silver fridge and silver stove and oven, in white wood counters

Furthermore, there is a possibility that your old fridge may not fit in your new kitchen. Therefore, we would suggest selling the old one and buying a new one that can fit well in your new place. And, the same can apply to stoves, washing machines, and clothes dryers.

3. Furniture

The same with a fridge can apply to furniture. Furniture is heavy and it may not fit, nor suit, your new home. Plus, furniture is worn down with age even if it is not noticeable. So, we would suggest that you sell it, and get new items to add to your fresh start. As well as sticking more to your new style. It would be a cheaper moving option than to transport it.

4. Clothes

Clothes can go out of style or your style can change. There are clothes that are everlasting. However, there are also items that you no longer wear. This is not only limited to shirts, but pants, shoes, pursues, bags, etc. Basically, anything that you do not remember owning or cannot recall the last time you put it on, you should sell it. Clothes take up space, and a lot can also add to your weight.

A woman surrounded by different types of clothes, looking concerned on where to donate clothes

5.  Mattresses and Bed Frames

While your current mattress may be really comfortable, you should keep in mind that it is a touch difficult and costly to transport. As is your bed frame since you probably would not want to sleep on a mattress on the floor of your new home. However, bed frames can also be heavy,  depending on the type that you own. If it is a bed frame that has no bottom that you can take part in, then you could take it with.  

But, make sure that your bed frame can fit in your new bedroom. However, if it does have a bottom, maybe opt to buy a new one along with a new mattress. Furthermore, if you do decide to buy a new mattress then you should also consider selling or giving away your spare linens. If you are getting a new bed, then the size may be different making the spare linens not fit.

6. Car 

If you are moving locally then keeping your car and using it for transport can do wonders. However, if you are traveling across the seas then car shipping services would be expensive. Plus, you may be driving on the other side of the road in your new home, which can be tough to wrap your head around in your old car.  

Also, if your car is old then you could sell it to make some extra cash and opt to buy a new one. We would suggest that if you are moving to another country, to sell your car. If not and it can handle the drive, bring it along.

7. Television 

Televisions are one of the greatest advantages ever made. But, they can be delicate when it comes to transporting them. You would need the original packaging with all the filling to keep it secure during the transits. If you do not, then it can be dodgy to transport it since it can break or get scratched a lot easier. However, there are Uboxes which you can buy boxes from and find ones that can fit around your TV with extra moving supplies. 

However, you should also question if you really want to bring your old TV with you. Why not get a new one? A better one?

8. Books

If you read a book, the chances are that you will not read it again. If you are a book lover then this could be a hard task for you to handle. However, think of it this way: if you only take your favorite ones then you would have more space in your new home for new books. Plus, you can sell your old ones to those that would love them to death. And, a bunch of books is very heavy to transport.

A man carrying heavy books to full service storage

9. Fragile Stuff 

This mostly concerns your chinaware or glassware. They can easily break during a move, regardless of how much you wrap them up. Furthermore, you can easily buy new ones for your new place that are sparkly clean. And, if you sell or give away your old stuff you would not have to hassle with packing it tightly which will take a lot of time, effort, and cause you some worry during transit.

10. What You No Longer Use

This one is obvious but it does apply to hobby items such as a piano, guitar, etc. Sometimes hobbies change and you pick up a new one. Let’s say you were a piano player and you have one in your old home. But, you haven’t touched the keys for years. Best to sell it. This can also apply to baby cradles, and strollers if your children are older and do not need them. 

Basically, you decide what you no longer need, can replace, what is old and worn down, or what cannot fit into your new home, to help you decide what to sell. As well as what you forgot you had, particularly when it comes to clothes.

Close up of piano keys

Where To Sell Before Moving?

There are many ways that you can sell what you no longer need. Such as making yard/ garage sales, that you can spread with good word of mouth, the best form of advertisement. However, there are many buy and sell apps or buy and sell websites that can also give you a helping hand.    

And, there are social media where people can buy and sell online such as Instagram, Facebook, as well as buying and selling options such as Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, etc. Buying and selling can go hand in hand. Hence, why there are a variety of websites, apps, to buy and sell online.

Donations Can Also Works

If you cannot sell your stuff due to them being too worn down or broken, you can opt to donate them. There are countless places that would take your old stuff in and often make it anew. Plus, we also want to point out that you can also do food donations if you did not have the chance to finish what you have at your old home in terms of cans, ingredients, etc. A great one to donate to would be Move4Hunger.

A movers giving a brown moving box to a person who is moving out

How To Buy Anew? 

Let’s say that you decide to sell a lot of your bigger and heavier items and now you are wondering: How to buy a mattress? How to buy a car? How to buy a TV? Etc. While there is social media, Amazon, and the likes that you can buy new items.

Get discounts on Shyft Marketplace

It is a handy site that is easy to use and it also offers discounts. This means that you can save your money. Furthermore, they deliver straight to your new doorstep. They have a partnership with Helix Sleep to get your world-class comfortable mattresses, and they also have a connection with SmartFurniture for your new housing needs. You can even design how it looks and fits in your new space.   

There is a ton on their site, that we do not want to spoil the surprise when you go and check them out.

Final Note On Moving

If you are looking to move, then let Shyft give you a hand. Not only do they have a marketplace for you to buy new stuff after your move, but, they will organize to get you to your new home. As well as send you find three quotes, from three separate, vetted moving companies so that you can choose between three good prices with advice from Shyft, who will still organize your move. With no hidden cost, and the price is guaranteed by vetted and experienced movers.  

And Shyft can also give you advice on what to keep as they take your inventory. By the way, this is done over a video call at a time that suits you. Furthermore, they will send your inventory list within about half an hour.  

Going with Shyft means that you can have more time shopping around for new items while Shyft gets you to your new home. So use them to get you there as well as their marketplace to buy new high-quality stuff with a tasty discount.